Christian Testimony 9

I want to share with you some things I have learned about how God works and not just for the short term but also for the long term.

Most people don't realize that God can see the past, present, and future all at the same time because He is the only being who is not restricted by our laws of physics and time as we know it. He knows what is going to happen to you and what you are going to do or what choices you will make before you are ever conceived. God knew everything that would happen to me before He put the right sperm with the right egg to form me and not someone else.

Most people simple mindedly think about things God did very recently to solve a recent problem of theirs or recently save their butts. They don't know what God did decades before to prepare them to survive that something.

For example, the doctors agree that the only reason why I am still alive is because of my very low resting heart rate and the massive cardiovascular system that came with it. This is because my heart can move more blood in less time with less effort and survive worse conditions than the cardiovascular systems for better than 95% of the people on the planet.

All normal humans (biologically, marathons athletes are freaks for the rest of our lives) with normal cardiovascular systems would have died from my illness at least 12 to 15 years ago, which is why doctors told me that I should have died at least 2.5 to 3 years before they began running tests on me more than a decade ago.

The vast majority of people, including most doctors, don't know that a person's minimum potential resting heart rate is genetic. You will have really great world class athletes with resting heart rates ranging from the lowest I ever heard of, which is 26 beats per minute, to as high as 55 beats per minute and the guy with the higher heart rate will have as much of a chance of winning as the guy with the lower heart rate, it is just that their heart has to work harder to get the same job done.

For example, the guy who had the resting heart rate of 26 beats per minute, was never a really "great" athlete but was just a good pro bicycle road racer who never achieved much fame. Most cycling fans never heard of him.

For me to have had a resting heart rate of 37.5 beats per minute when I was in top form and racing, God had to give me the right genes so that He caused the right sperm to unite with the right egg to form me, with me being able to develop the cardiovascular system I have and which saved my life. Then for me to actually develop that cardiovascular system, He got me involved in the marathon sport of bicycle road racing and caused me to train with world class athletes to push my body hard enough to cause that cardiovascular system that saved my life to develop. Then God caused me to remain physically active enough to maintain the health before I got sick to survive my illness.

God also had to put me in the right classes learning the right things, in the right situations to learn the right things, and the intelligence (also genetic) to use that knowledge to help me survive and then He had to control my situation and conditions to cause me to survive.

God saving your butt is much more complex and goes back further than you can begin to imagine, which is why none of us know everything God has done in our lives to help us but we will find out on Judgment Day because God said, "Everything will be made know", including every little thing He did in each of our lives to help us.

Judgment Day is going to be a real learning experience for all of us and a real blessing for many of us.

Another good example is me learning all of this stuff to teach you about these many things. The first thing God had to do was give me the intelligence to learn and teach everything I have learned and am teaching. That is also genetic and required God to put the right sperm with the right egg and had nothing to do with anything I did. Basically, my intelligence is because mommy and daddy got horny, had sex at the right time so she would release the right egg, and God put the right sperm with the right egg.

Did you notice that I didn't have to do anything to be a smarty pants?

God did it all, even making mommy and daddy horny at the right time for her to ovulate the right egg. I definitely didn't make them horny.

Then, to learn all of this stuff and understand all of the things I understand, God had to put me in the right classes with the right teachers, in the right life experiences, and just show stupid a thing or two for stupid to get it right. Even today, God continues to show me things and keeps tapping me on the shoulder saying, "Hey, stupid, how about this?"

Compared to God, we are all stupid.

When I look back over all of this, it is amazing what God did in my life throughout my life to make me as intelligent and well educated or knowledgeable as I am. It blows my mind what God did for me so I can teach you today.

And all of that makes me wonderful because I is are be a smarty pants?

No, that makes God wonderful. I'm just kind of sort of along for the ride trying to do whatever God tells me to do, of course, with a lot of help from Him.

That is one reason why it blew my mind a few months ago when God showed me that I now know more about more things than probably any Ph.D.

Hey, I didn't even know that, if I went here, there, or somewhere else, what I would learn but God did so He sent there to learn those things. God guided my footsteps every inch of the way for the last 70+ years to get me where I am today teaching and helping you to see through all of that smoke and mirrors the upper class trash keep stuffing in your face so you can see the truth.

To tell the truth, it has been kind of weird being a smarty pants and often confusing, especially in dealing with people a lot less intelligent and/or educated than I am. It took me years to learn how to understand that most people can't understand most of what I can understand because of what I was taught as a kid.

Remember that I grew up in poverty as a kid being told by almost all of my teachers that there was no hope for me because they had been taught to believe that I was living in poverty because I was stupid and some told me so. I don't care who you are, you grow up with 12 years of that, it will subconsciously affect your mind and your thinking.

I did notice that, in spite of my moving about a dozen times a year, I was making better grades than most of the other students in things like math and science but I just didn't think anything about it. When I got to high school, I found out that I could do quadratic equations in my mind without using pencil and paper but I just figured that most of the rest of the students could also and just never said anything about it so I never said anything about. That is when I found out I could do neat things with my mind and began playing around to see what I could do just for the fun of it. It was just fun and I was exploring.

"Oh, this is neat."

In my senior year in high school, I tested as a genius, only about 9 points above not being a genius and didn't really think anything about it because of 12 years of being told I was stupid because I was poor and that I would always be poor because I was stupid. I wasn't even aloud to dream because everyone told me there was no hope for me.

One day in high school, I had seen something about Navy pilots on TV the night before and told a middle class girl who sat behind me, while we were waiting for class to start, that I thought it looked like fun. I was just making conversation.

She immediate said, "You have to go to college to be a Navy pilot, are YOU going to college?"

I got the message, shut up, turned around, and never said anything about anything that I thought was interesting again. By then, I had been taught and knew my place.

Then I told you how God put my butt in college and that everyone had been wrong about me not being able to go to college, causing me to question everything I was taught by anyone for more than half a century now.

I got a work study job for data processing to work my way through college and no one knew that I had grown up poor so they all treated me like one of them, middle class, so I could suddenly dream and was expected to dream. It was fun to suddenly be able to dream any dream I wanted.

With my work study data processing job, I had to deliver and pick up stuff all over the campus. After about a year, one day, I left a room I had been in quite a few times before and suddenly realized that, with my mind, I could erase the outside wall and place everyone and everything right where they were inside with the people talking and walking, it is was like I was looking through the wall.

It was strange but a new experience and fun so I played with that for the next year. One day I left the administration building, for which I had been in every room at least once, and I decided, for the fun of it, to see if I could do that to the entire building from the outside. For several minutes I just stood there amazed looking at the building with no wall and me looking at everything where it was and the people walking and sitting around inside like there was no wall.

I thought about that the rest of the day and that night in bed, I decided to play with it more to see what I could do, you know, just curious about what I could do with my mind. I started out looking down on that administration building with the roof and ceiling erased and all of the people walking around inside. Then I began moving up in elevation to include more and more building, streets, and people with me being aware they were all human with feelings and families and not just numbers. Within just a few minutes, I was looking down on the entire city of Albuquerque, which was about 200,000 people at that time, with no roofs or ceilings with the people all walking around, driving in cars, and doing different things.

I had already taken geography in college so I knew where the big cities, rivers, mountains, lakes and oceans were in the world so I just kept climbing higher and higher including more and more of the world with the people all being living, breathing, feeling, thinking, loving human beings until I was mentally looking at the entire planet with half of it in darkness, rotating on its axis. (I later learned that, if I knew enough about a field of study in science, I could run science models in my head that scientists run on computers to test ideas and theories.) It just absolutely amazed me that I could do that but it got better.

Next, I looked out into space further and further at everything out there like star systems and galaxies with things moving around until I was looking as far into space as we then knew about at that time, being more and more amazed. Then I felt God looking back at me and knew that is what God sees even better than I could possibly see with Him seeing each and every one of as individual humans, with our own thoughts.

If I could do something like that, how much better could God do that?

Infinitely better.

I was amazed and stunned at the intelligence and brilliance of God. Truly, He is a magnificent being.

A few weeks ago, I decided to try that again to see how well I can do with my illness. To my surprise, I got all of the way out into deep space as far as we know today. Again, it was amazing and then, I could feel Got with my entire being, especially with my soul, so I started worshiping Him with my soul and it was wonderful. I could feel His love throughout my entire being and not just my body and mind but also my entire soul.

It wasn't until I later began to study psychology in college that I began to learn how intelligent I really am in spite of what my teachers had spent 12 years telling me how stupid I am. One day, we were studying the IQ test and how flawed it is with the teacher giving us a full list of more than 20 things that affect your test score for better or worse. He started reading off a list of things that negatively affect your IQ score and I tried to keep up with him by writing them down but had to quit with about 12 to 15 of those items and realized it didn't matter because, with just what I had managed to write down, most of them were true with me having grown up in poverty and my mother being divorced so I conservatively estimated that my IQ had to be at least 150 to more than 160, which is neat but didn't really matter because, at that time, that and $3 would buy you a burger, fries, and soda.

In 70 years, I have never one time seen anyone walk into a restaurant, say, "I am a smarty pants with a high IQ", and get a free meal. I don't care how smart you are, you still have to pay for your food and I was much more concerned with getting a good paying job to pay for my food than playing the academic intellectual game of "I is are be a smarty pants." I knew it and God knew it and that was all that counted.

I also learned at that time that, with me studying junior and senior level hard science courses, better than 90% of the people who graduate with a college degree couldn't pass freshman and sophomore level hard science courses, which means almost none of the people getting degrees in the soft sciences could pass those courses.

I was finding out that my teachers had also been wrong about me being stupid. They and their college professors didn't know what they were talking about and, except by the grace of God, they had held me back with their brainwashing. I wasn't even going to try to go to college until God put me there.

You want to know why most poor people stay poor?

Because most educated people, especially the upper class trash, teach them to stay poor by controlling their minds and thinking with brainwashing. That is one of the biggest reasons why poor people stay poor. They are taught to believe from childhood that there is no hope for them so, "why try?" That is exactly where I had been when God put my butt in college and began teaching me better.

If the lefty smarty pants would stop telling people that they are stupid and there is no hope for them, you would be surprised how many people would stop being poor.

I found out that I was more intelligent and ended up doing more with my life by 45 than almost all of those people who were saying I was stupid proving EVERY ONE OF THEM WRONG.

You don't know how many times I have had to fight that lefty brainwashing to help kids have better lives. That is the biggest reason why I went into coaching and want a velodrome to teach kids to believe in themselves, how to dream, and how to achieve their dreams, especially poor kids who are being intimidating into remaining poor by the academe idiots who are less intelligent than this poor kid. That is one thing that really ticks me off.

Just remember that, with God, nothing is impossible. Put your faith in God and not in stupid man. Compared to God, we are all dummies.

Know that, from the time I got into college and realized that I could do anything anyone else could do and until I got really sick, not one time did I ever ask myself "can I do this, that, or anything else". The only question I asked during that time was "How can I do this, that, or anything else?" I knew there wasn't anything I couldn't do and now, because of my illness, there isn't anything I can do and that is hell.

If I had been a stupid lefty all of my life, what would have changed?

Listen, when we get to Paradise, we will all be smarter than I am and remember that I was told that my last college entry exam scores were high enough that, if I tested for dyslexia, which I have, I would have qualified for Mensa and be considered to be in the top 2% of all people intellectually.

In Paradise, you will all be much smarter than that because God said you will be able to understand everything. Think about that one. Hey, we are all going to be smarty pants. The dumbest person in Paradise will be more intelligent than the most brilliant person in the history of our planet and no one will tell you that there is no hope for you.

BTW, I was thinking about that velodrome I designed to help kids and, out of curiosity, I went back through my files looking at that velodrome and then most of the rest of the things I had designed, and I was absolutely amazed at the details I put into those designs. Then I looked through most of the files for other things I had designed and was surprised even at some of the things I had designed and forgotten about. Because of my illness, I had forgotten about a lot of what I had designed and most of it was very detailed. It was fun because I designed some really fun stuff for when I got well so I could hit the ground running.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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