Remember that I told you that God has drawn a line and is causing us to chose between good and evil; God and Satan? Remember that I told you that God is cleaning the poser Christians out of the Church so there will only be true Christians?

In about the 1960s and 1970s, increasing numbers of people started going into preaching, not because of a love for God, but because it was paying well. As churches found more ways for churches and preachers to make more money, especially with TV evangelism, book sales, video sales, and guest preaching fees, increasing numbers of people went into preaching for the really big bucks with some of them making hundreds of millions of dollars in personal wealth. There were still people going into preaching for their love of God but huge numbers went into preaching to get rich quick and easy.

It is like I told you, God is cleaning house getting rid of those poser Christians "who prophesy for money" and not for the love of God.

The Atlantic reported that the number of churches in the US is declining and has been since 2008 because of the current economy. When the housing bubble burst, it put churches which were mortgaged in trouble with some going underwater forcing quite a few churches to either pay up a lot of money or be foreclosed on. But, since hundreds of thousands of people have been losing their jobs every month, many more have been forced to accept part time work instead of full time work and Christians tithe 10% of their income, the amount being received in tithes by the churches has fallen a lot.

Many churches have gone through their financial reserves and been forced to mortgage their churches in spite of the fact God told them to not practice usury or borrow money. With the rapidly declining and now fluctuating housing market and the churches getting less money in tithes and other income, many churches were foreclosed on while others are just closing their doors.

It looks like the day of just anyone or everyone being able to make a fortune preaching is over with increasing numbers of churches not even being able to just keep the doors open. This is all while the number of people turning to paganism has been increasing.

Guess where those preachers are going who prophesy for money?

Just like I told you, they will follow the money and you will see increasing numbers of poser Christian preachers "converting" to paganism to keep making the good money while doing very little work. Also note this means that a lot of retired preachers will soon have to get jobs because, when enough churches or Christian sects lose enough money, they won't be able to keep paying the retired preachers their pensions and a lot of those preachers won't have any Christian churches to return to.

The true Christian preachers will stay in the Christian churches and work their butts off to try to keep the church doors open, even if it means them taking big cuts in pay, working part time at another job, or having several services per week for people who can't attend on Sundays but can attend on other days. Those true Christian preachers are going to have to become innovative just to keep the church doors open.

It also seems that the weekly attendance in Roman Catholic churches dropped from 75% to 45% in the mid 2000s and that Evangelical and Southern Baptist churches have also had big drops in attendance. Attendance in Pentecostal churches has actually risen because of the number of Latinos leaving the Roman Catholic church for Pentecostal and Evangelical churches. That is a decline in attendance of 30% for Catholic churches because of conversion and the economy. The Catholic Church has lost almost 1/3 of their church membership in just the US and people are leaving the Catholic church for other churches globally, especially for Pentecostal and Evangelical churches.

Gee, I wonder why the Vatican recently decided to dump Jesus and convert to Islam before they lose even more members and have a weaker bargaining position with the Muslims? Get the picture? The Catholic Church is going out of the Christian business one way or another and very soon, they recently said so.

God is definitely sorting out the poser Christians and it will only accelerate as we get closer to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. And it is happening RIGHT NOW and accelerating. God really knows how to clean house, doesn't He?

And, if you think that is something, wait until Pharaoh Obama declares martial law and imposes Shiria Law on us. You will be standing there scratching your head wondering where all of the poser Christians went. Oh yeah, to Islam to be fair weather Muslims.

I think you will also see more church doctrines become more in line with the Bible. The true Christians will require this, once they get rid of the poser Christians.

BTW, I told you that the Muslims would reject the ISIS Caliphate because, according to Shiria Law, it isn't legal. They Muslims are increasingly doing so. It was a PR program by ISIS to increase the number of terrorists they are recruiting, which may be backfiring.

Just another reason to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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