Christian Testimony 10

I want to share with you some of the ways I have learned God works to help you better understand how God may be working in your life.

The first example is the woman God told me I have to marry and made me ask Him for her to be my wife.

I had been happily single and celibate for 6 years after 14 years of really bad marriages, I barely had a sex drive left, I had absolutely no desire to get married or even date again, I had even put together a little mental game to make sure I didn't even let myself get attracted to another woman, and I was easily one of the freest and happiest men on the planet, when, in mid 1996, at 47 years of age, God told me, "Ask me for XXX to be your wife, I will give her to you, and I will make both of you very happy."

The part about God making us both very happy went completely over my head because she was only 19 and I was concerned that me marrying a woman that much younger than me would destroy my career in coaching pro bicycle road racing because sponsors would probably be reluctant, to say the least, about sponsoring a pro racing team for which the 47 year old coach was married to a 19 year old woman, who, by the way, is only a year older than my daughter, the youngest of my 3 children.

All I could see was my career and dreams vaporizing before my eyes. I absolutely did not need or want that in my life because I was almost finished with getting my masters degree and about to head to Europe to resume coaching. I was putting my coaching career before God's will and would pay for that later.

There were several other only slightly less important reasons why I absolutely didn't want to marry her. I knew that we humans tend to make better than 90% of our mistakes by the time we are 35, I had just been through those mistakes with both of my first two wives, and really did not want to have to deal with a third wife making those mistakes too. That is not the kind of deja vu I want in my life. Plus I was so focused on the differences between the two of us that I simply couldn't see anything we had in common, well, except that we were both human.

Based on everything I had learned in college and from experience concerning psychology, human behavior, and sociology, this young woman should be the very last woman I knew at that time that I should marry and I would have never even thought of marrying her. God just had to be wrong and, not even wanting to get married at all, much less to her, I desperately fought back trying to get Him to change His mind.

For a week and a half, God would say, "Ask me for XXX to be your wife, I will give her to you, and I will make both of you very happy", to me at least 3 to 6 times every day, and I frantically used my little game I had been playing to say to God, "Look, she is at the very bottom of the list my little game says I should marry", you know, like my little mental game meant something to God about obeying His will and proved Him wrong.

After the first 1.5 weeks of me fighting back and refusing the will of God, God put his first foot down, I knew using my list as an excuse for not obeying Him wasn't going to work, so I tossed the list and tried a different game to try to buy time so I could figure a way to get out of this nightmare that I knew was going to destroy my career. What I started doing was to say, "If you want me to marry her, please give her to me to be my wife", you know, with Him telling me He wanted me to marry her. That didn't work either.

After another 1.5 weeks, He got really mad, put down his other foot, caused my entire Christian life to literally pass before my eyes with me seeing all of the mistakes I had made as a Christian and how those worked out, and made it known to me that He was saying that, one way or another, I would ask Him for her to be my wife, which always means that, "You will do my will or I will drag your butt through Hell until you cave in and do my will", you know, the ole Jonah thingy. I didn't want my butt drug through Hell for some reason.

I instantly knew that I had better do His will RIGHT NOW or it was about to get really bad so, in fear, I acknowledged my sin of refusing to do His will, repented of my sin, accepted His forgiveness for my sin, and said, "Lord, will you please give me XXX to be my wife."

He said, "Done", and then made it known to me that I was not to try to court her, tell her, or do anything else to get her to be my wife and that HE would bring her to me when HE was ready.

Note that, because of this, I have not told one other person her name so that no one can say that God didn't bring her to me as He said He would but that she probably heard about this from someone else I told it to. Only God and I know her name, not even one person in my family knows her name.

It was only a few days after I had finally agreed to God's will that it really hit home about God having said they HE would make us both very happy and it sounded nice but, with the differences I saw in us, I thought that is really going to be a miracle. It wasn't until a few weeks after that that God opened my eyes and showed me how much we have in common.

We had both been competitive athletes at the national to international level, we had both been coaches, we had both been teachers, we had both studied the hard sciences, meaning she was also very intelligent, we had both worked while attending our under graduate studies, and we had both been involved in working for the government in classified work. I was really and pleasantly surprised to suddenly realize that I had more in common with her than with any woman I had ever known and she would be much more capable of understanding me than any woman I had ever known.

See, God was right and I was wrong. I have learned that God regularly waits until after you accept His will before He shows you positive things in your life about you accepting His will but it gets better. You just have to believe, trust, and obey.

Because I put my career before God's will in my life, I never got to enjoy that career because you NEVER put anything between you and God's will in your life unless you want to lose it. Also, because one of the most important reasons why I didn't want to marry her so young, at least not until she was over 35, was because I knew she still had most of her mistakes in her life before her, God has made me wait until she is now over 40.

Hey, on the positive side, at least I got to live another 24 years of the simple, single, and free life I was enjoying.

I have not seen her or known where she is for the last 24 years but that doesn't matter because I know that God knows where we are and is fully capable of bringing her to me so I have just kept waiting on and believing God.

Another thing you have to understand is that I didn't know when God was going to cause her to come to me, it could be any day, any week, any month, or any year so I didn't dare even date another woman for the last 24 years, not so much as romantically hold a woman's hand.

Couldn't you just see me dating or being married to another woman when XXX showed up to marry me with me explaining to my girl friend/wife that I had to leave her and marry XXX, with me having known about it all of this time?

Yeah, that would have gone over like the Hindenburg and I would have been buried a few days later for being a butt hole, after having been justly shredded to pieces by both of them. Plus it would have been me telling them and God that I didn't believe Him and you know how that would have turned out, you know, me being shredded to pieces by both of them, while God laughed.

But, it gets better.

Except for what God had showed me she and I had in common and that God was going to show us His superior wisdom by making us both very happy, I just couldn't figure out why God was making me marry this much younger woman.

About 16 to 18 years ago, God started giving me a daily test about marrying her. Each day for a few weeks God would say something like, if I bring XXX to you and she is this, that, or something else, you know, like being fat, ugly, disfigured, or anything else like that, will you marry her? I knew this was a test and I had no idea whether she could have been injured in some way that would disfigure or cripple her but I always would say, "Yes, Lord, I will marry her."

The two last things in that test were particularly important because, when I last saw her, she was a beautiful competitive athlete, a competitive dancer. She had started studying ballet when she was 4, then started competitive dancing when she was 8, and was still dancing, coaching dancing, and teaching dancing at 19.

For the next to last question, God asked me if I would still marry her if she was a paraplegic in a wheelchair, when He brought her to me and me knowing that she could not possibly be happy in that condition, I still said, "Yes, Lord, I will marry her."

The last question in that test that God asked me was, "When I bring her to you, if she is bed ridden in traction so you will have to care for her hand and foot, will you marry her?"

Can you imagine how miserable she would be?

But I trusted in God and said, "Yes, Lord, I will marry her", having absolutely no idea how God could possibly make us both very happy with her being in that condition and me having to wait on her hand and foot but I knew He said He would so I believed and trusted Him because, with God, nothing is impossible.

That was the last of that testing and a few years later God let me know that when she comes to me, she will have an 8 year old daughter, a 5 year old daughter, and a 3 year old son with her mother living with her.

That was interesting. I will go from being single and free to living with my wife, her three children, and her mother.

Yep, just a wee bit of culture shock but, hey, you know she is going to have had her tubes tied, right? After all, she will have at least one of each sex at over 40 years of age and you know she won't want to have any more kids, right? That is normal for women her age in her situation.

Then a few years later, God let me know that, when we consummate our marriage, she is going to get pregnant with a little girl I am to name Maria. You know we are talking miraculous conception because God is going to have to heal her tubes and cause her to ovulate at just the right time...and me over 70...and my illness has caused a really good case of limp dick. Junior has not stood at attention for at least 5 or 6 years now, probably longer.

Yep, God is going to have to miraculously heal more than her tubes. Abraham ain't got nuttin' on me.

This just keeps getting more and more interesting but it gets better.

Mean while, I was still wondering why? Maybe He was just wanting to show us some really great miracles?

Then God began to show me things in dreams as this Marxist mess in the US began to become obvious and God telling me more about what will happen and this is where it gets even more interesting.

You have to understand that the lefties and Muslims are currently working to destroy the greatest civilization in history so they can set up their global dictatorship and every time in history that a civilization has fallen, it has ALWAYS caused extreme poverty, which caused extreme starvation or famine, which has caused disease pestilence, which has caused a lot of deaths.

With the greatest civilization in history being destroyed right now, we are normally destined to the worst poverty, famine, and pestilence in history but God has other plans.

You have to understand that this war the lefties and Muslims are escalating against us is going to become so severe that at least many of you and possibly most of you will lose your jobs, won't be able to pay your land taxes or commie rent, the commies will grab you homes and sell them, or the banks will reposes your homes because you can't pay the mortgage and sell them, making you homeless, and it ain't going to be purdy.

God has shown me that, what He is doing with me and many others (I am only one of many), mostly Christians, is He is putting me and my future wife together along with her mother, her siblings, and some others to create a team that will work together to create, build, and manage a large number of big businesses to create a large number of jobs for you and quickly rebuild the economy to greatly decrease the poverty, famine, pestilence, and death and quickly rebuild our Christian based civilization.

This is one reason God caused me to do all of that research for all of those potential businesses, homes, and hobbies so I would get to know those industries and have at least basic information for starting a number of different businesses. Remember that I designed about 100 different businesses.

For example, when God pressured me to keep working to design a bigger and bigger home so He could "do better" until He caused me to design my castle, I designed that castle for myself, my wife, my kids, and possibly also members of my extended family for security for my family (you know, the kidnapping rich people's kids thingy), a dwelling, as a home schooling facility, an exercise and health facility, and business, military, and government management offices plus much more in one building. This caused me to research and study every industry for everything I designed into the castle, providing me with a lot of information about a lot of potential businesses.

I don't know most of the people who will be on my team but God does. When God finally heals me and turns me loose, it is going to get very interesting and I still have not told you everything. There is much more to this.

That is one reason, of probably several reasons, why God will give me the $2+ million and then later the $10 million and then later I have no idea how much. God will be using that money to teach and test me for spending His money the way He tells me to without question regardless of whether it seems reasonable to me before He gives me the much larger amount to begin building whatever businesses He tells me to build and that family will be working with me to do that.

You know how I told you that God taught me how to "dance in tornadoes" where everything is moving really fast and how much I love it because it is exhilarating. God has showed me that, when He turns me loose this time, I will be dancing in a front of tornados and will only be able to keep up with everything moving so fast because He will make it possible. I am going to need a team to help me dance in all of those tornados. I am going to be just a wee bit busy trying to keep you working to keep feeding you and your family. We are going to be saving lives by feeding families and there will be quite a few others God will use to do the same.

And that is only one of the things God is doing with me in this regard. Maybe that will help you better understand some of the things God is doing in your life.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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