The current war being waged in Syria is being billed as a Syrian civil war but it is not a Syrian civil war, it is a Muslim civil war being waged by Sunis against Shiites. It is the same war which is currently being waged in Iraq, it is just that it is now also being waged in Syria.

The Shiite factions in this war are Hezballah, Assad, and Iran and the Suni factions in this war are Al Quaeda and another Suni faction which just broke away from Al Quaeda causing there to now be at least 3 major factions in this war and they are all Muslim terrorist organizations. Hezballah and Assad are being funded by Iran and Al Quaeda and the second Suni faction are being funded by Saudi Arabia, which does not want to send their army into the fight but is trying to get the US to send soldiers into this fight for Saudi Arabia and Al Quaeda. Some of our bought politicians are working to get our troops sent in to fight for Al Quaeda which only shows these politicians are not true American patriots but are traitors working for Saudi Arabia.

This war between the Suni and Shiite Muslims has been going on for 1,300 years and will not stop because US troops are sent in to fight for Saudi Arabia and Al Quaeda. If anything, US troops being sent in will cause this war to escalate very quickly to the same thing we just lost in Iraq but much, much worse.

This war is already escalating. The first major escalation was when the terrorist organization, Hezballah, sent in Shiite troops to fight for Assad. This was followed by Al Quaeda sending in more troops which was followed by Iran sending in 2,000 of their elite Revolutionary Guard. I am expecting the Suni Muslims to send in more troops to counter the Shiite Revolutionary Guard. These extra Suni troops will most likely be more Al Quaeda troops but could come from any Suni terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Fatah, or any other such group.

As soon as Al Quaeda sent in more troops, Russia withdrew all of her troops, including all of her warships, from Syria because she knows better than to get involved in this mess but some of our stupid US politicians want to get involved in this insanity? Obviously, these stupid politicians didn't learn anything from Iraq because, if US troops are sent in, it will end up the same way the war in Iraq has ended up, with no win for the US and a lot of dead US soldiers. Just whose side are these traitors on?

If you study the basics of this war, it is identical to the war in Iraq and US troops will find themselves being used for target practice for machine gun and RPG ambushes while being killed by Muslim IEDs in city fighting exactly as was the case in Iraq. It can only end in US troops finally getting withdrawn with no win after losing thousands of soldiers. To make this even worse, all of the major elements involved in this fight are Muslim terrorist organizations so that US soldiers would be getting killed to save the lives of terrorists regardless of which side they will be fighting on. Of course, the Saudis want the US soldiers to fight on the side of Al Quaeda which has been killing US citizens and soldiers for 21 years and in two wars now (since the bombing of the US Trade Center under Billy Boy Clinton). And we have politicians who want our troops to die in this mess to save Al Quaeda lives? That is insanity and those politicians should be recalled for treason.

Another thing is that, as soon as US troops show up for this fight, terrorists from terrorist organizations from around the area will show up to fight against the US troops, just like happened in Iraq, which will cause the Muslim factions to unite until the US troops are beaten and withdrawn by the same US traitors who have caused us to lose both Iraq and Afghanistan. This will involve many of the same terrorists the US just finished fighting in Iraq, next door to Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Fatah, and other terrorist organizations turning this mess into the same mess that Iraq was for our troops only much, much worse.

No matter how this war turns out, it will not be a good ending for the US because all sides are Muslim terrorists. Therefore, we should not expend any US troops to help any of these terrorist organizations win this war. That would be stupid.

When a war has no good end for the US, then you must try to figure out what would be the BEST end for the US. The best end to this war for the US is for these terrorist organizations to kill off a lot of the terrorists with no US soldiers being killed. This means that the best end to this war requires no US involvement while the terrorists kill each other off.

The traitors in Congress trying to get US troops sent into this mess are using the sympathy for the continuing collateral damage as a lame excuse for sending US troops into this mess. The truth is that most of the current probably collateral damage has already fled most of the cities where there is fighting between the factions and the cities are already a mess which will have to be destroyed before any reconstruction can begin. Many of these people have fled to Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and even Israel. To aid these traitors, the liberal media are counting terrorist combatants as collateral damage.

This means that, currently, it is mostly bad guys killing bad guys which is a good thing. As a matter of fact, this is the best war I have seen in my 64 years on this planet. Also, this means that the more terrorist who are sent into this fight by the different terrorist organizations, the fewer terrorists, weapons, and finances there will be used against the rest of the world by these terrorist organizations. That is a good thing. Why do we want to stop this war any time soon?

Then there is the lame excuse that this war might spread throughout the region. So what?

Let's look at this war and the combatants. Assad and Hezballah are the proxy armies being used by Iran to fight other countries without the risk of those other countries retaliating against Iran. Al Quaeda and the other Suni terrorist organizations are the proxy armies being used by Saudi Arabia to wage war against other countries, including the US, without having to worry about being retaliated against by those countries. So, basically, this Suni/Shiite Muslim civil war is actually a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia and their most likely battle field will be....Iraq and Syria. You know, just like they are fighting now.

So where else do you think this war between two the terrorist entities of Saudi Arabia and Iran might spread to? No where, it is already spread everywhere it will spread to except, maybe eventually to either Iran or Saudi Arabia.

So, if the US stays out of this mess, it will force Saudi Arabia to commit their own troops to fight their own war which they started by using Al Quaeda. This escalation will cause what?

This escalation will cause both sides to start using more of their money and not US money to fight this war. What will this cause?

This will cause both entities to start selling more oil. What will that cause?

That will cause the price of oil to drop which will cause the price of gasoline to drop.

Why do we want to prevent this war from spreading?

Another thing, this crap of countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran getting away with using terrorist armies as proxies to wage war against other countries with impunity, must stop. We need to have the attitude that, if you aid my enemy, you are my enemy and that should especially involve them financing our enemy.

Any other country using terrorist or any other hostile units to wage war against the US is an act of war against the US and the US should respond accordingly and not just against the proxy armies. That would put a very fast end to all of this terrorist crap.

Of course, there are those nut jobs who think the US military should be used to solve all such conflicts regardless of who the combatants are. This is arrogance and insanity. The US should not send in troops to every fight on the planet because we are the most powerful military force in the world. Every war we fight, depletes our human, weapons, and financial resources. We only have so many fighting age people in the US and quite a few of them have been killed or crippled in the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you want to see these insane politicians to start drafting people the way they did in Vietnam?

One of the many reasons Hitler lost WWII is because he used up his human resources early in the war and had to send in children with guns to fight at the end of the war. Do you want the US to have to be sending in 10 to 12 year old children to fight in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan? This is insanity.

The US needs to stop trying to fight everyone else's wars for them and only fight the wars which count. We need to learn to be more military resource conscious and conservative. We have an excellent opportunity here to sit back watching our different enemies destroy each other's resources while we rebuild our resources. I can guarantee one thing about this war, everyone who gets involved in this war will be weaker by the time this war is over. Do we want to be one of those entities?

What we should want is for our enemies to kill off as many of each other as possible while killing no US soldiers. That should be our only goal in this war.

If any of our traitor politicians, media, or others want to send US troops into this mess, we should tell them to put on a uniform. If any of the leaders from other countries want the US to send in troops, we should tell them to send in their own troops because we, the people, are getting tired of carrying the rest of the world on our shoulders while they sit safely on their fat butts at home. It is about time that some of these other countries which benefit from our military actions should have to help pay the price. All too often, either these countries don't send in troops or, if they do send in troops, their troops don't even fight or they cut and run when the fighting gets tough. They should have to help carry more of the burden to keep this a free world.

Syria is not our fight, it will not benefit the US in any way by getting involved and will only hurt the US. Therefore, we should stay out of this fight and let the terrorist organizations slug it out between themselves while we give our forces a rest and chance to rebuild.

But, because we have too many idiots and traitors who will insist other wise, we must....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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