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Have you noticed that the rate of new Pharaoh Obama scandals being exposed is increasing?

The rate at which Pharaoh Obama scandals are being exposed is increasing and now he seems to be creating new scandals faster.


I am quietly watching the upper class trash systematically and quickly tear Pharaoh Obama apart. The liberals themselves, are blowing the whistle on Pharaoh Obama concerning his "incompetence" and corruption to turn the people against Pharaoh Obama quickly. It seems they are even sabotaging Pharaoh Obama from within. Did you noticed that Pharaoh Obama thought he would be considered a hero for "saving" Bergdahl and is surprised that everyone, including most liberals, are turning on Obama for turning top terrorists loose to save a traitor?

Guess where Pharaoh Obama got the advice from for swapping five top level terrorists for one deserter and traitor? His cabinet, which is composed of mostly non Muslims and plenty of upper class trash white cracker puppets. Gee, could it be that Pharaoh Obama is being set up and sabotaged by his own inner core of cabinet consultants, who are following the orders of their upper class trash white cracker puppet master Luciferians? I told you they would destroy him.

It looks like it, doesn't it. Not only is everyone in the liberal community turning on Pharaoh Obama, but he is being exposed for past crimes and set up with current crimes faster every week. Gee, they wouldn't be trying to prove to everyone Pharaoh Obama is incompetent and corrupt, would they? Yep and I bet he isn't feeling too much like a god right now either.


I have noticed that even some of the Commiecrats, especially the ones running for office this coming November, are mentioning impeaching Pharaoh Obama. Could it be that the upper class trash is turning everyone, including liberals, against Pharaoh Obama so they can impeach Pharaoh Obama before this coming election to "show" everyone the liberals can do the right thing, will stand up for what is right, and are against corruption? Are they trying to make it look like everything going wrong is Pharaoh Obama's fault, you know, the black man's fault, and not their fault for damage control in the coming election? Are they trying to clean up the Commiecrat image?

Let's see, if they impeach Pharaoh Obama, try Pharaoh Obama for his crimes and replace Pharaoh Obama with Bidden before the coming election, they can make people think (at least the stupid people) the liberals are not the criminals or incompetent (it was Pharaoh Obama's fault) and President Bidden will be able to campaign for the Commiecrats running for office, radically decreasing the number of seats they will lose in Congress.

Hey, Pharaoh Obama just publically confessed to a crime and that public confession can be used against him in a court of law. One would think that an attorney would know better than to publically confess to a crime but maybe those law degrees were bought with donations to those universities by the Saudis, you know, like I told you. Gee, I wonder who consulted Pharaoh Obama on publically confessing to those crimes, his cabinet?

Now, earlier this year, Bidden was rebelling and making it obvious he wanted to run for president in 2016. Did he change his mind or did the upper class trash puppet masters make Bidden a deal that they will make Bidden president, after they remove Pharaoh Obama? I have not heard Bidden say anything about running for president lately.

Just think how good Bidden will look, if he helps impeach and then prosecutes Pharaoh Obama, Valerie, Holder, and the other guilty parties in Pharaoh Obama's gang. He will be our "knight in shining armor" who saved us from the incompetent and corrupt black man, Pharaoh Obama, and his gang of thugs. That will carry a lot of weight in this coming election towards getting Commiecrats elected by cleaning up the Commiecrat image and Bidden gets to play president for at least a few years.

Plus, with Hillary as damaged goods and Bidden being our knight in shining armor and incumbent president, it will be much easier to get Bidden reelected than Hillary elected for president in 2016 and the upper class trash doesn't really care which puppet they have in office as long as they are obedient puppets.

Plus the upper class trash may just offer Pharaoh Obama a deal that he won't be prosecuted if he resigns, you know, pull a Richard Nixon with Bidden doing the presidential pardon thing. I just read that Pharaoh Obama's cabinet is looking for an "exit strategy" or how to quit office and not go to prison. I also just read that a psychiatrist has said that Pharaoh Obama's "erratic behavior" suggests he is not sane. They are planning a protest against Pharaoh Obama speaking at the graduation for the University of California at Irvine this coming week (in ultra liberal Commiefornia?). They are really going after Pharaoh Obama and are trying to get him out of office as soon as possible. (Do you feel Pharaoh Obama's corner getting smaller and tighter?)

Allen West just called for articles of impeachment for Pharaoh Obama. Nope, I don't think Pharaoh Obama is going to last 2.5 more years. His corner is getting smaller by the day and he will either declare martial law and set up a dictatorship soon or go to prison. The sharks are circling and the feeding frenzy is about to begin and, believe me, with his arrogant actions over the last 5.5 years, there will be a lot of payback. Look at all of the toes Pharaoh Obama has arrogantly stepped on in the last 5.5 years. Too many people want Pharaoh Obama dead. Without the office of US President, Pharaoh Obama is a dead man walking.

My thought is that the upper class trash really want to destroy this nation and blame Pharaoh Obama for it, but may offer him a deal to "just get rid of him", after Pharaoh Obama takes the blame for everything which has gone wrong. Pharaoh Obama is so power mad and egotistical I would be surprised if he took the offer and didn't try to declare martial law and set up a dictatorship. Plus you have to realize that his leaving the office of president will end the take over the US dreams of Muslims, especially black Muslims and Louis Farrakhan. Valerie, Holder, and others will also be facing charges for corruption and treason so you know he will be under pressure from his accomplices but he has not gotten everyone's guns and finished setting everything up the way Pharaoh Obama wants so a coup would still be pretty risky. Can Pharaoh Obama succeed with a coup? He may have no other choice than to try, if he is going to prison anyway.

With his arrogant attitude and everything Pharaoh Obama has done, I could see Pharaoh Obama committing suicide before he would step down and face criminal charges so why not die fighting? Pharaoh Obama may not have anything to lose and that is a dangerous man.

Plus you have to realize there will be several different groups within the upper class trash who will want different puppets elected. They may still want Chelsea to run for president in 2016. Chelsea will have a much better chance of being elected with a Commiecrat knight in shining armor as our president, who steps down (the upper class trash kept their deal and let Bidden be president for a while), than with severely damaged goods, incompetent and corrupt black man, Pharaoh Obama, as president. Plus this gives the upper class trash options.

No matter what their strategy will be, it will be a win-win move for the upper class trash to replace Pharaoh Obama with Bidden and have Bidden prosecute Pharaoh Obama, Valerie, and Holder along with a few others for corruption and treason. If they don't prosecute the criminals, it will leave the Commiecrats with a black eye and they will still lose a lot of seats in Congress.

Also, is it possible that the upper class trash believe they can establish their commie dictatorship with their next Commiecrat president, the upper class trash feels they no longer need the help of the Muslims, especially blacks, and the upper class trash are also using this as their first consolidation of power move to get rid of Obama and the Muslims before Obama and the Muslims can consolidate power by taking out the upper class trash, you know, the way I told you they would? This is definitely a full blown power struggle between the upper class trash white crackers and Obama and the Muslims.

I am keeping an eye on this. The fecal matter is hitting the fan in full force.

Have you noticed that Pharaoh Obama is spending a lot of time making appearances with military and veterans' associations since the VA and Bergdahl scandals? The VA and Bergdahl scandals are really killing Pharaoh Obama or he would just go golfing.

It is increasingly important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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