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Constitutional Rights

Following the recent decision of the US Supreme Court, I am watching Trump wondering what is going on. Then I read that Trump had a meeting with 3 members of the Supreme Court, certainly conservatives, before the court decided whether to accept the Texas case and the case was actually not thrown out on merit but on "standing", which means it can be filed again, if the standing is changed, and is still under consideration for later judgment.

Is it possible that Trump is waiting until after the lefties make their votes for Biden official on December 14 for Trump to have the Supreme Court rule that those votes for those 4 states are unconstitutional so they will be thrown out and Biden will just end up short of having enough votes to win with Trump also being short so the election will be decided by the House on January 6? Is Trump using this rigged election to pull another sucker punch on the left?

Keep an eye on this. I am certain that Trump is up to something because he always is and has not lost once so far. This video gives you the names of all of the opposing parties in the Texas suit. He shows that the Texas suit should win. Watch it to the end.

Note that, if the Supreme Court ruling is because they will not enforce the US Constitution, then the Constitution is no longer the law and our constitutional republic is dead. If this is the case, then it is important for you to understand that, now that the US Constitutional Republic is dead, no one has any constitutional rights. Remember that, because your enemy destroyed our constitutional republic, they have no constitutional rights either.

That would mean that all bets are off and it is either kill or be killed. If the Constitution is dead, then we are back to pagan barbarism and might makes right.

This video shows that this war is escalating quickly. Increasing numbers of people have had enough. The fight is on.


Remember that I have been telling you that our government is completely corrupt?

This video shows you just how corrupt it is. I have been watching this crony capitalism for more than half a century.

Believe me yet?

Remember that I have told you about the financial corruption the upper class trash have created in our government and how they have made it a money laundering racket?

This video shows quite a bit of that financial corruption and a number of ways the upper class trash are making trillions of dollars from COVID 19. It is a racket to make them more wealth and you less wealthy until you "own nothing and are happy about it."

Because of my poverty, I have to live on a budget and I have noticed that the same shopping list that used to cost me $60 a year ago, is now costing me about $85 or an inflation rate of 42% but I only got a pay raise on Social Security of 1.3% or $9 a month, going from $706 a month to $715 a month but they will be taking $5 a month out of my food stamps so I will only be getting a real pay increase of $4 a month or .5% pay increase or a 41.5% decrease in spending power.

That is going to hurt. Obviously, I am going to have to find a way to cut back on my spending by a lot and I ain't living high on ye ole hog.

Mean while, the mega wealthy, who are causing that inflation and making billions from it, are getting more wealthy by billions of dollars while the poor get more impoverished. I ain't the only poor person they are screwing while pretending to be concerned about us poor.

And you think the lying lefty commies care about anyone other than themselves and their bank accounts? Really? They sure don't care about the poor, do they?

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash and their lefty puppets can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

BTW, I recently learned something you should know about. Used to Welfare and food stamps were paid totally by tax dollars but they have changed that. Now, if you are on Welfare or food stamps, you are incurring debt to the government and they reserve the right to take back everything they gave you from everything you have left after you die and, if you get any money while still alive you can use to get off of Welfare, they can take that and keep you in poverty. Welfare is no longer designed the help people but to trap you in poverty. They now have a disclaimer you have to agree to before you can get benefits that tells you this.

I worked and paid taxes all of my life before I got sick and that means nothing to them.


Remember that I have been telling you this war is already going on and is accelerating?

This video shows how much this war is accelerating. Someone has to hold the left criminals accountable for their crimes and the government won't so the conservatives are tired of waiting and are doing it themselves. Remember that this is a government of the people, for the people, by the people.


One option I am watching to see if Trump is taking, is to retry the Texas suit option AFTER the Electoral College on December 14 has made every state's votes official so those states cannot change their votes by doing another corrupt recount.

You see, if the Texas suit had gone through before December 14, those four states would have been able to do another rigged recount, which they had already shown would change nothing because they didn't throw out any illegal votes in their prior recounts, and Trump would not have been able to file the same suit again, leaving those illegal votes official and Trump would have lost the election.

By waiting until after the Electoral College votes were official, if Trump proves those votes are illegal or unconstitutional in the Supreme Court, those votes will be thrown out, neither Trump nor Biden will be able to get 270+ votes, and the election will go to Congress where Trump is expected to win.

That probably explains why Trump had a meeting with 3 of the conservative judges before the court's decision to dismiss the suit based on "standing" so the suit can be rewritten and filed again based on a different standing.

Get the picture?

This is political and legal chess and the left is running scared. If their leaders lose this chess game, they hang.

But there is something else I am watching which will probably be Trump's ace-in-the-hole last move, after everything else has failed because of our corrupt system. This option can be used up to January 19, 2021.

I saw that Trump recently said that he is considering declassifying the documents proving that the left is staging the coup and who is involved, meaning he will make those records common knowledge to the people.

First, this proves what I have been telling you for years that the US Military has been watching this treason build and they have documented EVERYTHING. They know EVERYONE involved and how those people are involved. Believe me, the military has absolute proof the left is staging this coup.

Second, if Trump makes any of this information public, it will infuriate every good person in the nation and he will be expected and even required to enact the Insurrection Act to establish martial law to clean up this mess with the good people demanding it. This is what Flynn was referring to when he publically demanded that Trump enact the Insurrection Act to declare martial law.

You have to understand that Trump only wants to do this as an absolute last resort. If there is any other way Trump can beat this rigged election, he will prefer to do it that way.

You also have to keep in mind that the longer this drama drags on with it looking like Biden is succeeding at stealing the election, the more angry the people are getting and the more they will support Trump declaring martial law.

Even just part of this information will expose EVERYONE involved in this treasonous coup and prove what I have been telling you for years. Trump will be required to arrest every person involved including the politicians, rich upper class trash puppet masters, Big Tech, deep state bureaucrats, media, college professors, DAs, judges, military personnel, Antifa and BLM thugs, and others and try them in military courts of law with many getting capital punishments, either by hanging or firing squad.

Note that this information will also expose international participants like China, Mexico, Canada, other nations, and the Euro-American royals, which will require those acts to be officially recognized as acts of war. The US could easily end up at war or in negotiations for peace with most other nations, you know, you hang your criminals and we will call it good thingy.

If Trump makes this information public knowledge so everyone knows the truth, the left will panic and run for blue zones to hide and immediately start their violent insurrection war against everyone else from sea to shining sea.

Therefore, either at the same time or just before Trump makes this information common knowledge, Trump and the military will have to start military actions to 1) protect Trump, his family, and all other good guys the left will immediate go after and 2) start rounding up or killing the highest level people involved in this coup to destroy enemy "command and control" to create chaos and confusion in the enemy ranks and I understand that Special Operations, you know, SEALs, Green Berets, Delta Force, and others, have already mobilized for these actions and probably have kill lists plus you can bet a few cruise missiles already have evil names on them, you know, to arrive in someone's bedroom at 2 am.

I understand that our troops in other nations have also mobilized to take our enemies there so, in an instant, this will be a truly global war. I understand that our ships, nuclear and attack subs, planes, ground troops, and everything have mobilized and are positioned for war against the top enemies. Hey, if you take out the biggest of them, the rest will suddenly want peace and it would be best to hit them with a preemptive strike.

Now I have been watching to see if the US is involved in helping organize the unrest in other nations caused by these globalists trying to set up their dictatorships in those nations. If this information is made public and those citizens in those nations find it out, those citizens will also storm those castles, giving their leaders Bastille haircuts and I expect the US Military to help them as much as possible, you know, with things like information, planning, transportation, and even weapons.

This pretty much confirms rumors I have been seeing about the US Military and the militias having already mobilized and being ready to start the fighting with enemy troops both inside and outside of our borders. There is even a rumor that shots have been fired in a few places with both sides taking losses.

Another thing I have been watching is, knowing that there are extensive Chinese and Mexican forces in the Los Angeles area, they may have underground bunkers for troops and munitions in an area with a huge number of earthquake faults so that one or more bunker buster bombs to take out those troops could easily set off an earthquake storm that would cause the destruction in the greater LA area God showed me in the dream I told you about years ago. I am also keeping an eye on that.

If the US Military wishes to provide me with valid information that will help in this war, I will be more than glad to work with them because, with my bad health, the only thing I can do to help is use this blog to help. At 2 pm on February 2, 1972, I swore an oath that has no expiration date to protect this nation, its people, and the US Constitution and that oath is still valid, which is one of many reasons why I write this blog.

We have to win this fight, people, or almost all of us will die in the Globalists depopulation thingy.


A lot of stupid rich people just love doing business with corrupt China because the potential for getting more wealthy looks too good to be true. Because of this, these greedy business types either look the other way for unethical and immoral things China is doing and even take advantage of such things as China's forced labor or slavery.

But it doesn't always workout for these greedy criminals as this video shows. It seems that China is very willing to take your money but doesn't like to give it back, especially with interest. But, hey, China knows that the greedy, rich American fools just need the promise of great wealth to be more than willing to play the sucker.

I keep waiting for the big tech to get their up and comings for the crimes they are committing, especially when China begins to take significant losses in this escalating war.

Remember that I told you that Obama will blame Israel for nuking Chicago when it will actually be Obama and the Nation of Islam?

This video is by a Hebrew who portrays Israel as one of the bad guys and is actually helping prepare the ground work for Obama to be able to blame Israel. This guys is lumping Israel in with China, an enemy of the US while the US is helping Israel, which will make it much easier for Obama to sell the idea of Israel stabbing the US in the back so Obama can justify invading Israel the way Bush II used 9/11 to Justify invading Afghanistan and Iran. Keep an eye on this.

Academic Whores

Remember that I have been telling you about x-spirts who say what they are hired to say we used to call academic whores?

This video gives you very good examples of what I have been telling you and warning you about. You have to be extremely careful about who you listen to concerning anything.

For example, you cannot believe any expert supporting the left, whether they are a government bureaucrat like Fauci or hired by the lefty media, you have to be careful about x-spirts hired by the right, though they do tend to be honest much more but not always, and it is best to listen to independent x-spirts like these doctors who keep trying to tell you the truth and science and keep being censored, especially by the left.

Also, you have to be careful in listening to x-spirts who use nothing but statistical analyses. I took a class in statistical analysis while getting my MBA and they showed us how you can use statistical analyses to prove anything you want, all you have to do is gather the right data and present it in a way that proves what you want. Often, especially from the left, they will show you statistical analyses based on data they researched and tell you "recent research shows...", meaning that they researched to find data that would prove whatever they want to prove and not that an actual study was conducted.

Note that the left almost never uses science to prove anything and almost always uses statistical analyses to support what they are saying. That is because, if you know the science, you can almost always figure out what the truth is and they don't want you to know what the truth is. They want you to believe their lies that support their political agenda.

Be careful who you believe because the upper class trash and their puppets, including academic whores, are all liars.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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