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I was thinking this morning about my learning experiences that opened my eyes to so much and realized that it would be good to share at least some of that with you to help you open your eyes. There is no way I can share even a quarter of that without writing at least one book but I will give you examples to help you learn some of what I have learned.

When I started college in the Spring of 1968, I was a Democrat because my dad had been one. I was never a true liberal because I was taught too much common sense before college and God had been "directing my feet". There were liberal ideas I couldn't accept because they just defied common sense, history, science, and other things I had already learned but there were ideas I accepted for a while, some of them took me a little more than a decade to find out they were all wrong because I just didn't have the life experiences or hadn't researched the ideas enough to find out they were just liberal bull crap.

Throughout my entire life, I have tried to remain objective and open to the facts and evidence. The liberals don't like that because they want you to just blindly swallow everything they teach without question. They know that, if you think for yourself, you will figure out they are lying to you so they suppress thought through intimidation.

It was during the Vietnam War and there was a lot of discussion about what was going on so I questioned, researched, and dug to find the truth. I only used the debates to get ideas for research to find out who was lying and it was always the liberals.

One of the ugly truths I had already begun to uncover was government corruption. Teddy Boy Kennedy had already been trying to legalize pot when one of his young sons got caught with a brick of pot and we found out Teddy Boy was pushing the legalization of pot so he could make a lot of money selling pot to stupid hippies.

We also found out that LBJ was selling trucks and jeeps to the US military via the Johnson Transportation Corp, which was why he kept escalating the war to sell more trucks and jeeps to the military and why he didn't want to win the war. If he had won the war, his sales of trucks and jeeps to the military would have dropped off and he would have stopped making so much money. We later found out that, during the Vietnam War, LBJ increased his wealth by better than 10 times.

Teddy Boy was also pro war and kept preaching we should stay in and win the war but it turned out he didn't want to win the war; he wanted to keep it going as long as he could. I got a hold of a list of some of Teddy Boy's top financial holdings and, as I read down the list, one thing called hospital goods caught my eye. It turned out that the hospital goods were things used in emergency rooms for emergency treatment of injuries AND that Teddy Boy was selling large amounts of those hospital goods to the military to be used to treat wounded soldiers. Every time a US soldier was wounded and got treatment, whether he lived or died, Teddy Boy made money, blood money just dripping with our soldiers' blood.

That day I stopped being a Democrat because I couldn't stomach their top people making blood money from our dead soldiers and became a Republican but it wouldn't be too long before I quit being a Republican and became an independent because of the corruption in the Republican Party. I never found out and often wondered who made the money selling the military the body bags they brought our dead soldiers home in so that, those people made money every time a US soldier was killed.

Which corrupt politicians were making money from that deal?

I NEVER liked Teddy Boy.

Then, not associating state government corruption with federal government corruption, I met a man who I was later told was a very good friend with the governor and one of the two most powerful people in the state (I won't say which state.) Before I found out who he was, he and I were just friends through my work and I told him about a private project I was working on which would really help the state economy. After several months of listening to me, he set up a meeting between me and the governor and it was at that time that someone told me who he was.

On the day of the meeting, he and I were walking down a hallway in the capitol building towards the meeting room when the governor and his bunch emerged from another room just in front of us and, as we were walking behind them, the governor stopped to talk to another group of people. I stood there in the hallway behind them listening to them talk absolutely stunned because I knew what they were discussing doing was against the law and they were OPENLY committing a crime with large numbers of other people walking by and sometimes brushing up against members of our group. I recognized two of the people in the group as TV "investigative journalists" who were being our "watchdogs" to keep the politicians in line and they were involved in the corruption and criminal activity.

That day I found out that the reason why our lying liberal media are covering up for our corrupt politicians is because the media are involved in the same criminal activities and, if the politicians' crimes ever get investigated, most of the media will go to jail too. I found out that the fox owns the hen house.

I was so disgusted at what I saw that I intentionally blew the presentation because I didn't want the corrupt government to get their hands on my project and ruin it. I would rather my project not get run than for it to be corrupted by the government and turned into a legal nightmare. I knew I had to crawl in bed with those criminals and become one of them to get the money and I just couldn't stomach that.

I am one of those people who has to be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning and be able to say, "That is a good man," without lying to myself. I just could never become one of them and would rather live in poverty than become one of them. In the 10 years I was in LA during the 80s and 90s, I turned down at least half a dozen to more than a dozen opportunities to make quite a bit of money because I had to either commit crimes or screw good people out of their money to get rich. I decided a long time ago that I would rather be a good poor man than a bad rich man. Even during this prolonged illness, I have turned down a number of opportunities to get rich by either committing crimes or just screwing other people because I just can't go such things. I would rather live in poverty than not be able to look in that mirror.

I realized that the corrupt politicians were so blatant in their criminal activities that you wouldn't even have to be stealthy for law enforcement to easily bust them.

So, why don't they get busted more often?

Because all of the top cops are owned and, if a law enforcement agency tries to investigate anything these criminals are involved in, the investigation gets shut down. I don't know how many times I have heard that from law enforcement.

Let me give you an example of how corrupt the system is. A few years ago, Lance Armstrong, Chris Carmichael and a number of others involved in European pro racing were under investigation by the FBI for a number of crimes, at least one of which was committed against me, it had developed to the point that a grand jury was involved, Lance Armstrong went golfing with Billy Boy Clinton and the investigation was immediately shut down.

I don't like Lance or Billy Boy too well either and not just for those reasons.

This corruption is beyond rampant and is pandemic because the upper class trash has so completely infiltrated the system with their partners in crime. Just look at the moles who keep raising their ugly little heads against Trump and you have not seen anything yet. It will get worse for Trump.

I knew an old guy back in the late 70s who had been a young man living in Chicago during the 20s and 30s. We got to talking about how bad crime was back then and he said, "Carl, it was much worse than the media tell you." He said they would tell us that half a dozen to a dozen people were being killed by the organized crime violence but he said that on week nights, there were more than 500 people being killed each night and, on Friday and Saturday nights, it would be at least two to three times as many being killed.

When I was in LA, on the week nights, the lying liberal media would tell us there were two to four people shot by gangs on week nights and four to six shot on Friday and Saturday nights. I had a number of friends living in the Valley just north of the Santa Monica Mountains who told me they got a daily paper that was NOTHING but obituaries for the people who died the day before and the obituaries were listed by cause of death. They told me that the gangs averaged killing 500 people each week night and three to four times as many on Friday and Saturday nights.

I also met a guy who worked for the LA County Coroner who confirmed that the gang related killings were so numerous that their office had bodies stacked everywhere and the Coroner was always at least two weeks behind and most bodies never got an even half way decent workup with bodies the media had made big stories about getting priority.

After my second divorce in LA, I stayed with some friends in Torrance just outside of Compton, which had the worst crime in the greater LA area. This was because of the Latino gangs which controlled that area, many of them illegals. Starting about half an hour after dark, when the gangs began going out to play and until about half an hour before day break, when they finally went to bed, I would lay in my bed listening to automatic weapons fire and squealing tires just blocks away about every 20 to 30 minutes and that was just the sounds within earshot. The rest of Compton was just as violent. It was worse than Vietnam.

I got a place in West LA that turned out to be just as bad because I was living on 60th Street just 1.5 blocks from the main headquarters of the 60th Street gang my friends in the LAPD told me was one of the five most violent gangs in Southern California and for me to be careful. They used handguns instead of automatic weapons like the Latino gangs. Again, starting about half an hour after sunset until about half an hour before daybreak, three things happened.

First, there would be a constant background whale of police, fire department, and ambulance sirens that went ALL NIGHT LONG, every night. Every 20 to 30 minutes a siren would get close enough you could tell it from the background noise and I got to where I could tell the different sirens apart by sound.

Second, again, beginning about half an hour after sunset and stopping about half an hour before day break, about every 20 to 30 minutes, there would be a gun fight between gangs close enough you could hear them, which was about three blocks away or less with some taking place in the alley behind my house. I got to where I could tell the caliber of the guns being used in the gun fights.

Third, again, beginning about half an hour after sunset and stopping about half an hour before day break, about every 20 to 30 minutes, a police chopper would circle close enough I could hear it above the other sounds and it would circle for a few minutes and then buzz off to another crime area.

I had a cop friend who flew one of those night time choppers. About every three to four months he would call me and ask when I could go for a bicycle ride with him. I would clear a calendar, meet him for a bike ride, and listen to him talking about his nights flying those choppers. It was therapy for him.

I was so glad to get out of LA but it is just as bad in the other big cities.

Chicago IS the murder capital of the US BUT, they were killing more people in one day in LA than they are reporting being murdered in Chicago in one month because they are covering up almost ALL of the murders and only telling you about a small fraction of them in EVERY CITY IN THE US. That is how bad things really are but they don't want you to know the truth because they fear you will rebel against them and use them for tree ornaments or target practice if you know the truth. You need to know the truth because Jesus said, "The truth will set you free."

Why are the corrupt politicians and media covering up so many murders every night?

Because the gangs are just the lackeys for the corrupt upper class trash, including the media, who are benefiting from the crimes being committed by the gangs such as selling drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, murders, and other crimes. If you people ever really find out just how bad things really are, they are afraid you will stage a rebellion, overthrow them, and either kill or imprison them for their criminal activities. If the gangs are EVER properly investigated and brought to heel, the upper class trash, including the media, will go to prison.

I don't like the upper class trash very much either. They are all committing such horrible crimes they should all be used for tree ornaments or target practice by the cops or military.

You want real genocide?

They are RIGHT NOW committing a greater genocide against you, the middle and lower classes, than Hitler committed against both Jews and Gentiles. I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears. The upper class trash are horrible and evil people and they have to be stopped and this is just the nutshell version of a few of the places I have been and the things God has showed me about the truth I teach on this site.

I have seen a lot, I have learned a lot, and I try to share a lot to help you. Most people have absolutely no idea about just how evil and vile the liberal pagans really are and the crimes they commit. I have seen and learned so much that sometimes it gets tough just to read the news and I have to take breaks to clear my head. Words cannot describe just how evil these people really are.

Remember that this is just the nutshell version because I could write books about their corruption. I have seen a lot in almost 67 years. Only God can clean up this mess, which has become so bad it is mind boggling. I was awake much of the night thinking about this stuff and their evil torments me so that I hate reading about it more. But we have to know about what they are doing because it doesn't do us any good to hide with our heads up our butts.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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