I keep hearing and reading crap everywhere about how the State of Texas is the only state in the US which can legally secede from the US. Therefore, increasing numbers of people, who hear and believe this, are moving or wanting to move to Texas in hopes that Texas will secede from the Union when the federal fecal matter makes contact with the proverbial fan.

As they would say in Texas, "Bull crap!"

Whether or not Texas can legally secede from the Union does not matter and is of no concern to me because....

Let me help you think through this with a few questions and answers.

Question: What is the only legal document binding the current 50 states of the US into one union?

Answer: The US Constitution, of course.

Question: Now, if the liberals get their way in either of two of their beloved obsessive, compulsive desires, to 1) get the US Constitution established as a "living document" which doesn't require strict adherence or 2) just completely do away with the US Constitution, just what will be legally binding the current 50 states into one Union?

Answer: Nothing!!

At the point in which the liberal whackos achieve either of their insane desires to "free" themselves from the "restrictions" of the US Constitution, every state in the US will have the legal option of either continuing to remain a state in the USA or establishing itself to be an independent nation. Legally, that decision will be made by each state government immediately after the US Constitution is no longer a binding document taking complete control away from the Federal Government. Every governor will have the legal options of 1) remaining the governor of a state within the US, 2) becoming either a president or prime minister of their new independent nation or 3) combining with other states to form a new nation.

Even if Ocommie stages what is being called a red flag event or crisis event so he can justify "temporarily" disbanding Congress and the Supreme Court along with suspending the US Constitution, as soon as Ocommie suspends the US Constitution, every state in the US can legally secede from the Union simply by each state government deciding to do so because there will no longer be a document legally binding the states into one union.

Also, when a state secedes from the Union, it will have the sovereign right to "nationalize" all federal government property within its boarders such as military bases and land.

Remember that I told you that Ocommie has to destroy the state governments when he seizes power? (See "Dream Update" Feb 2013)

It isn't just because those governments have state owned militias, national guard units, and military reserve units the states can use to oppose Ocommie's dictatorship, it is also because those state governments can decide to secede from the US when the US Constitution is no longer the strictly enforced national governing document. Ocommie has to destroy the state governments before he suspends the US Constitution to set up his dictatorship or he will suddenly find he only has rule over Washington DC.

You can bet with the commies having so many attorneys, they know about this but they don't want you to know about it.

Mean while, you should continue to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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