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I found out that the bill which gives the US military the autonomy and authority to stage a preemptive strike against China without and against the orders of the president has passed both the House and Senate with enough votes that, even if the president does veto the bill, all that has to happen is for that bill to be run back through Congress with enough votes for it to automatically become law, therefore, it is now law.

This law gives the US military the full authority and power to decide whether to stage a preemptive strike against China, when to stage that strike, how to stage the strike, and whether to use conventional, nuclear, or some combination of the two types of weapons. It seems that the principle goal of this law is for the US military to stage a first strike to destroy the Chinese nuclear weapons.

What should this tell you?

This extremely desperate move by Congress should tell you that most of them know they are being betrayed by Obama and company, they are scared, and are extremely desperate. To save their own corrupt little butts, they have completely turned the matter over to the US military.

First, let us look back over a consistent key behavior for Obama since his presidency first began more than four years ago. Right after being elected four years ago, Obama immediately began slighting and ignoring the old school, corrupt upper class trash sending an important message that he and his gang no longer needed the help of the upper class trash and effectively saying thank you for helping me get elected but we no longer need you because I am president, we have replaced you in the seat of power, and will be screwing you the way you are screwing everyone else. Obama wasn't being a team player with the old school upper class trash.

A little over a year ago, when it was time to get reelected, things were not going the way Obama and his pack of traitors thought they would and Obama was forced to go groveling to the same upper class trash he had betrayed in order to get reelected. That upper class trash made it very obvious to Obama that he did need them and made Obama come back into the camp of the old school upper class trash and promise to be a good little boy so Obama pretended to be a good little team player until he got reelected.

Guess what, Obama lied to them just like before and has returned to his previous mischief of excluding and betraying the old school upper class trash. Liars and traitors just can't be trusted by anyone, you know, like the leopard is going to change his spots, right. With Obama's moves toward helping China invade the US, he sent a very strong message that he and China were going to round up and execute all the old school upper class trash. These geniuses had been fooled twice by the same con artist, shame on them. So much for their intellectual superiority.

What should this tell you?

Obama is NOT ever going to give up power and go quietly into the night like past presidents. He plans to be dictator-in-chief for life. He does not plan to share power with the evil old school upper class trash. Deal with it.

At this point, let me add that the liberal commie traitor propagandists are putting out the false message that China would not invade the US because that would upset the old apple cart and destroy China's primary market for making money. Any one with any common sense would know that, if China invades the US, they will OWN the primary market which makes them most of their money, China will not lose a thing and has everything to gain. Besides, China knows that the upper class trash plan on destroying the US economy anyway. So what do they have to lose? Don't buy the propaganda about why China would not invade the US.

My first question is, "Just how bad are things that Congress is permitting the US military to decide whether to use nukes in a preemptive strike against China?"

I have been out doing research. At first I came across some bad intel and did a write up but quickly realized that the picture that intel painted looked more like a Picasso landscape instead of something real so I pulled that write up and did more research. This picture looks more realistic but is a real nightmare.

China has built up a massive military including nukes. Even without the nukes, if the US were not in the way, China could easily roll over all of Asia and the Pacific easier and faster than Japan did in the 1930s. When you add the nukes, the picture just gets worse. Plus the US military has been all but destroyed by the US traitors making me wonder just what intel did Snowden provide to both China and then Russia for them to have such confidence in waging and winning WWIII against the US? Has Obama found a way to stop the US military from fighting for survival of the US people? What aces does Obama and his traitor pals have up their sleeves? This gets scary.

For the US military to have even a hope of winning WWIII against just China, forget about also Russia while fighting a US civil war, the US must destroy at least most of China's nukes so the US can freely use US tactical nukes to stop China. If China gets significant ground troops and supporting aircraft on or near US soil (Mexico), the US military could be quickly over whelmed by China. This is the reason why Congress gave the US military a free hand in using nukes to destroy China's nukes. Things are definitely desperate.

Obama recently gave China a US Naval base in Commiefornia and China will probably also stage a number of amphibious landings all along the US Pacific Coast, Obama just gave China 50 square miles in Idaho (spread those Chicom forces around inside the US), there are almost certainly more than a dozen Chicom military bases in Mexico for China to use to invade the US across the US southern border (another act of war by Mexico which justifies a US preemptive strike into Mexico and even taking control of Mexico and killing its leaders for acts of war against the US), Russian troops will soon be stationed inside the US by the thousands, plus we know Russia has untold numbers of sleepers in the US, China probably also has sleepers, UN forces stationed around the US, there are a few million Muslims in the US with many having WMDs, the liberal commie traitor CSF, infiltrated Mexican soldiers (the first act of war against the US) and drug cartels in the US, commie and Muslim infiltrators at high levels in the US government and military along with the US military having been torn down below a one front force, Obama persisting in disarming US citizens, the FEMA death camps, and the upper class trash not even trying to hide that they are planning to destroy the US economy to deny US citizens food and money so fewer of them will be able to fight should tell you the US has a few pretty serious problems.

At this point, it should be obvious that the upper class trash is planning to use a very complex and very large number of extremely brutal, barbaric, and inhumane things to seize control of the planet and butcher off most of the people. These people are the most evil monsters in the history of this planet. They will not be using just one or two simple things but many weapons against the rest of us. This is an extremely complex plan to destroy most of the people on the planet so they don't have to share their planet with the rest of us.

There have been rumors for years about a number of things for which I am no longer in doubt about. These include scientifically engineered diseases which the upper class trash have had themselves inoculated against and plan to turn those bugs loose on the US people to kill a bunch of us off. I believe they have already been turning such bugs loose on us, at least for experimental reasons and will soon do it for real if they have not already started. More and more we keep hearing about the past secret scientific experiments they have already use us for. These upper class trash people are savages.

Remember that it was the upper class trash who funded the development of biological warfare to kill off huge numbers of people in battles with diseases or protists. Why wouldn't the same trash use those same bugs against us as civilians? Of course they would, especially when you realize that they are freely and openly discussing brutally butchering off more than 7 billion men, women, and children on this planet AND are even openly discussing using such engineered diseases to "depopulate" the planet. It is increasingly likely that these new "resistant" diseases are engineered diseases turned loose on us. It is at this point in which we must consider everything feasible and even probable. These people have no problem with murdering anyone to get what they want. They are monsters.

Then there are increasing rumors about the upper class trash releasing engineered bugs like the pig flu and telling us we have to get inoculated with the inoculation itself formulated to kill us off by the millions with the people who survive this vicious crime against us being sterilized so they can't reproduce.

I would not be surprised to find out that the reason why the upper class trash has been encouraging "free" sex is so the upper class trash can introduce engineered sexually transmitted diseases into the population (for which the evil upper class trash have been inoculated) so we would kill ourselves off with our own adulteries. I believe it is increasingly probable that AIDs and HPV are such engineered diseases. Please note that these upper class trash have kept down playing how lethal these STDs are so we will keep committing adultery and killing ourselves off with their diseases.

When I was in Southeast Asia, we found out that local commies would mix deadly poisons in with the recreational drugs some of the soldiers were using to kill those soldiers. That brings to question the recreational drugs the upper class trash have been encouraging people to use and are now getting legalized. We know that these drugs adversely effect the health of the users and even cause death, though this is being played down by the upper class trash. But is the upper class trash planning on using these recreational drugs to poison off tens of millions of people by mixing in toxic poisons? I would not put it past them. They are proving they are above nothing to kill us off.

Things are not going well for us humans right now but they are about to get worse because the upper class trash is openly working to murder off more than 7 billion of you. Most likely, you and your family are about to get murdered by the upper class trash. This is especially true if you don't currently provide services or products the upper class trash use to maintain their lives of luxury. It is only, if you are among the few who do provide those services or products to maintain their lives of luxury, that you might get to live. But even then, you must willingly submit to slavery and be thankful they permitted you to live. Wasn't it wonderful of them to not murder you off?

If you are scared, you will soon learn to be terrified. If you are too ignorant, brainwashed, or stupid to be scared now, when you suddenly find yourself about to be murdered off, you will learn to be terrified.

At this time, it is very clear that your only hope is God. You don't have anything else because the evil upper class trash have planned this out too well and have too many ways to murder you so they don't have to share their planet with you. But, for God to save you, you must meet His conditions or He will permit the pagans to have you to do with as they please, which will be to brutally murder you off. The conditions are very simple, acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws which were designed to protect you from these monsters, repent of your crimes or turn away from doing them, and accept salvation or amnesty via our Lord Jesus Christ, and then ask God to save your butts. Then and only then will God save us.

Basically, at this time, you only have two choices, thanks to your evil pagan upper class trash. You can choose to continue committing your crimes and the evil upper class trash will murder you off in the near future or you can choose God's plans under God's conditions and God will save you. Your choice, choose wisely.

Just in case you are having trouble figuring it out, God is going to let things keep getting worse until they are bad enough that you will become scared or intelligent enough to turn back to God away from your crimes against God's Law. Just how terrible will things have to get before you make the decision to ask God for help under God's conditions? Or will you let the evil upper class trash murder you off first because you just can't give up such things as adultery, lies, stealing, and drugs?

Actually, you are going to give those things up one way or another. One way, the evil upper class trash will murder you so they don't have to share their planet with you and you will stop doing those things. Dead people tend not to do those things. The other way, you will voluntarily give up those things and accept God's plan to save you, both spiritually and physically. Which way will you choose to give those things up?

Therefore, knowing how bad things are and that they will only get worse, it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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