Christian Backlash

There is a large and rapidly building Christian backlash on this planet being caused by the global persecution of Christians. This backlash isn't just by Christians but also by people who prefer Christian morals and ethics to Satan's "Do as you will" law but have not accepted Jesus as their savior, including atheists. Everything Satan is doing, God is turning against him.

The persecution of Christians is causing many of the Christians to flee from their home countries to the West where they, after having passed the most difficult test for Christians of maintaining their faith in the face of extreme persecution while watching fellow Christians be murdered, are taking strong stands for Jesus. These are not Christians who will sit quietly and comfortably in their pews while others die.

For example, Dr. Oliver Manyemba, a Pentecostal Christian pastor from Africa, is causing a very large and rapidly growing "Christian-Zionist" movement in Britain, which supports Israel. These persecuted Christians are teaching Western Christians to get out of their comfort zone in their comfy little pews and take a stand for Christ. God is taking back the West from Satan and his evil liberal demonic trolls.

Add to this that the persecution of Western Christians is causing increasing numbers of Western Christians to stand up and fight back. Increasing numbers of Christians and non Christians who prefer Christian morals are fighting back by taking stands against our corrupt government, homosexual persecution of Christians, persecution of cops and US veterans, gun control, liberal propaganda and lies, and other things. They are quickly organizing and undoing much of what the liberal commie traitors have been doing to seize control of and destroy the West.

They are fighting back against Satan at the theaters by supporting Christian movies, while increasing numbers of pagan movies by top producers with top stars are tanking. Recently, the Christian movie, "War Room" almost beat out the pagan "Straight Outta Compton" as the top paying new movie for the weekend by grossing $11 million in its debut in spite of the fact that "War Room" was only shown at 1/3 of the theaters "Straight Outta Compton" was shown at. People are getting tired of the filth and propaganda coming out of Hollywood and fighting back by watching good Christian movies.

I am also seeing an increasing number of people who are seeing the truth and fighting back against the liberal lies. I recently watched a video by an atheistic evolutionist ranting about the crap I have been telling you about on "nature documentaries". He did an even better rant about the "documentaries" than I have complaining about things I have not even mentioned. He ranted about how fake the documentaries are, how everything was staged in pieces and edited together to make up nonsense stories, how they keep telling us why these animals evolved by using their own reason, what the animals are thinking, what they are concerned about, and such. More and more people are getting sick of the bad science being forced on us. Eyes are opening and people are choosing.

Also, increasing numbers of people are accepting Jesus as their savior because of the Christian persecution they are seeing and them finally seeing the truth about liberals, Muslims, and others. It seems that conversions to Christianity are out pacing poser Christians leaving.

Also, increasing numbers of Christians are arming themselves, organizing, and preparing for the coming wars. God is opening their eyes so that they are seeing what is happening and about to happen and are preparing for it.

BTW, Trump won't give us his favorite verse from the Bible because "it is very personal".


Mine is John 3:16 and you can't get more personal than eternal salvation. Me thinks he be another poser Christian who couldn't quote one scripture from the Bible.

Think I am wrong?

Ask him what his second favorite verse is from the Bible. I bet it is very personal too.

Also, I just saw a good saying on FB. "You don't see faith healers working in hospitals for the same reason you don't see psychics winning the lottery." Yep, that is about right.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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