Christian Theocracy

First, let me add to my earlier essay, "Patience", by saying that God is prepping our battle field and we need to be patient and wait for God to finish what He is doing. If you go charging onto a battlefield before it has been properly prepared for battle by your side, you chances of success are greatly diminished and your mortality rate will be much higher. If you wait until after the battlefield has been prepared as best is possible, your chances of success are greatly increased and your mortality rate will be greatly diminished. Therefore, it is prudent and wise to wait until God has finished preparing our battlefield for us, so be patient and wait on the Lord.

I have also told you that God is doing a number of other things with this mess right now and I want to talk to you about a few of them. One of the things I have told you about is that God is sorting out between the good and bad people forcing everyone to make choices and take a stand on one side of the line or the other. I have also told you that God is cleaning out the poser Christians or pagan moles and infiltrators in our churches so we can set up a Christian theocracy. God is also training up men and women He has selected to run that Christian theocracy and He told me in a dream that He will appoint those people as our leaders because only God knows who the good and bad guys really are.

I have also told you that all governments are theocracies because their morals, values, and ethics come from either the Bible or some form of paganism meaning that the laws will be written and enforced based on the religious values, morals, and ethics of either the Bible or paganism. So you need to chose whether you want a Biblical theocracy, in which the laws were given to us by God to protect good people from bad people, or some form of paganism, in which all forms of paganism are based on power, control, greed, sexual abuse, slavery, and other crimes with the upper class getting to control the middle and lower classes so the upper class can bully, enslave, rob, rape, murder, and other wise victimize the middle and lower classes.

In Biblical Law, God showed us that even the highest leader, Moses, was not above the Law when God refused to permit Moses to enter the Promised Land because Moses broke one law. That was a very important precedence we must follow. Under Biblical Law, everyone lives by the same laws, pays the same taxes, and is equally held accountable for their actions, regardless of wealth, status, position, fame, or anything else. We are all treated equally. Under Biblical Law, all of our current criminals would be either dead (most) or in prison on hard labor, not running our nation. All forms of paganism have been based on the upper class controlling and abusing the lower classes for the gain of the upper class. With our increasing paganism, our criminals are running our nation and getting away with most of their crimes and it is getting worse every day because the pagans are now in control. Obama was right in that this is no longer a Christian controlled nation and that is exactly what Obama meant when he said the US is no longer a Christian nation. The US in now controlled by pagans.

Aside from that, for structure and function, you have different forms of governments such as democracies (including republics), monarchies, and dictatorships (including such things as oligarchies, which we now have). These different types of government administrative forms only determine who will control your government, write your laws, and enforce your laws. You have been falsely taught that being able to vote for the evil criminals running your government makes it a better government.

How has that been working out?

They have rigged the elections and taken control of everything to the point that it no longer matters who you vote for. They now openly admit they have destroyed your republic and quietly replaced it with an oligarchy or dictatorship. For a while you could actually vote for the lesser of two evils but that just meant that you were still voting for evil and not a good government. They now have almost absolute control of your government, are robbing you blind, forcing you to purchase their services, are oppressing you and murdering you, and are trying to steal your weapons so you can't stop them. Yep, that voting for the criminals really worked out great, didn't it? They are still criminals.

You need to understand that, by the time these criminals have finished off our country, there won't be anything of it left, not even our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, to fight for. We will be fighting for our freedoms, rights, families, and lives so we can set up a new nation. Our criminals have openly admitted and almost brag that they have destroyed our Republic of the United States of America and replaced it with an oligarchy. Deal with it and move on!

You also need to understand that, with today's technology, even with a completely successful revolution or civil war and purging, criminals can regain control of any democracy or republic within a maximum of ten years and we will be right back where we are now. Because of our criminals and their mischief, we cannot have another democracy or republic ever because they will abuse our technology to skirt any and all laws or constitutions we can write, especially with common law. Right now, we barely have a constitution left because almost no one is enforcing it. If no one enforces a law, then the law means nothing and, by seizing control of our legal system, they can refuse to enforce our laws and constitutions just like now. Therefore, we can never again have any form of democracy or republic.

I believe that the Biblical theocracy God is going to set up through us will be a monarchy because God is referred to as the King of Kings and there have to be other kings under God for Him to be the King of Kings. This simply means God is going to appoint the royalty or managers who will manage your government based on what God knows about us. You can bet God will do a much better job of selecting good guys than we have, after all, it is written that God knows the heart of man and God is not going to give us bad leaders as long as we behave ourselves. When we stop behaving ourselves, we will get bad leaders.

In a dream, God showed me that He has selected, is training up, and will appoint the leaders of our new Christian Theocracy, AFTER OBAMA LEAVES TO US TO INVADE ISRAEL. Then God will appoint new leaders, we will form our new government and fight for our freedoms, rights, families, and lives. Note that these will not be the current poser Christians who are abusing the name of God to make huge amounts of money prophesying false prophesies.

Another thing God is doing with this mess is that He is causing all of us, especially the poser Christians, to chose sides between Christianity and paganism. God is getting rid of all the infiltrators and moles in His church. I see this happening increasingly but the best example is that the Catholic Church recently and openly stated they have chosen paganism over Christianity. They even stated this in a formal press announcement. I told you that the Church of Rome officially announced that, if Jesus doesn't return by the end of this year, they are going to stop waiting for Jesus to come and then made serval statements showing that they don't believe Jesus will come by the end of this year.

What should all of that tell you?

That they don't believe Jesus is coming and, since Jesus is not coming by the end of this year, they have already decided to convert from Christianity to paganism by the end of this year. It is a done deal, deal with it. You will see more churches follow the Catholic Church lead. God is cleaning house and you have to decide between God and paganism.

Right now, there are a lot of people who are not true Christians posing as Christians in our churches because it benefits them in some worldly way. When God permits Obama and his Muslim pals to enforce Shiria Law against us, it will not only not benefit those poser Christians to pretend to be Christians, it will cost them dearly to continue to pretend to be Christians and they will quickly convert to Islam because, under Shiria Law, being a Muslim will benefit them. This will quickly drive the poser Christians and frauds out of our churches into Islam, effectively cleaning God's house for remodeling.

You see, true Christians are in Christianity, not for worldly gain, but for a relationship with God or spiritual gain. This means that spiritual gain by doing what is right for God's people will mean much more than any worldly gain they could obtain by abusing their power. These people will serve God and, therefore, God's people. Good government is a matter of good priorities.

Most of the religious leaders in the past were not true Christians and abused power over other people for their personal gain instead of ruling to protect good people from bad people. Why would bad people or poser Christians want to protect good people from themselves?

God told me in that dream that, by the time God has finished prepping our battlefield for our coming revolutionary war to start a new nation, He will also have removed all poser, phony, infiltrator, fraudulent, mole, or other non Christians from His church so you will know that God's leaders for His new Christian Theocracy will be true Christians who will not rule for their own worldly gain, like poser Christians would, but to protect good people from bad people. All of those poser Christians will have converted and become Muslims. God's church will be pure for the fist time since Moses because God is cleaning His house and we need to be patient in waiting for God to finish cleaning house and prepping the battlefield for us so we can do what we need to do in order to build a new and better Christian nation. Basically, God is ramping up for war against those who are waging war against God.

You see, God is doing a lot with this mess and we need to be understanding and patient. Mean while, God will have jobs for you to do.

Mean while, I am watching all sorts of plagues and pestilences in this country as God punishes us for our crimes or sins against His Laws. I am waiting for enough people to get it right and turn back to God. We are getting there, slowly.

It is increasingly important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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