Remember some time ago I told you that a person I thought was a Christian told me he had a vision of nukes going off all over the US and I told you that might be a possibility because Pharaoh Obama might want to nuke state capitols to prevent states from seceding from the union after Pharaoh Obama sets up his dictatorship and suspends the US Constitution and I said I would keep an eye on this? Remember that I also told you God has shown me that, following Pharaoh Obama setting up his dictatorship, there will be a Mexican stand off in the US between Pharaoh Obama and his CNSF and the rest of the government agencies such as the US military and I have been wondering what will cause that stand off and prevent the agencies from immediately fighting back against Obama?

1) It turns out the person who had that dream of nukes going off everywhere isn't a Christian, just a poser Christian and 2) Obama doesn't have to nuke the state capitols to keep states from seceding.

What the upper class trash have done with all of their corruption and buying votes is that they have made most individuals and corporations and all cities, counties, and states dependent on Federal Government money. If any entity which has become dependent on Federal money were to suddenly lose that Fed money, they would financially cease to function within a few months.

Every city, county and state in the US has become extremely dependant on "free" government money for just daily functions but especially for special projects like improving roads, parks, and other things. These corrupt governments, in the name of boosting their local economies or, basically, sticking more money in their greedy pockets, have sold their souls and yours to the federal devil. If, after Pharaoh Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship, the states secede from the Union, they will lose all of the fed money and their economies will quickly implode like black holes. That fed money has become a vital part of every city, county, and state economy so that their economies simply cannot function without the "free" fed money for very long.

Because of corruption, the Federal Government OWNS every entity in this nation and even other nations which have let themselves become dependent on fed money. Every entity which is dependent on fed money is a slave of the US Federal Government and all the feds have to do to control those entities, is tighten up the federal purse strings because the chains controlling those entities dependent on fed money are the fed checks going to their bank accounts. Pull those checks and all the states will scream uncle.

That is why Pharaoh Obama doesn't need to nuke the state capitols to keep states from seceding from the US. If any state in this nation secedes from the Union, they will stop getting fed money and will implode within a few months.

This is also what will cause the Mexican stand off I saw in my dreams about this coming dictatorship. The states will be caught between a rock and a hard spot, seceding from the Union to maintain autonomy or remaining in the Union and becoming a puppet state of the dictatorship with all of those worthless, corrupt politicians vainly hoping Pharaoh Obama won't replace them with his black Muslims and afraid to either dance or get off the floor. For months after Pharaoh Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship, the states will be frozen in fear, afraid to act and hoping they will be spared by their new tyrant dictator.

That will cause the Mexican stand off and permit Pharaoh Obama to impose Shiria Law on the US for at least until he leaves to invade Israel and prove he is the Mahdi of Islam so Pharaoh Obama can form the Caliphate and finish conquering the world. They will both be threatening each other with crippling actions but, as long as the people running those fed dependent entities are afraid to act, Pharaoh Obama will have enough of an upper hand he can do most of what he wants, such as impose Shiria Law on us and invade Israel.

I have been reading more and more that Pharaoh Obama is giving up on running the US as President and is withdrawing back into the White House. I have read that some are even thinking that Pharaoh Obama might be thinking about quitting as President, permitting Biden to become President.

Let's do the math, I like math.

Remember that I told you a long time ago that another person's actions are not determined by what you think or what the facts say. That person's actions are determined solely by what that person thinks or believes so, to understand what Pharaoh Obama is most likely to do, we must figure out what Pharaoh Obama believes and also what his most loyal followers believe.

First, Pharaoh Obama told you in one of his books that he is a descendant of Pharaoh. This alone should scare the crap out of you because it means that Pharaoh Obama really does believe he is Pharaoh of the world, destined to rule the world, and, therefore, the highest of all gods. Also, in all the years of Muslims, such as Farrakhan, calling Pharaoh Obama the Messiah of Islam or the Mahdi, Pharaoh Obama has not once denied he is the Mahdi and I have seen Pharaoh Obama reveling in the crowd chanting "messiah, messiah, messiah". This tells me that Pharaoh Obama also believes that he is the messiah or Mahdi of Islam and, therefore, the world. In his mind, Pharaoh Obama is our holy savior. Basically, Pharaoh Obama believes he is the highest of all deity and it is his destiny to rule the entire planet and even cosmos.

Now, if what Pharaoh Obama believes is true, we are swimming in the deepest river of poop in the history of time. If this is not true, than Pharaoh Obama is the most delusional person in history and in charge of the most powerful nation in history with nukes. In other words, the guy is nuts, bonkers mad, and loony toons.

Now we have this severely delusional person who also has the worst Napoleonic Complex in history or is more power mad than anyone else in history, he is a super spoiled rotten two year old who has to have every luxury on the planet at your expense, he is selfish, self centered, and extremely psychotic.

You also have to understand the primary people in Pharaoh Obama's deepest inner circle, who are Valerie Jarrett and Louis Farrakhan. Both of these people are ardent fanatical black Muslims who see Obama as their only hope at seizing control of the US, using the US to set up the Caliphate under them, and using the combined force of the US and Muslim Caliphate to finish conquering the world so their god will come and set up Paradise. You have to understand that these fanatical Muslim people, their colleagues, and followers BELIEVE with all their hearts that Obama is their once-in-a-life-time opportunity or messiah to seize control of the US, set up a Muslim dictatorship, and achieve their fanatical religious goals of setting up the promised Muslim paradise.

If Pharaoh Obama were to be removed or voluntarily left the position of president of the US, just how long do you think it would be before these fanatical black Muslims could get another black Muslim elected as president to achieve their religious goals?

Not within their life times. The black Muslim community MUST succeed at their goals with Pharaoh Obama or they will never have another opportunity to try. For Valerie, Farrakhan, and the other black Muslims, they must succeed or die trying, things are not looking good for them right now and you know they are putting pressure on Pharaoh Obama to succeed.

Now, do you really believe that such a pressured, delusional, psychotic, narcissist is going to give up all the power, luxury, and attention he is severely abusing as President without an extremely bloody war killing tens of millions of people, especially with Pharaoh Obama knowing he won't live a year after he stops being president because of all the powerful people he has stabbed in the back?

Of course not. So, what should this delusional, psychotic, narcissist giving up doing things the way he has been doing things for the last 5.5 years because that method is not working and even back firing on him with only 2.5 years left to set up his Muslim dictatorship tell you?

Plan A isn't working so they are all spending their time (withdrawing from doing plan A) working on Plan B. Basically, Pharaoh Obama and company have quit trying to do things the Plan A way and are spending their time planning to set up a red flag event so Pharaoh Obama can declare a national emergency, declare martial law, and suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and Supreme Court so Pharaoh Obama can have the absolute power required to set up his Muslim dictatorship to achieve their Muslim goals. In other words, get rid of everyone and everything that is stopping Pharaoh Obama and his Muslim pals from doing everything they want to do and the way they want to do it. They are planning to get rid of all those things and people which are tying Pharaoh Obama's hands and preventing him from succeeding at his fanatical religious plans.

Get it straight, delusional, power mad, spoiled, psychotic, narcissistic Pharaoh Obama is NOT going to resign as president or even permit himself to be impeached and removed as president without a very bloody war and him losing his life. Pharaoh Obama and company are getting ready to kill people to get what they want, millions of people. Everything else has failed and time is getting short, especially with increasing numbers of people, including liberals, wanting to impeach him.

The math says that Plan B will be coming your way soon.

I figured that you would figure out that it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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