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Health Food

Remember that I have been teaching you the truth about health food?

Let me share with you just how bad those health food diets really are, especially for vegans.

When I was a kid, we lived in true poverty and not the imagined poverty of so many Americans today. I knew what it was like to go hungry because we didn't have food. Often, at school, for lunch, when the rest of the kids went to the cafeteria to eat, I just went outside to play because we didn't have food to make me a lunch or money to buy a school lunch.

A number of times, I remember my mother telling me the day before my birthday that, if we celebrated my birthday with a cake, we wouldn't have food for everyone else, forget about me getting a present. I was always asked if I would give up my birthday cake so we could all eat and I always said yes because my family was more important to me than my birthday. God taught me young to care more about others than myself.

All of the x-spurts were saying that us living in poverty and not having as much food as the middle and upper class would cause the children, you know, me and my siblings, to be stunted in growth and stupid.

Yet, with all of that poverty, I don't remember seeing one child in our neighborhoods who was obviously malnourished, much less one child who died from malnutrition. We were all reasonably healthy kids who ran and played like other kids and I found out later that I was a genius and my sister had perfect photographic memory.

Keeping this in mind, when you see these kids who are being raised by vegans, who are obviously being fed but being so malnourished that they look as bad as third world kids and are dying almost every month, that should tell you just how bad those health food diets are. Those parents love their children and are feeding their children plenty of food, probably more than what we got to eat, but the food the health food industry is teaching those parents to feed their children is not providing enough nutrients for those children to grow and even survive, it's killing them.

Also remember that recent research has shown that the average health food nut lives 16.4 years less than the average American. That health food crap is literally killing the people who believe it and live by it. Therefore, the health food x-spurts making a fortune selling books about how to eat, should be facing charges for manslaughter but the DAs are too ignorant to do anything about it.

The lesson you should get here is "do not believe ANYTHING the health food industry tells you." All of that health food crap is bad for your health, very bad for your health.

Listen, if you want to be a vegan because you don't want to eat meat, that is fine with me, you just need to know that you BETTER eat at least two large helpings of something from the corn and bean family EVERY DAY or it will eventually kill you AND especially your children. The obvious fact that so many vegan children are dying from malnutrition proves that.

Often, we kids lived on just beans because our parents couldn't afford to buy meat and we were much healthier than these vegan kids. None of us died from malnutrition because we were getting all of the nutrients require for healthy growth and, people, you can't get any more vegan than just eating beans and, if you add cornbread to those beans, it is even healthier without eating any meat. You can eat a healthy vegan diet by eating plenty of corn and beans but leave those health food books alone, they will kill you and your children and regularly do.

After you vegans make sure you are eating plenty of beans and corn, add in plenty of other veggies and fruit for variety but leave those health food books alone. The only thing those health food books are good for is kindling.

Space Force

Remember that I told you years ago that we already had a space force and the Soviet Union started space warfare in the mid 1960s? Remember that I also told you that the US countered with "killer satellites" and other space craft, fighting the Soviet Union until the fall of the Soviet Union?

Think not?

OK, they just made it official that there is now a US Space Force.

Did they start it from scratch?


Where did they get it from?

They just officially separated the US Space Force out of the US Air Force, you know, the Air Force Space Command, exactly the same way they separated the US Air Force out of the US Army following WWII.

What should that tell you?

The US Space Force already existed as the Air Force Space Command the way the US Marine Corp currently exists within the US Navy, you just were not told about it. Oops! There is a lot most of you don't know about the US Military.

You see, in the Air Force, we had the Strategic Air Command (SAC), which was responsible for preventing and countering a nuclear attack on the US and, during Viet Nam, was also responsible for bombing the enemy with its powerful B-52s.

To do this, SAC had control over a number things such as surveillance and espionage to provide SAC with early warning for an attack by the Soviet Union to prevent a much worse version of Pearl Harbor, which would have been many nuclear "Pearl Harbors" spread throughout the US, destroying our military, industry, and economy along with killing millions of Americans.

The original surveillance at that time consisted mostly of spy planes like the U-2, SR-71, and other aircraft, whose existence was classified, electronic spy naval ships like the USS Pueblo, which was captured off the coast of North Korea, and some other assets but, in the 1960s, we began using satellites for surveillance under the control of SAC, not under the control of NASA.

Remember that I told you that NASA was created as a front and distraction to cover for what SAC was doing, you know, to prevent a nuclear war?

Those spy satellites were the beginning of US military activity in space. Since it was under the command of SAC, it didn't really have any identity separate from SAC and, since we electronic countermeasures people were in SAC and were important for surveillance, we were trained in the first forms of military space operations. I was personally trained for space warfare when I joined the US Military in 1972.

Then, in the mid 1960s, the Soviet Union launched its first killer satellite to destroy US surveillance satellites, starting the first space war. The US responded with its own killer satellites to destroy the Soviet killer satellites, which started the first US "space force" but it was still just a department within SAC.

That space war continued until the Soviet Union finally failed and broke up. Without the need for a nuclear defense against the Soviet Union, SAC also was broken up into different commands and the space warfare unit was reorganized as the Air Force Space Command, still under the control of the US Air Force.

What they are doing now to create the US Space Force as a separate military branch is just reorganizing the Air Force Space Command into a separate military branch, the US Space Force. In other words, we already had a space force, it was just under the control of the US Air Force and was called the Air Force Space Command. The only thing new about the US Space Force is they are reorganizing it as a separate military branch and changing its name, that is all.

Remember that I told you that it looks like they are about to make public knowledge the existence of at least some of the top secret space craft I was trained to know about?

Gee, what a coincidence that they are having all of these UFO sightings BY the US Military just as they are officially creating the US Space Force and making it public.

Get the picture yet?

What is really funny about this is that, with the Space Force becoming a separate military branch and changing its name, now everyone and his brother and sister and cousin wants to run right down and join, thinking they are going to become the first Luke Skywalker or Hans Solo.

Sorry, folks, you are too late for that, remember the "star ships I have been telling you about and some of you have seen them as being UFOs"?

Yeah, they beat you to the punch and me thinks they are about to go public in the not too distant future, at least that is what it has been looking like for some time now. I am sure there will always remain space craft that their existence will be classified, but me thinks some of them will soon become "public knowledge", then you will know that, what I have been telling you is the truth.

Those UFOs are not UFOs (unidentified flying objects) because the US Air Force knows who they are. You don't but they do.

BTW, much of what they are currently telling you about space debris is bull crap. When you create space debris by destroying a satellite, the debris does not stay in space forever and ever, especially for spy satellites that are in low orbit so they can take better pictures. It is much more complex than you are being told.

1) Much of that debris will be blown into a lower orbit, where its orbit will quickly decay, causing it to fall into our atmosphere and burn up.

2) Much of that debris will be blown backwards in the opposite direction of its orbit, causing it to slow down, quickly fall into Earth's atmosphere and burn up.

Some of it will be blown into a slightly higher orbit, where it will just take longer for its orbit to decay, causing it to fall into Earth's atmosphere and burn up.

All of it will eventually fall back into Earth's atmosphere and burn up, it is just a matter of when.


Remember that I have been telling you that this impeachment kangaroo court against Trump is just the lefties trying to get rid of Trump and Barr before the lefties and deep state end up in prison or on a gallows, you know, with Barr bringing back the death penalty?

This video lays this all out in detail and chronological order and he really hammers them on everything they are doing. This "impeachment" is a public knowledge crime in of itself.

Do you believe me yet that the "impeachment" is an extreme act of desperation? Do you believe me yet that these criminals will eventually resort to a violent coup, when this soft coup fails? Do you believe me yet that many of these people should be hung?

Also keep in mind that, if Trump is removed from office, Pelosi becomes vice president and don't be surprised to find out that Pelosi has been "promised" by the upper class trash that, if she gets rid of Trump, she will eventually become president because, as a vice president, she will be more likely to win an election for president. In other words, she has probably been promised that, if she gets rid of Trump, stoping him from destroying their evil plans, and she becomes vice president, the upper class trash will support her in either the 2020 or 2024 presidential election, which explains why she rushed this impeachment through before Christmas, you know, before the Commierat presidential primary. Nothing like a little ulterior motive. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that exercise is more important for stopping our obesity pandemic and related ailments than diet and people need to learn to exercise right?

This video tells you the same thing I told you years ago about the importance of exercise and health. A lack of exercise by teens is now the biggest health problem in the world for teens.

Gee, who would have figured? Ready to listen to me, if for no other reason than for your children? Want to learn to exercise or teach your children how to exercise right?

I have a book, "A Better Way To Train", for sale here with 80 chapters and 600 pages that will teach you a 21st Century training system based on science and experience for you, your children, and your children's children because the function of the human body in relation to rest and exercise will never change. Under the chapter for "Multiple Sports", I teach you have to convert the system for other sports and activities like running and swimming and I also have several chapters about teaching "Juniors" or young people how to train right with them still rapidly growing to prevent their training from interfering with their growth and development. If you train kids wrong, you screw up their bodies and interfere with their healthy growth.

You have to train young people differently than you do adults, you have to train women differently than you do men, you have to train older people differently than you do young adults, and you have to train beginners differently than more experienced and better developed athletes. I teach all of that and much, much more in my book, which is why it is so big with 80 chapters and 600 pages.

And it is only $10.99, which is very cheap for preventing such health problems and the medical bills that go with those health problems.

Or would you rather pay tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills caused by those health problems, not to mention the pain and suffering?

Also, did you notice that the World Health Organization only talked about TWO GENDERS?


North Korea

Remember that I told you that it wasn't if but when will we have to take out the North Korean leaders?

I just got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Polly Davis Doig:

"North Korea is undergoing a flurry of activity around the holidays, but predictably not of the merry variety: 'There is activity at a number of locations indicating that North Korea is laying the groundwork for an expansion of their ICBM program-more systems, more buildings, more capabilities,' Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, tells NBC News.

Satellite images show that a temporary structure has been built at North Korea's Pyongsong site to accommodate a launcher arm; that gives credence to the North's threat of a 'Christmas gift' missile launch."

It clearly is getting close to time to put an end to this crap before it gets worse and it will just keep getting worse until it causes a war. History teaches that, the longer we wait, the worse the war will be and the more of our soldiers will die fighting that war.

What they need to do is put a cruise missile in Kimmy Boy's bedroom at 2 am for a little "night cap".

Militarily, what we really need to do is find out where the top 50 to 100 of these whackos running the North Korean tyranny are at 2 am and park cruise missiles in all of those bedrooms at the same time.

You have to understand that Kimmy Boy doesn't run that evil dictatorship by himself and if we only kill him, their upper class trash will just replace him with another nut case. You can bet that almost all of that entire party is supporting Kimmy Boy's hostile military actions and you want to get them all with first strike because they, just like our tyrants, won't stop their evil until they die.

The sooner this conflagration happens the better because they will just keep getting stronger and stronger until they are stopped, which will cost more and more US lives in the fight.

Plus think of the message that will send to the rest of the tyrants around the world like Iran, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and others. Once they see us take out the top 50 to 100 of North Korea's upper class trash, they will either decide to behave or start sleeping on the sofa in the living room.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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