The Ungod Cult

The Ungod Cult is one of the most fanatical cults in the world.

You have to understand that, when the satanic lefties invented the concept of evolution, Christianity was dominant in the West and spreading worldwide and those satanic spawn who hate God, the Bible, God's Law, and Christianity and obsessively love their sins so much decided to set up their own fanatical cult to replace Christianity and the Bible so they could live by Satan's one law of "Do as you will".

"Why, God and Biblical law were just too restrictive and oppressive, you couldn't lie, steal, murder, commit sexual crimes, or anything else forbidden by God's Law so the Law was oppressing them."

When I first began studying science in 1968, the high priests of evolution and their mighty Ungod of magic coincidence were still openly teaching that the reason for evolution was to prove that God does not exist and they taught that they had proved that God does not exist, therefore, their mighty Ungod was the only possible Supreme Being and the Bible was just old wives' tales and fairy tales, which had nothing to do with reality, as they sat out of touch with reality in their academe white palaces smoking their dope.

But, by the early 1980's, by at least 1984, it had been proved that it was scientifically impossible to prove that God did not exist (horror of horrors) because true, objective scientists had proved that 1) just because He does not exist in our dimension, does not mean He could not exist in another dimension under different physical laws and 2) the same God who ordered Biblical creation could have caused evolution to happen, therefore, it was scientifically impossible to prove that God does not exist.

Boy, were the Ungods disappointed.

Did that stop Satan's spawn and poser scientists with their fanatical Ungod Cult?

Oh no, they just fanatically smoked some more dope in their academe white palaces and changed their strategy from trying to prove conclusively that God does not exist to try to prove "it is possible for God to not exist" and kind of sort of use that and control of the media to convince ignorant people that God does not exist and their Ungod is the Supreme Being. Waaaaaaa!!!

That is when some scientifically ignorant Christians began dreaming up ways that God "COULD" have caused evolution to happen by distorting and ignoring scripture, which lead Satan's infiltrators in the Church to run off with that new satanic cult of "God is too impotent to create life the way described in the Bible" and He actually "MAY" have created life by "controlling" magical accidence and coincidence to cause evolution to create life or the fanatical satanic cult of the "Impotent God", who can only create life by magical accidents and coincidence, which still haunts our churches today.

In 1984, Darwinian evolution had been proved invalid by true, objective scientists so better than 90% of the high priests of the Ungod Cult evolutionists, calling themselves scientists and using the lame excuse that "they didn't want to bring religion (other than their fanatical religion) into science", dumped Darwinian evolution for "Punctuational Equilibria" as their new way their Ungod had created life by magical coincidence.

People, the concept of Punctuational Equilibria, though not called that, was dreamed up by a scientist in the early 1900's because he had already realized that Darwinian evolution just was not supported by the fossil record. That scientist was branded a nut and his concept was being taught as being foolish when I started studying science in college in 1968. When evolutionists were forced to accept the obvious fact that the fossil record disproved Darwinian evolution in 1984, they fine tuned that "mad scientist's" concept, gave it a fancy sounding name, "Punctuational Equilibria", and claimed it was brilliant and fact.

Punctuational Equilibria was so absurd and preposterous that about 10% of the Ungod high priests masquerading as scientists refused to give up Darwinian evolution because they would rather profess a belief in something which had been proved invalid than profess a belief in something as obviously absurd as Punctuational Equilibria.

What? They didn't follow the science, dump evolution, and accept that they had already proved that God created life just like it says in the Bible?

No way, their fanatical Ungod Cult was so fanatical that they will never stop or give up because science has proved their cult to be preposterous. They just regrouped, reorganized, and started over with another old wives' tale or fairy tale proclaiming it to be science because their fanatical cult had high jacked science and they refused to give up their one satanic law of "Do as thou wilt."

Hey, Satan's spawn love their sins, you know, committing adultery, homosexuality, screwing children, slavery, smoking dope, lying, stealing, and murdering for more wealth and power.

Why would they want to give that up?

Get real. They were going to keep religion out of science by having their religion high jack science. (Yeah, they really are that fanatical and stupid.)

People, if science proves that God is real, He lives, He exists, then science should accept that proof and begin researching to learn more about the reality that God has created and also learn more about God. That is true science but that would require dumping their fanatical Ungod Cult for scientific evidence and facts and they ain't going to do that because they are the real fanatical religion that has high jacked science.

But it gets better.

All this Ungod fanaticism in science claiming Punctuational Equilibria to be scientific fact caused tens of thousands of true scientists to begin to research whether God is real and should, therefore, be included in science. By 1994 they had proved that He does exist, the Bible is true, and began a growing movement within science to accept the scientific evidence that God is a real living being.

Simultaneously, as a counter to that movement by the Ungod cultists, some of the Ungod cultists started the "Superior Intelligence" cult, which accepted that science had proved that a superior intelligence to us stupid humans had to cause even evolution to happen but "it weren't God", to "keep religion out of science", which was actually to keep their Ungod in control of science. (Yes, they really are that fanatical and stupid. THAT is the power of sin, my friends. Sin makes people stupid.)

By the late 1990's, by about 97 or 98, science had proved that Punctuational Equilibria was just as absurd as it obviously looked and the high priests of the Ungod Cult dumped Punctuational Equilibria for something else I can't remember and only lasted about 1.5 to 2 years, so it was pretty nonsensical anyway.

Following that failed attempt to prove that God MIGHT NOT exist, they smoked some more dope and came up with "Catastrophism" because science had proved that our different geological strata were caused by catastrophe, you know, just like the Biblical Flood says, and not by bazillions of years slowing accumulating dust. That was just one step away from proving the Biblical Flood so, to differentiate, they made up the fairy tale that these strata were caused "by many local to regional catastrophes" and not one global catastrophe.

The pagan Ungod high priests called scientists had a serious problem with that fairy tale in that some of those strata stretch out over 2 to more than 3 continents, which could not possibly have been laid down by a local to regional catastrophe and required, wait for it, a global catastrophe, you know, just like the Bible says.

So they had reached a point to where true, objective scientists had proved 1) life required a superior intelligence and could not have been created by their Ungod magic coincidence and 2) that the strata had been laid down by catastrophe and not by bazillions of years of dust accumulating with some of those strata being large enough they required a global catastrophe, you know, a global flood, and it just wasn't looking good for their fanatical pagan Ungod fairy tale of evolution so some of them smoked some really powerful dope and dreamed up their "Multiverse" fairy tale, which is obviously so beyond absurd that even many evolutionists cringe at the thought of having to publically admit they believe it.

The Multiverse fairy tale says that there was a big bang, which has been scientifically disproved and physics says they don't have a beginning event, and, out of that one big bang fairy tale came a universe that began to "bubble off" other universes (which would all have the same physical laws) and that there are "infinite universes" (with absolutely no proof there is even one other universe) and that, with infinite universes it would be possible for their evolution fairy tale to happen in at least some of them, when math says absolutely not, which is why they are now calling math racist, you know, because math disproves what they want to believe and is all they have left to be able to believe that God MIGHT NOT exist. Everything that disproves what they want to believe is now called racist.

This is also why the pagan lefties hate Christians, Hebrews, and everything else to do with God and the Bible and are waging war against them all. You know, silence can't disprove their fairy tale thingy.

The fanatical pagan Ungod worshipers have also high jacked the name of science while having absolutely nothing that even resembles science so they can claim that science proves their paganism to be right and everything else, you know, God, the Bible, Judaism, Christianity, true science, and math, is are be racist because dey gots to belieb in der fanatical pagan Ungod cult, wit der one satanic law of "Do as you will", regardless of any facts or evidence so dey can hab der sins, you know, adultery, homosexuality, child rape, lying, stealing, slavery, drugs, and murdering for wealth and power so dey can lib the life of luxury on your back without dem habbing to work. That is what all of their current crap is really about.

Nice people. (/sarc It is the same God hating pagan bull crap that has been going on for thousands of years.

Actually leave other people alone and do your own thing?

Nah, that would require work and they are too lazy to work so they use slavery to take what you earn from you so they can live lives of luxury on your back. They have been doing it for thousands of years.

BTW, slavery is stealing because your are stealing the fruits of other people's work from them. Of course, that also means that all forms of Marxism/communism/socialism/progressivism are just stealing from other people so they don't have to work.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

In a nutshell, that is what evolution is really all about. The evolutionists just have to have their sins so they dreamed up evolution to prove God does not exist and, when that failed, they changed to using evolution to prove that God MIGHT NOT exist and, now that that has also failed, they are desperately trying to destroy our entire Christian culture and everything associated with it so they can have their sins.

The irony is that, in trying to prove that God does not exist, they have proved that God MUST exist.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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