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Black Muslim Insurrection

The liberal media's race baiting got two of their own killed and the liberal media has already returned to race baiting BECAUSE IT PAYS BIG BUCKS...and they're traitors. If more liberal journalists get killed, they deserve it.

Why should the liberal media benefit from their own mischief causing trouble for others and not have to pay for their crimes?

What I am waiting for is what almost happened in LA following the 1992 LA riots. I am waiting for black Muslim gangs like the New Black Panthers to invade a liberal TV station and kill all of the whites in it. It isn't if, but when is it going to happen. You have to understand that the black Muslims work with the liberal media while hating the non black, non Muslim liberal journalists and being angry that the liberal media are using the black Muslims to make a fortune while the black Muslims do the dirty work.

It is only a matter of time and that anger will backlash on the liberal media with MORE of them being killed. I guess the fools didn't learn when the first two were killed. The liberal media are no longer safe when they go out to cover stories and will soon not be safe in their TV studios. Don't be deceived, their sins will find them out.

The black Muslims are openly calling for the lynching of all whites and cops and they are not differentiating between conservatives and liberals. You liberal white cracker commie traitors are being thrown under the bus and are too stupid to realize it. I told you that you would be purged.

BTW, calling for people to murder other people is a criminal act and, in this case, insurrection.

Why are these people not being arrested and tried for their crimes?

Oh yeah, the legal system has been taken over by the liberal commie traitors and black Muslims. They won't prosecute their own.

There is definitely a war against law enforcement officers by black Muslims. I think Obama and company are trying to get good cops killed or to quit so he can replace the good cops with his CNSF. The New Black Panthers/#blacklivesmatter have openly threatened cops.

BTW, people are worried about law enforcement turning their guns on the people for the upper class trash. True, there are some bad cops who will but most are showing they are good cops who won't .

Plus, who is currently waging war on and killing cops?

Liberals and their Muslim pals.

Now, if you were the cops, who would you fight against?

Sheriff Clark

Note that I would vote for Sheriff Clark for president, who is rightfully blaming Obama for starting this war against cops. The guy has guts and is honest.

Gun Control

Any politician who is for gun control is telling you they are part of the problem because, with all of the research showing that taking people's guns away actually causes violent crime to increase, the only real reason for gun control is to prevent a rebellion after the corrupt politicians have set up their dictatorship. It should always be a huge red flag as to whose side they are on.


I just read this by By Cathy Burke over at "President Barack Obama wants to speed up the acquisition and building of new Coast Guard icebreakers to help protect U.S. interests in the fierce global competition for shipping, tourism, mineral exploration and fishing in the Arctic sea."

Hold it, if global warming is the greatest threat in the world and has melted all of the ice in the Arctic Sea, why does Obama need more icebreakers? Would there be any ice in the Arctic Sea?

Obama said, "It hurts being called anti-Semitic." Hint, hint, Obama is an Arab, which is also a Semite. Jews and Arabs are first cousins and are both semites.

Gee, could that be why it hurts him to be called anti-Semitic?


I read that Petraeus is saying we should support Al Quaeda to destroy ISIS.

1) Didn't we support them once and how did that turn out?

2) Why support our enemies when our allies, the Kurds, are doing better WITHOUT our support than any of our enemies? Just think how much better the Kurds will do with our support.

3) Get Obama out of the way so he can't run interference for ISIS (treason) and then actually try to destroy ISIS?

Petraeus and his mentality are the problem. It tells us that there are plenty of stupid people in the Pentagon (being led by really stupid people in Washington) who keep causing these problems.

We supported Ho Chi Min during WWII, Saddam Hussein, Al Quaeda, and built ISIS because of this same mentality and how did all of those turn out? What, can't the top brass in the Pentagon tell the difference between good guys and bad guys? Why don't they learn from their mistakes? What are they teaching our officers in those military academies?

Whatever it is, it isn't working.

Global economy

There are three strong possibilities with the new negative developments in the global economy.

1) the upper class trash planned this out to destroy everyone's economies so they could seize control of the global economy.

2) the upper class trash plans are failing and taking everyone with them.

3) the black hole economy they started years ago is just getting worse.

BTW, China just laid off employees from their government owned businesses for the 22nd month in a row.

Wow, their communist micro managed economy is doing well, isn't it? Can we say severe depression?


Hint: GDP is determined by a number of economic factors and the factors which are used and not used are determined by geniuses with the right degree from the right universities who have political agendas. Yes, GDP is rigged to make it look like the economy is growing when it really is not and they intentionally leave out the things which would show that the economy is not growing. GDP = smoke and mirrors

Egypt Filling Tunnels

Well, someone is finally using their heads...or at least part of their heads. Egypt has started filling the terrorist tunnels between the Sinai and Gaza with water. It is a great strategy...except for a few things. 1) they are in a desert where water is in short supply and 2) all the terrorists have to do is pump the water out and use it to make more cement for more tunnels while saying, "Thank you, Egypt."

How about filling the tunnels with pig feces and/or pig urine?

The Muslims are not going to reuse those tunnels again and you only need a few inches to incapacitate the tunnels instead of filling them full. Plus, pig feces will burn and, if your censors tell you someone has entered the tunnel to clean it out, all you have to do is toss in a lit match...poof! Flash fire, anyone?

Brucey Boy Jenner

Brucey Boy Jenner has been nominated to carry the torch for the 2024 Olympics in spite of the fact that he/she/it is facing charges for manslaughter. I guess, if you are liberal, being a criminal doesn't matter.

Plus, how can they nominate Brucey Boy when he doesn't exist any more? Don't they know that it is now Caitlyn and not Bruce? Besides, what has Caitlyn done to earn that honor?

Liberals are nuts.

IMO, the person who should carry that torch is his first wife who supported Brucey Boy's effort to win the gold medal and then was dumped by Brucey Boy for some bimbo Brucey Boy was banging while his wife was helping him win the gold medal. She deserves it a lot more than he does.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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