Christian Testimony 12

A few years ago I began sharing with you some of my medical problems I have been having over the last 30+ years to help you learn things I have learned. Get it clear, I DO NOT want anyone's sympathy, I only share these things to teach you. God takes care of me.

One thing is that you are about to get one heck of a college biology and medical lesson written for the average person to understand so the average person can know that God healed me big time, after it happens.

I have already shared with you some of the blessings God has given me with things like being a champion bike racer and coach. I got to live most men's dreams by being involved in national to international amateur and professional sports and I did more than my fair share of winning as an underdog. I even had a web site "Coach Carl" where I helped others for very little money while still fighting for my life. Truly God has blessed me so don't you dare feel sorry for me.

About 2 am this morning, you know, while trying to get back to sleep after taking a pee, I realized that there was another reason for me sharing my medical problems with you and it has to do with God because God has promised me a number of times that He is going to heal me and, if you don't know what my medical problems are, how will you know that God has healed me and what He healed me from?

I could just hear you saying, "You say that God has healed you but I didn't even know you were sick so how do I know that God healed you?" That would just be normal human nature.

For me to provide a proper Christian testimony about God healing me, you have to know how sick I am before God heals me. Anyone can claim they were healed from stuff when you never knew they were sick but I am sharing this in faith before God heals me. It may even be a prerequisite for God to heal me, you know, to make sure He gets the credit for what He does and not me or someone else.

Therefore, in complete faith believing that God will heal me just like He said He will, I decided that what I must do is share my medical problems with you so that, when you see me doing certain things after I have been healed, you will definitely know that God had to heal me for me to do those things. This essay is me believing and trusting in God to do what He said He will do so hang on because this is going to get very interesting and most of you will be shocked that I am still alive, purely by the grace of God.

You will believe me when I tell you that doctors began telling me more than 12 years ago that I should have died at least 15 years ago and I believed them and the test results that I should have died...but didn't die. They were not lying and neither were the tests. It took at least half a dozen years of running every test Medicaid would pay for and doing pathology research to figure out everything that was wrong with me because I had been so sick for so long before I finally found a pcp who would run tests on me that the symptoms from my different ailments were confusing and it took us a while to sort out the different ailments. My body was human trash and it is still in pretty bad shape.

To make a long story short, what we finally found out was that I got HPV from my ex-wife about 35+ years ago and it caused an enlarged prostate and probably the malignant prostate cancer I got radiation therapy for. The enlarged prostate causes a restricted urine flow that causes the bladder to fill up and back flush the kidneys, which will eventually destroy the kidneys and kill you (I am having kidney problems now with them waking me up last night hurting, which is one reason I thought about this).

Back flushing the kidneys forces the cardiovascular system to retain too much water causing a condition called high water blood level, which is one of two types of what is called Hypervolemia, the other type of Hypervolemia is high red blood cell level. The Hypervolemia automatically causes a low salt blood level or Hyponatremia because salt blood level is determined by the amount of salt in your blood in relation to the unit of blood, therefore, if you increase the water blood level, you automatically decrease the amount of salt per unit of blood and tests proved I have Hyponatremia.

This creates a medical condition called Hypervolemic-Hyponatremia, which screws up your entire body really bad and will eventually kill you in any number of ways.

One thing the high water blood level does is it force defuses water into your cells. You have to understand that water freely moves in and out of your cells by diffusion called passive transport across cell walls. Active transport is when molecules are moved in and out of the cells by molecular activity such as a molecule imbedded in the cell wall moving another molecule in or out of the cell.

The increased water level in the cardiovascular system forces water into the cells so that the increased water pressure inside the cells distends the cell walls so the cell walls are not putting enough pressure on the molecules inside the cell to keep the working molecules inside the cell in close enough proximity for those molecules to work properly. If this is bad enough, the cells will actually "drown" because the cell walls will be pushed far enough apart the molecules will "float" far enough apart they will stop functioning causing the cells to die and, if enough of the right cells die, you die so this condition can be terminal and kills people every year.

One thing this problem of "inflamed cells" causes is that, with the molecules not being pushed together with adequate force, the molecular activity will slow down decreasing the work the cells can do in both performing work and recovering or rebuilding from work, which causes chronic fatigue syndrome, partly because the cells can't do enough work to rebuild enough following work so the cells fatigue much faster, which I have been diagnosed with and we will get back to in a minute.

This is one reason why your cells being inflamed like mine causes your immune system to be weak making you more susceptible to ailments, including things like cancer, which partly explains why I have had 2 types of malignant cancer.

The Hyponatremia causes the salt to diffuse out of your sodium pumps in your nerve and brain cells into your blood because things always diffuse from levels of higher concentration to levels of lower concentration, therefore, when your salt blood level decreases, salt diffuses from your nerve and brain cells into your blood DECREASING THE FUNCTION OF YOUR NERVE AND BRAIN CELLS, which ain't good. If your salt blood level drops below 15 milligrams per milli unit of blood, you go into a coma and better than 90% of the people who go into that coma die, with people dying from this every year.

Because of this, I use what I learned in sports medicine for maintaining proper salt balance in athletes for endurance sports like putting extra salt on my food and keeping plenty of Gatorade on hand in case of an emergency.

So either the Hypervolemia or the Hyponatremia will eventually kill you and, together, it sucks because everything in your body is screwed up. I ain't racing no bicycles with this crap so, when you see me racing bicycles, you will know that God has had to heal me.

And it gets better because the Hyponatremia is causing my nerves in my mouth and throat that control my muscle tonus to not function during sleep so that my mouth and throat muscles relax too much while I am sleeping (if this gets bad enough, my mouth and throat will feel like I recently left the dentist and I use this as an early warning) and, if I am lying on my back, those muscles go limp enough to fall against the back of my throat, close off my air passageway, and cause sleep apnea so my body doesn't get enough oxygen while I am sleeping, called hypoxia or low oxygen blood level.

The cells in your body which are most affected and most quickly affected by hypoxia are your nerve and brain cells so their function drops off even more exacerbating the sleep apnea, which exacerbates the hypoxia, etcetera.

Better than 90% of the people who die from sleep apnea die from cardiac arrest or heart attack because, as the oxygen blood level drops, your brain increases your heart rate to move more blood through the body to get more oxygen to the cells, which causes the heart to increase its consumption of oxygen, which depletes the limited oxygen in your blood faster, which increases the heart rate, which decreases the oxygen blood level until you don't have enough oxygen left in your blood for the heart to continue to function, which causes cardiac arrest and death.

For normal humans (not us freaks called marathon athletes), an oxygen blood level of less than 70% is considered "life threatening" because that is when most people go into cardiac arrest. For most athletes, they will go into cardiac arrest somewhere between 60% and 65% oxygen blood level. When I was tested, my sleep apnea was diagnosed as "severely life threatening" because my oxygen blood level was getting down to 59% and it would have croaked even most athletes and normal humans couldn't survive long enough for their oxygen blood level to get that low. They told me, "You should have died at least 2.5 to 3 years ago." I felt like I had. It was nice to get that part of that conversation out of the way because they were telling me I was sicker than dead, you know, a zombie, which I pretty much felt like by then.

Also (no, I ain't through yet and most people would have already been dead) the hypoxia during sleep exacerbates the chronic fatigue syndrome because you burn better than 90% of the fat you burn at night, while sleeping rebuilding cells from the day's work and it requires OXYGEN because it is an aerobic process and guess what I didn't have enough of while sleeping, you know, oxygen. This meant my cells were not rebuilding so I fatigued much faster, you know, with only about 5 to 10 minutes of physical or mental work, at which time I became incapacitated, you know, hit ye ole "wall" where I could barely stand, walk, or think, which is why my illness plunged me into poverty. I simply couldn't do anything.

At my worst, I was so sick and weak I had to rest for 3 days to buy groceries and then, afterwards, I had to rest for 3 days to recover from buying groceries so I was spending almost all of my time just buying groceries. Yeah, I was just a wee bit sick.

Guess what not being able to burn the fat does. If you can't burn the fat, you store the fat and I gained about 100 pounds, mostly in the last 6 to 8 years before they finally began running tests on me. Even with me not eating much food, I still gained weight because, without oxygen while sleeping, I couldn't burn the fat.

Since they began doing therapies and I started recovering (I am still a long ways from recovered), I have lost about half of that increased weight.

Remember that weakened immune system caused by inflammation of the cells?

Because of that, I got all of the following ailments during the last 20 years.

Epstein Bar Virus- severe Most people get a regular case of Epstein Bar but the severe diagnoses can cause death and kills people every year.

Toxoplasmosis This is a parasitic infection in which the parasite randomly eats brain tissue and it regularly either cripples or kills people. Most doctors wrongly believe you always get this from cats but you are 4 times more likely to get this from humans who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom, from handling raw meat, or from eating improperly cooked meat. My weakened immune system killed these parasites before we found out I had it but that is not the case for many people.

H Pylori This is a stomach infection that will eventually cause stomach cancer, which kills people every year. The treatment for this really sucks and a lot of people can't get more than half way through it. You do it or die, baby.

Influenza A (H1N1 - Pig Flu) This flu virus killed more than 60,000 people in just the US in just the first year it started making the rounds. The funny thing about this one is that I didn't even know I had had it until I was over it and they found the antibodies with one of the tests they ran on me. They were not even looking for it, they just accidentally found I had had it.

Malignant Basil Cell Carcinoma If this type of cancer gets into your blood or lymph systems, it will spread throughout the body and eventually kill you by destroying your brain or organs. The way this works with all cancers is that cells will be displaced from the original location and carried to other parts of the body, such as in organs, where they will grow and destroy normal cells, often killing the person. It is a type of skin cancer that, if caught early enough can be treated with surgery like mine was.

Malignant Prostate Cancer This type of cancer kills men every year. Mine was treated with radiation therapy but it can also be treated with chemical therapy or surgery, the latter of which you really don't want because, for the rest of your life, you will scream every time you pee.

Epididymo-Orchitis, severe I kept getting stuff that was diagnosed as severe because of my weakened immune system. This is an infection of the testicles that, if it gets into your lymph system, will spread to your kidneys and destroy them resulting in death. This was particularly dangerous for me with my kidneys already being weakened by being back flushed by my prostate. Mine was diagnosed as severe because both of my testicles were seriously infected instead of the usual just one testicle, which increased the chance of it getting into my lymph system and killing me. They had to double dose my medication.

Clostridium difficile bacterial infection (C-diff) This relatively new disease is very dangerous and kills thousands of people every year. It is called a "super bug" because it is so dangerous.

Brain damage caused by CPAP equipment failure My sleep apnea was so bad that I had to use an auto CPAP machine with high settings of 12 to 16 to keep my throat open enough at night to get enough oxygen and, one night, something on the machine failed, I think it was a strap. By the time I woke up, I had bad enough brain damage caused by low oxygen blood level that it took me two weeks to begin to recover so I could begin to function much at all and took me more than 6 months to get back to being my regular sick self. Most people would have died from cardiac arrest because my oxygen blood level definitely got below 59%. This taught me that I will probably not die from cardiac arrest from my sleep apnea but from brain death because my brain cells will stop functioning because of the hypoxia before my heart will stop beating. This is very promising because I could easily end up being a human vegetable and almost already did.

BTW, this prolonged and severe chronic illness in conjunction with my poverty have destroyed my teeth so I have to deal with those problems, you know, regular tooth infections and the government won't pay for dental work. You have to understand that either prolonged illness or poverty can cause the calcium to "leach" out of your teeth weakening them to the point that they begin to fail.

How sick am I still?

After about half a dozen years of treatment to stop dying followed by about half a dozen years of rest and treatment to stabilize my health followed by about 4 to 5 years of physical therapy using gardening, I have finally been able to start riding a bicycle again, after more than 15 years of not even being able to ride my bike one city block, I am finally riding my bicycle for physical therapy (not training by any means). I have only been able to ride it 5 miles a day 6 days a week in a small 62 inch gear to prevent overtraining and medical relapse.

I have tested my body to see it I can increase the distance to establish base faster to increase my rate of recovery but my body is still too sick to increase my distance to just 10 miles without overtraining and I have to even be careful not to push too hard for just the five miles. I recently realized my recovery is going to take longer than I thought and, because of the damage I have been finding out this illness has done, I might never be able to ride just 50 miles on flat ground again but I intend to keep trying to find out what I can do and will share any progress with you. I am making small amounts of progress with my physical therapy.

So, if you see me racing bicycles, like God told me He will cause me to do again, you will KNOW that God has performed a really incredible miracle, I mean, I have not read about anyone who has survived half of what I have been through with most people dying from just one or two of those things. Me still being alive is an incredible miracle and, when God heals me, I'll know it, believe me. Heck, I am so sick that me being able to do anything, you know, like run a business, will be a major miracle but I am writing this because God told me in a series of dreams that He will heal me and I will do these and other things so I am exercising my faith in God by just writing this.

Then there is the matter that God told me in several different dreams that, after I am healed from all of that, He will cause a certain woman, whose name I have not told one person, to come to me to marry me AND we will have a baby girl I am to name Maria because her mother is a Latina.

There is just a wee bit of a problem with that. You see, because of my prolonged illness and me being 72 years old this April 13, I have what we used to call "limp dick" and they now call ED or Erectile Dysfunction and have had that for at least the last 6 to 8 years with me knowing and believing God was going to cause me to have another child. Right now, I couldn't make penetration with a bowl of pudding, much less get a woman pregnant. God is going to have to have a serious talk with junior for that to happen.

When you see me with a baby girl, you will KNOW that God healed me big time.

There, that is my Christian testimony believing God and that he will heal me of all of these things just like He said He will. Now, we wait however long for God to do it and I have no doubt that He will heal me in His own good time.

Yep, the last 20+ years have been an indescribable living hell and that doesn't include the other problems my poverty has caused along with typical government bull crap and trying doing maintenance on an old trailer and old car when you are that sick and weak. It can take me half an hour or longer to just craw half way under my trailer to fix a water leak, forget about actually fixing the water leak and crawling back out. God has gotten me through all of that because you either walk closely with God or don't make it.

Note that, it was while all of this was going on, even while my health and everything else were getting worse, that I believed God, when He said He would heal me and wanted me to do these things, and I did years worth of research to design the businesses, my boat, cars, castle and everything else so I could hit the ground running as soon as He healed me, just like I know He will because He said He will. I am still believing and waiting.

Hopefully soon, I will be writing the rest of this Christian testimony.

Yep, I should have croaked a long time ago, huh?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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