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You may have noticed that I have not written anything about the Snowden affair before today, June 28, 2013. The reason being that the picture just wasn't complete, there was something very important missing. So I just kept quiet watching the shoe storm and waiting for more dots which would give us a clear picture.

The problem was that, as this thing developed, more questions were being created than answered and, really, none of the questions had been completely answered. So I waited, when a very nasty little dot jumped right up in my face and suddenly the picture became very clear. Hang on because, unless you are an enemy of the US, you are not going to like this. We are going to do a little dot connecting to get the picture.

When Snowden suddenly showed up in China and released the info about Obama using NSA to spy on Americans creating the current media circus, I thought, "What is he doing in China? He didn't have to go to China to blow the whistle on Obama, the US federal laws protect whistle blows." The only thing I could think of was that Snowden had additional information which would have caused an Obama UAV to suddenly start hunting Snowden. I try to give the benefit of the doubt to people until they prove other wise.

Then the liberal media feeding frenzy started and I thought, "This is the same liberal commie traitor media which has bent over backwards to protect Obama from far worse scandals like Bengahzi, the IRS, and others?" Maybe they had finally figured out they were also being screwed? Maybe they were trying to distract the people from those worse scandals, but there was still something missing and I couldn't put my finger on it.

Mean while I was wondering why China was letting Snowden stay in China. Was Snowden paying rent by providing China with classified US military information?

Shortly after that, Obama gave China the huge US Navy base in San Diego, which was a pretty easy read and I wrote an essay about it titled "China". It was very clear that Obama and China are up to no good.

This was quickly confirmed when the US House passed a bill giving the Pentagon the authority to stage a preemptive strike against China and I knew things were getting nasty. You have to understand that this was a very desperate move by the US House and the military and should scare the crap out of everyone. Things are desperate and important people are doing desperate things. But there was still something very important missing from the Snowden picture so I kept waiting.

Then Snowden suddenly disappeared in China and just as suddenly showed up in Russia while I was still looking for more dots.

Almost immediately after this, China made a public statement that she and her allies are certain they can win WWIII against the US, are willing to start WWIII, and will fight even if it means nukes will be used. This is huge and explains the desperate actions by the US House and the military. This was a virtual declaration of war against the US by China and her allies. We are about to go to war against China and her allies and there is no way out of it. The die has been cast and there is no turning back.

Maybe the US House and US military were using the threat of a preemptive strike to deter China?

But, where did this sudden increase in confidence for China and her allies come from? It was blatantly obvious Snowden had provided China with classified military information while he was in China, but was this Snowden paying rent to hide from Obama and the CIA or what? I still needed more dots.

Shortly after Snowden showed up in Russia, Russia made the public statement that she agrees with China. Russia had just thrown its hat in the ring on the side of China for fighting WWIII against the US. They are ramping up for war while you are reading this. Things are now critical and it is blatantly obvious Snowden is providing classified US military information to both China and Russia. Why? Is he just a traitor? Is he paying rent to stay in those countries?

So, here we are plunging head long into WWIII with Russia, Chian, and their allies and those forces being aided by Obama and his commie and Muslim pals and everyone is sitting around whining because NSA is reading people's e-mails and texting, most of which is junk and a waste of NSA's time? What is going on here? I need more dots.

Today, an extremely nasty little dot jumped right up in my face and the picture became extremely clear. Hang on, this gets complex and it gets very nasty.

It was reported today that the contractor who did the back ground check for Snowden to get into the CIA provided the CIA with false information (an act of treason.) Now, what should that tell you?

The left infiltrated Snowden into the CIA (an act of treason.) Now, what should that tell you?

This entire thing of Snowden going to China and Russia was planned from the start by the liberal commie traitors. Snowden, as a mole in the CIA, was to gather classified military information, then beat it to China and Russia where he would provide China and Russia with the information required to defeat the US miliary in WWIII. The NSA thing was just a cover or diversionary tactic to distract everyone from what Snowden was really doing. This is high treason and everyone involved should be tried and , if found guilty, should be executed.

"But," you ask, "why would they use info that would damage Obama?"

1) Obama is hardly being damaged even with the liberal commie media making it look like they are busting Obama's butt. His popularity hasn't even dropped by 10%. 2) Obama doesn't have to worry about being elected again. 3) There is no way Obama is going to be impeached and removed from office because of the NSA spying on US citizens. They had nothing to lose, had everything to gain and, if you noticed, they already had their defenses for Obama ready to spin. It was all planned out ahead of time.

The rough time line goes something like this. Snowden is infiltrated into the CIA and begins gathering classified military information. When Snowden has the information he needs, he sends info to a contact and is told when to take his little trip to China and Russia so it will be coordinated with what Obama is doing. On que, Snowden suddenly disappears from the US and shows up in China releasing the NSA information about Obama and the US liberal media go into over drive causing the distraction to cover up what Snowden is really doing. Mean while, Snowden is secretly giving classified US military information to China. About the same time, Obama gives China the US Navy base in San Diego. The US House and military respond by passing a bill in the House giving the US military authority to stage a preemptive stike against China regardless of Obama's instructions. They are desperate and scared. Snowden suddenly disappears in China and shows up in Russia providing Russia with the same classified military information while the NSA distraction continues. China makes a public announcement that she and her allies are going to war against the US. Shortly after this, Russia agrees with China throwing her hat in the ring to start a war against the US. Mean while everyone in the US is sitting around whining because NSA saw their pathetic little e-mails and texting.

You better get ready because WWIII is about start and there will be no second place in this war. There will only be the winner and dead. You will literally be fighting for your lives and the lives of your families. I told you things are going to get very nasty. Get the picture?

So, how bad is this going to get?

Let's put everything I have taught you into one picture.


First and most importantly will be China and her allies, especially North Korea and Iran. This is because China seems to be taking the lead on this. Then we have to look at the possibilities of Russia and others.

The first thing I expect is for China and her allies to attack US and NATO troops in a number of areas to 1) destroy those troops or 2) tie those troops down so they cannot participate in the more important fighting to save their own nations. We have our troops spread out all over the world and they are very vulnerable to attack when this gets started.

I expect Iran, Al Quaeda, the Taliban, other terrorist organizations, and probably the Afghan Army and possible also the Pakistan Army to invade Afghanistan to destroy the NATO troops there or at least tie those troops down so those troops cannot be used in the fighting against China. This will include Iran attacking US military ships in the Persian Gulf. I also expect North Korea to invade South Korea to tie down the NATO troops and ships in that theater. I expect China to at least stage a prolonged missile attack against Taiwan to tie down any US troops and ships in that area. China may or may not invade Taiwan with troops at this time but may make it look like she intends to invade in order to tie down our troops and ships in the area. China may want to reserve those troops and ships to invade the US first because, after the US falls, everyone else will fall faster and easier. The weaker countries will just capitulate.

While all of this is going on, I expect China to begin conquering a series of very strategically placed islands and atolls between China and San Diego. It will be necessary for China to conquer these islands and atolls 1) to deny the US the use of these islands to attack China's supply line between China and San Diego, 2) for China to use these islands to protect her supply line, and 3) because China has only one aircraft carrier and her pilots still can't land on it well enough to fight from the carrier, therefore, China has no effective carrier force. With these islands, China won't need carrier fleets to protect her supply line.

These islands include, in probable order of conquest from west to east, Guam, Wake, Kure, Midway, Hawaii, Johnson, and Palmyra. All of these islands have runways for military planes and only two, Guam and Hawaii, might have enough troops and planes to be able to defend themselves for a reasonable period of time, long enough for reinforcements to arrive. The rest will be easy prey. It is important to understand that Guam, the first of the islands, is close enough to China that it can be attacked by land based aircraft from main land China and each successive island is within easy aircraft attack range of the next island in the line.

At this point, I expect China to try to seize control of the US Navy base in San Diego in order to begin her conquest of the US proper.

At the same time, I expect Russia to stage an attack against Europe starting with Poland and Germany to 1) conquer Europe and 2) tie down NATO troops in Europe, especially US troops. I also expect Russia and the Muslims to attack Israel for conquest. Russia will also stage an invasion of Alaska from which she will invade Canada and the northern US.

At the same time, I expect Obama, his liberal commie traitors, the Muslims and other groups inside the US to start a civil war so that our nation and troops will be attacked simultaneously from within and without. Our enemies will be trying to overwhelm our nation and military.

At the same time, I expect Mexico to stage an invasion across the US southern border, especially at Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona while Cuba tries to invade Florida.

The US and her allies will be attacked from all sides, every where in the world, at the same time. Believe me, to win this, we are going to have to use nukes courtesy of your liberal commie traitors. Get the picture?

I strongly suggest that all US allies start ramping up for war, especially Germany and Japan. We need to arm and train all of our citizens because it may come down to our citizens, with some military leadership, saving our butts. We are going to need every little bit we can get. This is going to get very nasty.

Obama is trying to set things up so he can declare martial law and there won't be any fighting, only the slaughter of US citizens without resistance. If Obama fails, then they plan the slaughter of US citizens in spite of resistance. Either way, these evil people plan to slaughter off US citizens.

The only thing which can save our butts is God so....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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