Christian Persecution

First, I must state that I have nothing against any race or ethnic group as a whole. I know that within every race and ethnic group, there are good people and bad people. This is just as true with the Jewish race as any other race or ethnic group. I have had good friends who were Jewish, my second wife was Jewish, and I had plenty of in-laws who were Jewish even though I am a Gentile or what the Jews call a Goyim (goy-eem). Therefore, I have nothing against the Jewish people but I do know there are bad Jews as well as good Jews and I feel I need to set something straight for the sake of both the good Jews and Gentiles.

Within the Jewish people, there is a large group of Christian haters and they persist in justifying their hatred for Christians based on the persecution of Jews by Gentiles, including Christians, especially with the German Holocaust, for which these Christian hating Jews insist on blaming Christians in spite of the fact that at least 5 million Christian Gentiles were also killed in those death camps. The Christian hating Jews claim such persecutions make it alright for them to hate Christians and to continue to persecute Christians whenever possible.

Let's take a look at the first persecution of Christians as was recorded in the New Testament by a group of Jews known as the Apostles. Up to about 20 to 30 years after the death of Jesus, our savior, (in Hebrew Yeshua Hameshiach) in about 33 AD, almost all Christians were Jews with better than 90% of them living in Jerusalem. It is blatantly obvious that Christianity was and still is a sect of Judaism and not a different religion. According to the New Testament scriptures, written by Jews, the non Christian Jews began to persecute Christian Jews by murdering them within a few years of the death of Jesus. The first murder of a Christian Jew by Christian hating Jews recorded was the stoning of Stephen by a group of Pharisitic (orthodox) Jews in Jerusalem.

The persecution or murdering of Christian Jews by Christian hating Jews quickly spread throughout Jerusalem causing large numbers of Christian Jews to flee in fear of their lives from Jerusalem to other Israeli cities, towns, and villages where the Christian hating Jews quickly followed and continued to murder the Christian Jews. Please note that, at this time, there were still almost no Gentile Christians. This was entirely a persecution of Jews murdering Jews.

As the persecution of Christian Jews by Christian hating Jews spread throughout Israel, increasing numbers of Christian Jews began fleeing Israel in fear of their lives. These Jews fled to other Jewish communities in other countries where they first witnessed to other Jews in the synagogues and then began converting the first Gentiles by about 30 years after the death of Jesus which would have been about 60 to 65 AD.

The New Testament story of Paul, the apostle, is about one Jewish man who started out persecuting or murdering Christian Jews when he was known as Saul. It is recorded in the scriptures that Saul held the coats for the Pharisee Jews who stoned Stephen to death because Stephen was a Christian Jew so those Pharisee Jews wouldn't get blood on their coats. Then Saul got a proclamation from the Jewish leaders licensing Saul to hunt down and kill Christian Jews where ever he found them, even in other countries. Saul's mission was to search for the Christian Jews who had fled Israel for their lives and murder them when he was blinded by Jesus and converted to Christianity changing his name to Paul.

In 75 AD, the Roman army destroyed Jerusalem and dispersed most Jews from Israel renaming the country Palestine. Even after this, until this day, Christian hating Jews have persecuted Christian Jews to the point that Christians Jews had to be a secret group within the Jewish communities for fear of being persecuted. This persecution of Christians has gotten so bad within the Jewish community that Christian Jews are now calling themselves Messianic Jews in order to try to decrease the persecution by the Christian hating Jews. Therefore, the Christian hating Jews have persecuted Christians, especially Jewish Christians, for almost 2,000 years now.

That is right, Jews have been persecuting Christians longer than Christians have been persecuting Jews, by about 400 years. It is just that Christians now outnumber the Jews and tend to win the fights the Christian hating Jews keep picking with the Christians. You would think they would learn but I gave up on expecting stupid people to learn from history a long time ago.

When Constantine was emperor of Rome, he changed the designation of the Church of Rome from pagan to Christian in an effort to assimilate the Gentile Christians who had left the Church of Rome for Christianity back into the Church and regain religious control over them. He got most but not all Gentile Christians to assimilate back into the Church of Rome. To keep the Christian Jews from converting the Gentile Christians back out of the Church of Rome into the Jewish synagogues, Constantine taught the Gentile Christians to hate the Jews by proclaiming that the Jews had murdered the Christian God, Jesus.

Of course, it would not have been hard for the Gentile Christians to turn against the Christian hating Jews after watching those Jews persecute Christian Jews and Gentiles alike for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, the Gentile Christians turned against all Jews and, suddenly, the Christians out numbered and were more powerful than the Jews so the shoe was on the other foot with the Gentile Christians now beginning to persecute the Christian hating Jews and all other Jews. It was a Christian backlash against the Jews, all Jews, even Christian Jews.

There is another phenomenon within the Jewish community which exacerbates this problem of Jews being persecuted by Gentiles. When any group isolates or differentiates itself from the rest of society, they automatically create tension between the two groups. If one or more bad people within the isolated group causes harm to any member belonging to the rest of society, it is only normal for the rest of society to turn against the entire isolated group. This phenomenon is also very common between different races such as blacks vs white, latinos vs blacks, and etc.

God has kept the Jewish people separate from the Gentiles for a number of reasons. The reasons are not important here but the fact they have remained isolated to themselves sets up the conditions for problems. Remember that there are both good and bad people within any racial or ethnic group. There have been people within the Jewish community, where ever they go, who like to be ruthless about business and, when possible, they even persecute Gentiles. An example has been Jewish bankers who have ruthlessly taken Gentile people's homes and businesses without trying to help those people keep those homes and businesses. Another example is the Christian hating Jews doing everything they can to cause trouble for Gentile Christians everywhere they go.

These misbehaviors only exacerbate the tensions between the Jews and Gentiles until some catalyst causes things to explode and get out of hand. Of course, with there being fewer Jews than Gentiles, the Gentiles are going to come out ahead in such confrontations. Therefore, the bad Jews have always added fuel to the fire eventually helping things get worse until disaster strikes and Jews die.

Does this mean that Jews should not defend themselves when attacked or persecuted? No, they and the Christians should both defend themselves, their families, and their country against attacks by bad Gentiles and bad Jews.

This should be a lessen to the Jews that, if they want to stop having such problems get out of hand, they need to stop their bad people from increasing the tensions between the Jews and Gentiles because the Jews always end up paying most of the price for the mischief of a few bad Jews. The bad Jews just keep antagonizing the Gentiles until things blow up. The good Jews need to stop taking the side of the bad Jews just because they are Jews and need to start taking the side or right over wrong. This is also true for Gentiles, that we should take the side of right over wrong regardless of race or ethnic group. The good Jews and good Gentiles need to stop fighting each other and need to start fighting the bad people regardless of whether they are Jews or Gentiles. I guarantee that Hell will have plenty of both Jews and Gentiles as will Paradise.

If you know the scriptures and how God works, it should be obvious that the Jewish expulsion from their land, known as the diaspore, and the continual persecutions were caused by 1) the Jews rejecting Jesus as their Messiah and 2) the Jews killing Christian Jews and now causing trouble for all Christians whenever possible. If they really believed in and abided by their own scriptures or Law, they would realize their problems are largely being caused by their violation of the Law which says, "do unto others as you would have others do unto you". They have been persecuting and causing trouble for Christians for thousands of years so it is only common sense that God is punishing the Jews for their misbehavior by causing the Christians to persecute the Jews. What goes around, comes around and the Christian and Gentile hating members of the Jewish community won't stop causing trouble for Gentiles and Christians which keeps causing trouble for the Jews. The good Jews need to recognize this and stop the bad Jews from their mischief as we need to stop the bad Gentiles.

What all Christians and Jews need to realize is that Christianity is a different sect of Judaism and not a different religion. We worship the same God, read the same book, and are waiting for the coming of the same Messiah; therefore, we are the same religion. The biggest difference between Christians and the non Christian Jews is that we Christians (Jews and Gentiles) believe the Messiah has come once and will soon return where as they believe He has not come yet. We all need to come to the understanding that, since we are different sects of the same religion, we are also each other's best and only true allies in a pagan world that hates all of us.

But then, of course, the Christian and Gentile hating Jews don't want everyone to realize this because then the hating Jews wouldn't be able to justify hating and causing trouble for the Gentiles and Christians, the thing they love most. Most of the reason for this obsessive hatred is caused by the pagan Jews hating God and His people, both Gentiles and Jews. That is right, not all Jews are believers and followers of God and the Bible. Jews have pagans the same as Gentiles and all pagans hate God's people both Jews and Gentiles.

Because of this persistent hatred of God's people by both Jews and Gentiles, we must all....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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