Christian Testimony 13

I am writing this essay to the glory of God and as a public statement of my faith in God. I feel it necessary to tell everything I know of what God will have to heal in me in order for me to be healed as He promised me. Basically, God told me He would heal me and I am proving that I believe Him by making a public statement concerning the many things God will have to heal.

My healing requirements; God told me He will make my body better than new. God let me get in a bit of a mess so He could have more to heal and is He going to have his hands full but, hey, it will be nothing for God for nothing is impossible with God.

The following are the physical and medical problems God will have to heal to "make my body better than new." This list is meant to give you an idea of the many things God will have to heal to keep that promise:

God will have to heal the damage caused by aging but not the aging. That will heal my sight and I won't have to wear reading glasses any more.

God will have to heal my dyslexia I was born with and not having that should be a nice experience.

God will have to heal the virus I got from my ex-wife that is causing most of my current problems, for which we have no cure (HPV). This means He will have to destroy all of those viruses throughout my body and will probably use their molecules or atoms to replace or repair lost or damaged molecules in my body.

God will have to heal all of the damage caused throughout my body by the Hypervolmic-hyponatrimea the virus has caused, which is at least some damage to every cell in my body. Hint: The doctors and tests said that I should have died at least 15 years ago so that is a huge amount of damage to undo. That will also cure my severe chronic fatigue syndrome and severely life threatening sleep apnea.

God will have to heal the memory problems, especially short term, caused by this ailment. I have trouble remembering words I want to use, spelling, and people's names.

God will have to heal my taste problems caused by that ailment. I have trouble tasting food or it tends to taste funny so that what I know is really great tasting food doesn't taste so well so spending money eating out is a waste of money.

God will have to heal my hearing that was damaged by working on B-52s, F-4s, F-105s, and A-7Ds with their engines running. Loud noises or music now cause my ears to hurt a lot.

God will have to heal my sinuses that were seriously scarred by a severe case of sinusitis when I was in the military. Today, my sinuses dry out very easily and quickly causing them to crack and get infected causing sinusitis. On one occasion, the pain got so severe it caused me to lose consciousness. I have to use a humidifier to keep my sinuses from drying out, especially when using either a space heater or air conditioner.

That injury also caused me to lose my sense of smell for quite a few things such as I can't smell the perfume they put in natural gas and have to check my stove knobs when I walk by to make sure none of them got turned on some way. Fortunately (a silver lining), I can't smell human feces or flatulence or body odor very well. I also can't smell most flowers without shoving my nose right into the flower and, even then, still not very well.

God will have to heal my separated shoulder I got when I crashed on a slight uphill on my bicycle at more than 30 mph and never got fixed.

God will have to heal my genetic based toe problems, which are in several forms. First, I have really bad ingrown toenails that have caused bone spurs on the insides of my big toes that cause pain when I ride the bike too much or too hard. God said I will race again and, for that to happen, He has to heal that so that, if you see me racing bicycles, you will know God healed that. The second thing is that those ingrown toenails are caused by my toenails curling into my toes at the ends and they have gotten worse with age.

God will have to heal the bone spur I got in my neck so it is difficult to turn my head to look over either shoulder.

God will have to heal the bulging disc in the L51 area I got working on an F-4E in Udorn, Thailand that puts pressure on my spinal cord and, if I injure it any more by doing things like running, it will almost certainly cripple me with such pain in my legs that I won't be able to walk or even sleep at night. If you see me running again, God has healed that.

God will have to heal my ED or what we used to call "limp dick" because junior has gone to sleep for at least the last 8 to 10 years. God said that, when I consummate my marriage with the woman He will send to me, she will get pregnant with a baby girl I am to name Maria. If God doesn't heal that, that ain't happening. If you see me with that new baby girl, then you will know that God healed that.

God will have to heal the muscle damage from when a car hit me on my bicycle in Santa Monica, California in about 1993.

God will have to heal my teeth. My extremely bad and prolonged medical problems and extreme poverty destroyed my teeth to the point that I had to just have them all yanked out because they were remaining constantly infected, which was significantly and adversely effecting my overall health. If God grows me new choppers, you will know He has healed my teeth.

God will have to heal my broken nose I got handed to me in fist fights on the streets as a kid. If you see me without a broken (crooked) nose, God heal it.

God will have to heal the TB scar about the size of a US silver dollar on the right lower lobe of my lungs I got at about 6 years of age. You know that slightly decreases my lung capacity for things like sports.

God will have to heal or replace the infected gall bladder they took out of me a few years ago.

God will have to heal the damage caused by my two types of cancer and the radiation treatments for the one type (prostate cancer), which still causes urination problems.

God will have to heal my overall bad health caused by these many problems. My body is just a wee bit screwed up and the weird thing is that I used my knowledge to take care of my body better than most people but ended up with really bad health. Man plans, God laughs. I have trouble working on my car or bicycle because I quickly fatigue to the point to where I cannot think to do the work right and can screw things up even worse, even for fixing a broken wire.

Remember that God told me that I have to rebuild my 71 VW Bus and build my own 32 Ford Roadster?

If you see me with a rebuilt 71 VW Bus, personally built 32 Ford Roadster, rebuilt bicycle, or anything else I built or rebuilt, you will know God healed all of that. There is no way I can build or rebuild any of those things God told me to rebuild and build without God healing me.

If you see me managing the velodrome God told me to build, you will know God healed all of that. I can't even work 10 hours per week, much less the 60 to 80 hours per week it would take me to manage the velodrome God told me to build.

I simply can't do any of the things God told me to do unless He first heals me.

Do you understand why God told me to do those things He told me to do?

To use me being able to do those things to prove that He healed me.

And you thought you were having a bad day?

This is a list of the most significant medical problems I have had to deal with just during the last 15+ years, which have all caused lasting problems: Severely Life Threatening Sleep Apnea, Severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Bar Virus - severe, Toxoplasmosis, H Pylori, Influenza A (H1N1 - Pig Flu), Malignant Basil Cell Carcinoma, Malignant Prostate Cancer, Epididymo-Orchitis - severe , Clostridium difficile bacterial infection (C-diff superbug), Hypervolemic-Hyponatremia (low sodium blood level caused by increased blood water level), Brain damage caused by CPAP equipment failure.

That is what indescribable living Hell looks like. Yep, that will slow you down and plunge your butt into poverty.

Every day with me is a bad day but I try to make the best of it and thank God I am still alive and for the many blessings God gives me. You can bet that, after God heals me, I will thank and praise Him daily for the things I used to take for granted.

Basically, God is going to have to rebuild every cell in my body with me having more than 1 trillion cells, replace the cells that have died from aging, illness, or injury, putting all of the right cells in the right places for my body to "be better than new", and He will have to put all of the right molecules in the right places and right positions in every cell with more than 1 trillion molecules per cell, eliminate or change molecules that are not supposed to be there, and He will do it instantly by either speaking, thinking, and/or touching me. God is going to have to change my entire molecular structure from head to toe and will do it instantly.

You know that will be an experience, which explains why, when Jesus healed people, some of them just jumped right up because it probably felt really fantastic.

And you better bet I will appreciate that.

Basically, if God heals me, you know what to look for and this Christian testimony is my public statement of faith in God to keep His promise.

Basically, God is going to shame all of your barbaric death panels and the idiot experts who are involved with and/or support them. "Hey, don't treat medical problems to learn to cure them. Heck no, just murder the sick people to avoid dealing with learning to cure their problems, you know, just like ancient, primitive, barbaric cultures did. Advance medicine? No, we don't want to do that, just murder all sick people." If it had been upto the lefties, they would have already murdered me at least 15 years ago because dey tinks dey is god.

A big part of the problem is that the greed of the people managing the big chemical companies caused them to develop the strategy of going from developing cures to just developing treatments that people will have to pay for the rest of their lives, making the big chemical companies billions.

Then the scientifically ignorant, corrupt, and greedy lefties decided that, since people had ailments that were not curable, we should save money the lefties could stuff in their greedy pockets by just murdering those people off and the idiot chemical companies, not realizing they were murdering off their future customers, saw an opportunity to make money selling the toxic chemicals to murder off their future clients. Yes, they really are that stupid.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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