Christian Testimony 4

Well, Carl got hacked again and this is part of the e-mail I sent to Mark:

"When I turned on my computer this morning, it had been hacked again and there was even less on it than there was the last time. For example, I couldn't even find my Firefox browser program, not even under OS. Just like last time, my desktop background was gone, my important shortcuts were all gone, and I couldn't find stuff in my hard drive, though I didn't look as hard as before.

I knew I had my restore point, which would restore everything back to before January, said a little prayer that included, 'Lord, will you please restore my computer back to the way it was before it was hacked', started the system restore program, and walked away to fix breakfast. When I was almost finished with fixing my breakfast, I noticed one of those computer signs that said that system restore couldn't be run because there was an anti virus program running in the background with two little buttons to 'run system restore' and 'cancel' BUT my computer had been completely restored, COMPLETELY, even better than my restore point could have restored it. So I just clicked cancel on the system restore and finished fixing breakfast.

Hey, why restore it back to worse than God did?

God COMPLETELY restored my computer within the 10 to 15 minutes I was away from my computer fixing breakfast to RIGHT BACK to where it was yesterday because I knew that, one way or another, God would take care of it.

Truly, my God is a great God. He is definitely better than any punk hacker. I can't think of ANYONE I would rather have my 6 than God."

So, what about the hacker?

First, I am praying for his salvation, after all, if he accepts Jesus as his savior, he will stop hacking other people's computers and you know my computer is not the only computer he has hacked. You know he has caused trouble for and bullied others too.

Second, God makes it very clear in the Bible and has shown me in my life that, when God gets tired of someone's crap, He takes care of that someone. It isn't if, but when and how God will stop his hacking. You see plenty examples of this in the Bible.

In my personal life, God has shown me a number of people who caused trouble for me in one way or another and God took care of them, which really sucked for them, all of them.

For example, there was one very good bicycle racer who loved his racing and was very proud of his accomplishments to the point that, when I consistently devastated him and then retired from racing, he spread lies about me to improve his reputation as a racer. Years later I found out that this person had been hit by a car while out training shortly after spreading the lies causing dementia so bad he couldn't remember that he had raced bikes at all. God took away the thing he loved enough that he spread lies about me to improve.

Another example is a woman who was causing trouble for me and I kept praying for her. One day, while I was praying, God told me that, if she persisted, He would eventually "take care of her with a rattlesnake". God caused her health to fail, she stopped causing me trouble, and I have kept praying for her (she got brain cancer and had to have surgery. Fortunately, God didn't have to kill her to stop her.)

One of that woman's friends was also causing trouble for me, kept telling me that I am not sick (she knows better than the doctors) and that I am just lazy, which is why I am living in poverty but I kept praying for her. Her health has failed so bad that, just in the last few years, they have had ambulances over at her house at least a dozen times. Her health has become much worse than my health and she can't do as much as I can do.

They have all stopped causing trouble for me.

So, the hacker?

Sometime in the future, God will take care of him in any number of ways. God knows who this guy is, where he lives, and what he does and loves to do. God could kill him, cause him to become incapacitated in such a way he won't even be able to use a computer for anything, including video games, or any number of other things, none of which will be pleasant for the hacker. For all I know, he may be wanted by the law already.

Mean while, I will keep praying for his salvation.

I learned a long time ago in studying the Bible that, when God looks down and sees a bully picking on someone, especially a Christian, and that someone is praying for the bully, it makes God furious and He will start doing little things to the bully. If the bully doesn't stop, God will keep making things worse and worse for the bully until the bully stops or God stops the bully.

You see, with God, it isn't if a person will stop being a bully, especially against a Christian, but when and why they will stop being a bully, but they will stop being a bully. Hitler isn't being a bully any more, Stalin isn't being a bully any more, Mao isn't being a bully any more, Che isn't being a bully any more, and etc. They and many others all stopped being bullies.

It may take a while before God has had enough because God is "long suffering" with the wicked to give them more than a fair chance to stop of their own and, when God has had enough, it will get very ugly for the bully. The bully could end up dead, in prison, crippled, a human vegetable, or any number of things but he won't be a bully any longer, you know, like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the rest of them.

So, bully, know that, if you pick a fight with a man of God, who is doing God's will, you are not picking a fight with the man of God but with God and God isn't going to lose that fight; you will. Because I am a man of God doing God's will and you are trying to stop me from doing God's will, the fight isn't between you and me but between you and God and I am just a spectator in this fight. I am just sitting here watching this fight between you and God knowing you ain't going to win, baby.

So, bully, whoever you are, know that I am praying for you, God is watching, and your time is running out. I strongly suggest you repent of your sins or crimes and accept Jesus as your savior before it is too late or it ain't going to be pretty, baby.

BTW, you know the bully spent more time destroying my hard drive than God spent restoring it.

What a waste of time, huh?

I wasn't down 15 minutes, baby, and it took you longer than that to destroy the hard drive. BTW, you are helping me learn more about computers. Thank you.

BTW, one thing I have learned is that faith gets much easier and stronger after the first miracle and gets easier and stronger after every miracle.

I used to ask God what I should do if something like this happened because I am doing God's work and He said, "Nothing, I got this."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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