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I have been thinking about some of the things currently going on with China and something smells extremely fishy. It is like I have told you, if it looks like a fish, smells like a fish, and swims like a fish, it isn't a duck. Let's take a look at just a few dots here.

First, China is being aggressive with tensions rising, China has seized some oil rich islands in the South China Sea which were the property of the Philippines and Vietnam, and China has been threatening to take the oil rich Senkaku Islands from Japan and even extended its defensive airspace out over the Senkaku Islands. China is very clearly willing to risk war to get more oil.

Then China positions a Chinese military electronics warfare spy ship off the territorial waters of Hawaii to monitor US military communications and troop movements at the main US military head quarters for the Pacific Ocean and Asia.

And Obama sends his wife, two daughters, and mother-in-law to China for a diplomatic trip?

Absolutely no leader of any country in the history of the world has ever sent his family to an increasingly hostile country on a diplomatic trip because they could be taken hostage by that hostile country. That is what countries have ambassadors for. Yes, there have been some cases in which more powerful countries have forced the leaders of weaker countries to send members of their immediate family to the more powerful country to be held as hostages as a form of insurance but ABSOLUTELY NO ONE has ever voluntarily sent members of their immediate family to a powerful hostile country for any reason. Either Obama is the stupidest leader in the history of the world or....

It is the "or" which is frightening. Everyone knows that the marriage between Obama and Michelle was arranged by Reverend Wright. I believe it was to make people think that Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim but others believe it is to cause people to not realize that Obama is a homosexual. It could have been for both reasons but the important thing here is that it was an arranged marriage and not a marriage based on love.

We also know that Obama and Michelle have been having "marital relations problems" for some time now and I told you that, as a Muslim, Obama would not hesitate to kill his wife and daughters in an honor killing or for any number of other reasons. The Koran says that a man's family is just a temptation and the man should be willing to sacrifice his family for Islam.

My first question is this: Is Obama working with China to help China take the oil rich Senkaku Islands?

If Obama is working with China for China to take the Senkaku Islands, that would explain several things. First, it explains why China positioned an electronics warfare spy ship off the coast of Hawaii to monitor the main base of military operations for the US Pacific forces. Second, did Obama send his family to China on a "diplomatic mission" so the Chinese could take Obama's family hostage so Obama will have an excuse for not interfering in China taking the Senkaku Islands?

I bet that got you thinking, didn't it? I have learned to not ever put anything above Obama and Valerie, they have proven they will do anything to get what they want.

My next question is: Just how stupid is Michelle?

She has been having marital problems with her husband for some time now in an arranged marriage and she lets her husband send her, her daughters, and her mother to a very hostile country which could take them all hostage? And she isn't even blonde!

It makes me wonder who is being set up here, Michelle and family, us, Japan, or all of the above?

Keep an eye on this because it is so fishy it gets my cat excited.

Also remember that the US military is no longer strong enough to fight either Russia or China much less both at the same time. Don't be surprised to see both Russia and China make their next hostile moves at the same time to take advantage of this knowledge.

All Russia and China have to do to bring down the Western countries is permit things to get so bad in our countries that the people are ready for a revolution and start smuggling weapons into our countries to sell to the people. The newly armed people will take it from there.

BTW, Russia just captured two Ukraine warships, the Khmelnitsky and Lutsk, and what is the West doing? Still talking about throwing Russia out of the G-8.

Does this mean Putin is about to take Odessa and Transnitria, you know, getting rid of any Ukraine warships which might interfere with Putin's invasion and staging a blockade against Ukraine ports?

And Putin is now also starting to talk about the Russians in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania who are being persecuted by the majority populations in those countries, you know, the way Putin talked about the Russians being persecuted in Georgia and Crimea before Putin invaded those countries.

For some reason, I don't think Putin is finished but that is OK, because Obama isn't finished golfing yet either.

BTW, the Millennial generation is trusting government quite a bit less, their trust of government has dropped by 15 points. Yep, their eyes are being opened by God.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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