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I was reading through the news today and found some interesting topics on which I wish to comment. This includes same sex marriage, immigration, and CO2 emissions. This will be fun and interesting.

Same Sex Marriage

I was noticing in the news where increasing numbers of states are legalizing same sex marriage in the US and the homosexual community is partying like crazy. It's celebration time! This is especially true in California where hundreds of homosexuals are now getting married.

In March 2004 I posted an essay, "Homosexuals", explaining in detail the problems that exist within the homosexual community which the liberals have been covering up for more than half a century and will cause incredible trouble with same sex marriage. Same sex marriage will probably be the single most devastating thing ever to hit the homosexual community and I have decided to call it the Rainbow Plague because this is going to be as damaging to the homosexual community as the Black Plague was to the human race.

The liberals have been able to keep it under wraps that homosexual relationships are very unstable and very violent in comparison to heterosexual relationships. Their extremely conservative estimate is that the average lesbian relationship lasts less than two years and the average homosexual male relationship lasts less than two weeks. They also estimate that the average lesbian relationship is at least 2 to 3 times more violent than the average heterosexual relationship and the average homosexual male relationship is at least 10 to 20 times more violent than the average heterosexual relationship. The shrinks also figure that the actual statistics are much worse than this because most acts of violence are covered up by the police under the orders of the liberal politicians. They don't have accurate statistics on this because of the cover up, they are only guessing, and these are their most conservative guesses.

The liberals have been able to hide this terrible information because there was no formal documentation to provide information about homosexual relationships. Now that homosexuals are getting married, there will be government documentation and the police and others won't be able to cover up the instability and violence of homosexual relationships. Everyone is going to find out the ugly truth, there won't be any more guessing.

Considering the above information, just how long do you think the homosexual fecal matter will take to hit the fan?

It should be obvious that the divorce courts will begin to fill up with lesbian divorces within one to a maximum of two years and with homosexual male divorces within months. And that is being nice. Plus you have to realize that most homosexuals who are rushing off to get married as soon as it becomes legal are doing it because homosexuals getting married is a new fad and they are not really thinking long term about their marriage and what it means. These are the type of people who are more like to get involved in a relationship on the spur of the moment and will be less likely to have a good relationship. Therefore, they will be much more likely to divorce sooner. But we will be conservative and stick with the estimates of from a few months to at most a few years. We will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Anyone who knows anything about marriage knows that it is a legal and financial obligation where two people make a contract which is much more serious and constraining than a couple just living together. This increases the potential for tension, frustration and anger development. Therefore, if we put such violent and unstable people into a legally binding situation which will increase the tension, the violence will increase by a lot. That is just common sense human behavior.

This means that, within months of all these increasing same sex marriages, our hospitals will begin to fill up with battered homosexuals, our morgues will begin to fill up with dead homosexuals, our criminal courts will fill up with domestic violence, battering, and murder cases for the crimes homosexuals committed against their marriage partners, and our prisons will begin to fill up with homosexuals convicted of said crimes. The violence will be much worse and, because there will be court documentation, the liberals won't be able to cover up the instability and violence of homosexual relationships. Everyone will find out the truth and many homosexuals will run back for the closet to hide from the expected backlash.

Also, within the heterosexual world, we have financial parasites who prey on and live off of other people and they have learned to use marriage to steal everything the parasites can from those other people. Women who do this to men are called "gold diggers" and men who do this women are called "Gigalows". These parasites get people to marry them, live off of those people for a while, and then divorce those people taking everything they can and moving onto the next victim. The homosexual community has their parasites but had little trouble in dealing with these parasites because, without marriage, the parasites could only get what the other person willingly gave them. The parasites couldn't take the other person to court and rob the other person blind. Now that they have same sex marriage, you can bet the parasites will start preying on other homosexuals big time, especially on homosexuals who have money. You are going to start seeing some really vicious court battles between homosexuals, especially when one of them has considerable wealth.

Then there is a thing called common-law marriage. This is where two people live together for a minimum period of time and then they automatically become legally married. Some states don't have common-law marriage but, the last time I check, California had a common-law marriage law which said that, if a couple lived together for 7 consecutive years, they were automatically married. If this law is still on the books, then, if two homosexuals live together for 7 years, with same sex marriage, they are automatically married and one can divorce the other person and take half of everything the other person owns.

You see, without same sex marriage, homosexuals could not be married so common-law marriage could not happen for homosexuals. This means, that, in states with common-law marriage, homosexuals, who would other wise live together for very long periods of time, will be dumping each other before the common-law marriage takes effect. This will further decrease the stability of homosexual relationships.

You see, the average lesbian relationship lasts less than two years and the average homosexual male relationship lasts less than two weeks but there are some homosexuals who live together for 15, 20, or more years. These people are statistically called outliers and they skew the average high meaning that, without the outliers, the average would be much lower. The homosexuals who live together for much longer times and don't want to get married will be forced to either get married via common-law marriage or break up for a given period of time. Same sex marriage is going to turn the homosexual world on its head.

So, knowing all of this, why does the upper class trash insist on making same sex marriage legal and exposing the truth about homosexual relationship instability and violence?

Because the liberal upper class trash really doesn't care about the homosexual community, not even the many homosexuals within the upper class trash and those who do care are stupid. All they care about is their liberal agenda to destroy the institution of marriage. The proof of this is that the liberals are now admitting and even bragging that, as soon as they have made same sex marriage legal in most states, their next goal will be to make polygamy legal.

In other words, same sex marriage is just one step in a series of steps designed to destroy the institution of marriage and you will see this in my next essay about polygamy. BTW, polygamy doesn't mean what most people have been taught it means and when you find out what it really means, the old light bulbs will burn brightly.

I have been watching the liberals dream up really great sounding insane ideas and eventually get what whey want for more than 50 years now. I can't think of one great sounding liberal idea which has not turned into a complete disaster. Liberals screw up everything they touch.

So, not being able to do anything but warn people about such stupid ideas, I am going to just sit back and enjoy watching this latest great sounding idea of theirs blow up in their faces, especially since, in order to get what they wanted, the liberals kept insulting us Christians by calling us names like homophobes and persisting with the idea they are intellectually superior to us. Therefore, I am going to enjoy sitting here watching this act of brilliance blow up their faces.

Believe me that most homosexuals are going to regret same sex marriage and it won't take very long. Wait until you see how legalizing polygamy will change marriage, including for the homosexual world.


Decades ago, I became aware of the fact that there has been a lot of racial tension between Latinos and Blacks and I have been keeping an eye on this. In many places, such as Southern California, I noticed that the racial tension between Latinos and Blacks is greater than the racial tension between Whites and Blacks. As a matter of fact, in Southern California, the racial tension between Asians and Blacks is greater than the racial tension between Whites and Blacks.

For a number of years now, the Commiecrat Party has been increasingly turning its back on Blacks to get more Latino support and votes. This has been increasing the tension between Latinos and Blacks. With the Commiecrat Party now increasing its efforts to legalize the 11 million illegal aliens in the US, most of them Latinos, in order to increase the number of Latino voters, this has not only been increasing the tension between Latinos and Blacks but has also been increasing tension between the betrayed Blacks and the Commiecrat Party.

The Blacks know that, if the illegal aliens are legalized, the legalized aliens will begin competing for jobs with the Blacks, which will cause incomes for Blacks to decrease and Black unemployment to increase. They also know the Blacks will start getting less in favors from the government, such as financial support and benefits, from the Commiecrat Party. Naturally, the Blacks don't like this.

This explains why a rift is forming between the Commiecrat Party and Blacks and increasing numbers of betrayed Blacks are moving from the Commiecrat Party to the GOP. The betrayal of Blacks by the Commiecrat Party is developing a backlash within the Commiecrat party and I am expecting there to eventually develop an explosion by Blacks against both the Commiecrat Party and Latinos.

This will be interesting to watch, keep an eye on it.

CO2 Emissions

I just read that some twits in Australia are trying to get laws passed requiring that Australia get its CO2, carbon dioxide, emissions down to zero. (I have to wait until my brain stops hurting because this is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard in my life. This is absolute proof that the stupid people are running this planet.)

Excuse me, but, what do plants breath?

Oh yeah, CO2.

So, if we humans get our CO2 production down to zero, what will happen to the plant population on earth?

Oh yeah, the planet plant population will decline significantly.

What should that tell you?

That there will be less food for all animals and the changing of CO2 by plants into oxygen will decrease which will increase the amount of CO2 and decrease the amount of oxygen available to all animals and not just humans. With less food, less oxygen, and more CO2, the health of all animals will decline rapidly until plant growth comes back up which could take a few years.

These twits are going to kill off a lot of plants and animals. What we have here is a bunch of scientifically ignorant idiots, who don't know what they are talking about or doing forcing their really brain dead stupid ideas on the planet. These people should be institutionalized to protect everyone and everything else. They are extremely dangerous people. Please quit listening to these morons.

This should make it very obvious that everyone needs to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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