Latin America

Remember that I told you that Putin is making moves in Latin America?

At this time, Putin is making significant moves in Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and Peru. If you look at a map, that is most of South America plus bases in Central America and the Caribbean. Mean while, the US has buds in Mexico, Columbia and Chile. Wow, so impressive.

Remember Obama's sanctions against Putin's closest friends? Putin's friends are dumping all of their Euro-American holdings to avoid Obama's sanctions and investing in.....Latin America and other places. In other words, they just quickly flanked Obama's butt. Why do I get the feeling that Putin and his buds just walked out of the G-8 on their own with Putin saying, "Sanction that!"?

Putin is investing in those Latin American economies, especially in energy to sell starved Europe! Putin is going to be investing in Argentina's nuclear power program (we are talking nuke missiles here, folks!) and has stated that he feels that the oil rich Falkland Islands belong to Argentina, you know, the way Putin believed that Crimea belonged to Russia. Get the picture?

With the US and British militaries declining because of our socialism and Russia's military building because of her capitalism and Russia helping Argentina build her economy and military, don't be surprised to see Argentina make a Russian backed move on the Falkland Islands in the not too distant future and my money is on Argentina. You Brits living in the Falkland Islands need to learn to speak Spanish because Britain and the US won't be able to save you this time. You can thank our liberal commie traitors for that.

You remember those four nuke carriers France is building Russia?

My guess is that one carrier will be stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, probably porting at Syria, Egypt, and Vichy France, one will be based in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean, probably porting in Singapore, Iran, and Vietnam, and one will be based in....the Caribbean, probably porting in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, with the fourth being used for troop rotations and back up. If you look at that on a map, that is extremely significant strategic positioning against Euro-America and our allies and don't be surprised to see more Chinese warships in those waters.

I will not be surprised to see Putin make buds with Mexico just to slap Obama in the face and mock Obama. That will be a very significant economic move against the US and a very significant military threat to the US, probably one of the best moves Putin could make right now. Keep an eye on that one.

Think about this, all of our super genius upper class trash moved most of the US industry out of the US into other countries, many of which are about to become buds with....our enemies, Russia and China. Wow, that was smart! If they control our industries, which they can nationalize any time they want, they control our military potential. Oops!

The Euro-American upper class trash had pushed Putin into a corner but Putin is fighting his way out AND driving the US and Europe into a corner.

Did I tell you that I am still trying to figure out what our intellectually superior upper class trash natural elites are intellectually superior to? I even gave up on rocks.

BTW, China has also been making inroads to Latin America for more than a decade.

Now, who is being isolated by whom?

I know that Putin, China, and the Muslims are bad guys but so are our Euro-American upper class trash, who plan to set up their global dictatorship and murder us all off. Putin, China, and the Muslims besting our upper class trash buy us some time to get rid of our evil rulers and free ourselves to fight against Putin, China, and the Muslims because, now, the evil Euro-American upper class trash suddenly can't kill us all off because they suddenly need us to fight to keep them from being killed off. Therefore, it is good to see our evil leaders enduring such serious set backs which are buying us time to take them out and fight the rest of the bad guys. God is taking care of it, keep praying and get ready to fight.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, remember this is exactly what happened when Rome fell. Rome was forced into a state of isolationism and the barbarians started moving in on and taking control of surrounding countries, you know, just like our barbarians are doing today. It ended with Rome being sacked and the death of Rome. Those idiots out there wanting isolationism, are getting it and it won't be pretty.

Also remember that this isn't something which is going to happen but is happening RIGHT NOW! Take notes because you will be writing tomorrow's history.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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