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I am watching the liberal commie traitor media and their minions start a fear campaign that "Trump is going to start a nuclear war with China and WWIII!" This is all meant to scare you into letting them get rid of Trump so Trump won't get rid of them.

Let's review the time line leading up to this. During his campaign and before the election, Trump said he was going to make China behave. After Trump won the election, one of the top upper class trash globalists in the world, Henry Kissinger, who is every bit as evil and involved in this global dictatorship thingy as George Soros, paid a visit to China in December 2016. Now, with the upper class trash being frantic and literally in a state of panic openly calling for the murder of Trump and a US military coup to get rid of Trump because Trump is devastating their plans for a global dictatorship, China says they are ready to go to war against the US followed by the liberal propaganda machine starting a scare campaign about Trump starting a nuke war with China and WWIII. China is now threatening the US with war if Trump doesn't stop trying to stop China from her aggressive behavior and the liberal commie traitor US media are running around screaming, "The sky is falling; the sky is falling." They want you to be afraid of our enemies.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Think about this:

Whether or not open war takes place in the South China Sea is contingent upon a number of factors; 1) are the Chinese leaders terminally stupid, 2) which drugs they are using, and 3) have they been watching too many YouTube videos showing how powerful the Chinese military is and how they can beat the US military with their inferior weapons systems.

Let me share something with you civilians and the few military who have not figured this out that you WILL NOT see on any YouTube videos by self acclaimed military experts or by the lying liberal commie traitor media. You need to know this so the liberal scare tactics won't work against you.

Every vet and member of the military knows that we can ALL be recalled to duty at any moment. Those of us who have been out a while would have to undergo training to bring us up to snuff on the current technology, which would take just a month of two. That means we could have a standing military of at least 9 to 10 million military personnel within 6 to 12 months, about three times the size of China's currently shrinking standing army and that is without starting the draft. Don't ever forget that. NEVER, EVER forget that because that is crucial to the rest of what I am about to tell you.

Our air force has about 5,000 aircraft and China has a whopping 2,500 aircraft, which are having terrible problems with their engines, radar, and electronics warfare, we have 10 nuclear aircraft carriers, which can travel 25 years without refueling, capable of carrying 80 to 100+ aircraft per carrier, for which Billy Boy Clinton removed all of the mini nukes while tearing down our military but it would only take a few days to rearm those carriers with nukes, and China has one carrier which can only carry a maximum of 40 aircraft which is not nuclear powered and has to be refueled about every 600 miles, meaning, she has a very limited range, we have about 3,000 "official" nukes, many of which can reach anywhere in the world at any time from any where in the world called ICBMs, she has about 300 nukes, which are at best questionable in guidance technology and are glorified CBMs called ICBMs because they have limited range and have to be move closer to the US to hit the US. We have just about as many tanks as she has but our tanks are better and not having the mechanical problems her tanks are having. On and on and on.

Don't believe the Internet bull crap about how superior Chinese weapons and military are to the US.

That is just the nutshell analysis and we have her beat from the git-go, but it gets a lot better.

Remember that I told you we can recall millions of vets within 6 months to a year and have them all battle ready within months, many with combat experience?

We have about ANOTHER 5,000 aircraft in the Bone Yard those recalled vets could have combat ready within months giving us a standing air force of about four times China's standing air force with much better aircraft and weapons systems, including the experienced aircrews. We have three reserve naval fleets stationed in harbors on the Pacific Coast, Atlantic Coast, and Gulf Coast that those recalled vets can make battle ready in months. The last I read, we have three to four times more tanks in storage than in active service in BOTH the Army and Marines which could all be made battle ready by recalled vets within months probably giving us at least four to five times more tanks than China and we have better tanks.

Have you traveled around the US and seen US Navy ships like carriers, battle ships, and subs being used as museums? Did you notice that most have not been grounded and still float? Have you gone on board and seen that there are not huge piles of dust everywhere? What should that tell you?

Someone is taking care of those boats. Most of those ships could be made battle ready within 6 to 12 months by a full crew of recalled vets and most of them are as good or better than China's current navy, especially with a few weapons modifications. We could just about double our carrier fleet within one year with carriers that are as good or better than China's one carrier and the panes for those carriers are sitting in the Bone Yard waiting for recalled crews to make them battle ready for recalled flight crews within months.

We HAVE the crews and weapons systems, all they need is a few months to make them battle ready.

Plus we have massive underground and nuke resistant weapons and munitions storage facilities all over the US. If you are in LA, take the 405 south through Seal Beach and see if you can count all of those munitions bunkers. I seriously doubt it. If you are in Albuquerque, take I-40 east towards the mountains and notice a big hill on the south side of I-40 just before the mountains that is surrounded by barbed wire and mines with bunkers on all sides. Those munitions storage facilities are all over the US, even out in the mountains where you would never expect to find them. The last I heard, they have enough munitions in just those bunkers for a sustained all out war with Russia or China for at least 10 to 20 years and many of the munitions are stored nukes that are not included in those "official" 3,000 nukes.

We already have China out gunned many times over and we could easily double to quadruple our military within 12 months. The system was designed that way half a century ago just in case someone like Russia or China got really stupid. We did that so that, in the case that someone like Russia or China tried to invade the US, we wouldn't have to take the two years it normally takes a modern army to ramp up for war before we could defend ourselves. This way, we can ramp up in less than one year to protect the US from invasion.

Why do you think the US Navy keeps "donating" expensive carriers as museums?

There are three or four just sitting in the San Diego Harbor waiting for crews of recalled vets to make them battle ready within months. All of them are better than China's ONE aircraft carrier.

Don't believe me?

Go look. We have everything hiding in plain open sight. We have the greatest military potential in the history of this planet IN SPITE of what the liberals have done to destroy our military. Our military has been watching the liberals stage their slow coup of the US and they planned for it. The US military didn't just sit there watching while doing nothing.

PLUS it gets even better. India, with a population of more than one billion, is ramping up for war with China and is almost equal to China in numbers of weapons with better weapons. India has 2,000+ aircraft she either bought from the US and Europe or has been building inside India with Russia for years (read Mig-29s), she has two carriers, a standing navy of 200 to 300 ships that includes two nuke "boomer" subs with nuke missiles, a very large ground force, 15 targeting satellites, at least 150 nukes, and other top end weapons systems with a booming economy. You better bet that, when the US goes in China's front door, India will go in China's back door AND China knows it.

You KNOW that, when the fecal matter hits the fan, the US and India will gladly work with the 300 to 400 million Muslims in the Xinjiang province currently fighting to secede from China to help them secede to divide and conquer China and we will also help the millions of Buddhists in Tibet to help free their country from Chinese oppression. You should also KNOW that Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan will all want a piece of China.

And China wants to threaten us with war?

Bwahahahahahahahahaha! They need to quit smoking whatever it is they are smoking before they get smoked and need to quit watching those stupid YouTube videos. China couldn't stay in the ring with the US for one round and they know it.

I am not worried about China. The greatest threat to the US is internal, the liberal commie traitor upper class trash and their liberal and Muslim minions.

Let me add here that what China is doing is using psychological warfare to scare the US citizens into making Trump stop making China stop her aggressive behavior because they know that Hollywood and the liberal media have caused almost all Americans to be terrified of any nuclear conflagration and/or fighting China and this was all planned out between the Chinese and the upper class trash when Kissinger made his visit to China this last December.

"Hey, let's scare the American people into making Trump stop making us behave and give the liberals a reason to remove Trump so he will stop destroying their globalist plans." It's a bluff, baby, it's a bluff to scare you.

If we call their bluff, it is going to get just a wee bit warm in China.

You think they are not bluffing?

Who is China's favorite god and who is their religion all upper class Chinese live, breath, die, and pee by?

Sun Tzu. All of their military strategies to conquer the rest of the world are built around Sun Tzu's teachings in "The Art of War", which I keep within easy sight of me.

For them, to disagree with Sun Tzu is blasphemy and what does Sun Tzu say about fighting a numerically superior force?

Don't do it. Sun Tzu says to negotiate peace or surrender but don't fight them because they will destroy you. For any member of the Chinese Communist Party or military to go against the teachings of Sun Tzu, they will be fired and probably imprisoned.

Now China KNOWS we have a vastly superior military to them and do you really think they are "ready to start a war with us" when it goes against everything they are taught and believe?

Let me state that I am not worried about China or even Russia. I am concerned enough I keep an eye on them. The biggest threat to the US and the rest of the West, BY FAR, is the internal threat of the very evil liberal commie traitor upper class trash, their puppet minions, and their Muslim pals. THEY are what you need to be most concerned about, not Russia, not China, and not the Fiji Islands.

Trump is clearly destroying the upper class trash evil plans and the evil upper class trash are so desperate they are openly and repeatedly stating they want to murder Trump to stop him. This is what you need to be most concerned about. Everything else is smoke and mirrors to distract you from the real threat. I would not be surprised to find out that China and definitely the liberals are financing some of the YouTube sites telling you how superior China's weapons are to ours and how she can defeat the US just to scare the American people. Lying to scare people is an old commie trick going back to at least Stalin.

Now, let me share something with you about Trump and what he is doing.

Trump is currently assembling the greatest government ever put together by anyone. These are not the usual stupid, spoiled upper class trash college kids who got the right degrees from the right universities who THINK they are geniuses but went into government because they were too stupid to get jobs working for Trump and other members of Trump's team. These are some of the most brilliant people who have PROVED they know what they are doing both nationally and internationally. Trump isn't just surrounding himself with some of the best generals this nation has had, like Mattis, who has forgotten more about the military than any of those idiot liberal kiddies ever knew about the military, and who know how to defeat China. Trump is also surrounding himself with some of the most brilliant and accomplished business men and women who have PROVED they know nation and international business and economics who know how to bring China to her knees economically, like Rex Tillerson, Trump and his people all have the best legal teams in the world who know both US, other nations', and international laws they have used for decades to do national and international business, and Trump has hired Steve Bannon, who is a brilliant conservative journalist and media expert who the liberals passionately hate and fear because he was quite successfully using Breitbart to destroy them, to help Trump wage war against and beat the lying liberal media.

For the people of this world, this is the ultimate government dream team; they know what they are doing and they are doing it RIGHT NOW! Trump and his team are SCHOOLING the world on how to properly run a nation. The best thing we can all do is shut up, watch, and learn from the best government team ever assembled.

I am convinced that the reason Trump invited the Clintons to attend his inauguration, was so Trump could chew them and Obama out, humiliate them, and warn them about what he was about to do to them.

This is why the liberal commie traitor, Muslim, Chinese, and other bad guys are panicked and running so scared they are openly calling for the murder of Trump and a military to coup to remove Trump before Trump removes them. They are terrified of what this team is already doing to them. This is why the liberals are starting the scare tactics about Trump being on the verge of starting WWIII with China, you know, a nuke war. Trump and his team are the team who are right now draining the swamp. They will lose a few battles along the way but they will win the war.

Why do you think the liberals, Muslims, Chinese and others are so openly waging war against Trump and his people?

They are attacking as hard and fast as they can from every direction possible because they are terrified and know they will probably be going to prison soon, if not being used for tree ornaments or target practice. This is the most massive power struggle in the history of the world and the upper class trash are using every dirty trick they can, including scaring you.

Don't believe the liberal scare tactics, it is all lies to justify staging a violent coup and/or murder to get rid of Trump. China isn't going to start a shooting war with us; they are bluffing to scare you so you will stop Trump because they can't.

Pray long, pray hard, and pray often for Trump, his family, and his team because the bad guys are openly stating they want to murder Trump. Trump is going to need a lot of protection from God to continue the fight for us.

Also, you better learn to fight because this is already very nasty and getting worse. The liberal commie traitors and their Muslim pals are already hunting you down in the streets. I told you it would get a lot worse before it got better.

Now do you better understand why I keep insisting you learn to fight street?

These evil thugs are waging war against you RIGHT NOW, not next week, next month, or next year.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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