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The Christian churches of this nation need to deal with the fact that a war is coming in the US and you need to plan and prepare ahead of time. I expect this war to last about 2 to 3 years, maybe 5 years, based on history. The longer it lasts, the worse it will get. Pray for only 2 to 3 years, that will be bad enough. We have been fighting wars in other countries for almost two centuries and now we will have to fight one more in our country, thanks to our liberal traitors. Until now, we never realized how blessed our country has been.

You need to know that God has given me a number of dreams in which 1) leaders of the largest churches were rounded up and put into "retirement homes" to incapacitate them, 2) Christians were in hiding from the government, and 3) Christians were in hiding from Obama's Muslim dictatorship. There is a strong probability the Muslims and liberals will take children away from Christian families, put them in brainwashing schools, and use the children as hostages to force the parents to submit to Obama's Muslim dictatorship. Be ready for it.

This is an opportunity for Christian churches to earn the respect you once had by helping those most in need, the immigrants who will be fleeing the fighting, especially the women and children. Many will be Christians from other churches. They will need your help.

If you want to know what to expect from the Muslims and liberal pagans, all you have to do is look at what the Muslims are doing right now in their own Muslim countries. They will do the same and worse here and the people will need your help as those people in the Muslim countries now need your help. The Muslims always use immigrant camps for crime, recruiting soldiers at gun point, and to torture, murder, rape, rob, terrorize, enslave, forced prostitution, and otherwise commit crimes against vulnerable people, especially women and children. Even without the Muslims, these immigrant camps quickly turn into a nightmare with a lack of food, water, and sanitation causing starvation, diseases, and crime. You will hear horror stories from many of those people who fled the fighting and immigrant camps. You will be sickened and angered by what you see and hear. Learn from what you are seeing and hearing about what is going on in the Muslim countries right now and prepare to deal with it and more in advance. Get ahead of the game.

This will provide you with an opportunity to help save lives and help people get their lives back together. You already have national and international networks. Modify them, better organize them, and prepare to work with the military and militias which will be doing the fighting. Your networks will have to become completely inter denominational. You church leaders need to train and organize your people so they can function without you and you have very little time to do this in. If the mega churches are taken over by Obama and his Muslims, your people need to know how to break up into smaller groups, where to go, and who to contact. You can spread them around to the smaller churches. Your buses and other assets need to be secretly dispersed.

Most churches have buses and other vehicles they can use to help people, especially women and children, get away from the combat areas and immigrant camps to safer areas more quickly. You will have to have armed guards on those buses and armed escort vehicles to prevent the Muslims and liberals from high jacking the buses, murdering, enslaving, and forcing the people on the buses to fight for the Muslims. You will need to use your networks to get children to safer places inside and outside of the US before and during this war, many without parents and some may be your own children before the war starts. Think Shindler's List and the underground railway of the 1850s. Work with the militia and military, they will help. For example, a helicopter, C-17 or C-130 comes in to drop off supplies, it can take kids out to safety. Plus, the fewer kids you have in a combat area, the less food the people in that area will need and more can go to the combatants. Not having a lot of small kids around will increase the mobility of your people, which is very important during war.

There will be many things these immigrants can do to earn room and board to help them regain control of their lives and get back on their feet along with just feeling better about themselves. You will have to use your vehicles to transport people to where they can help, work, and live. The people can live in tents, trailers, and any available housing and some can even help build temporary housing for themselves and others. You can also help some immigrants find jobs that can pay salaries and not just be for room and board but many will have to work for room and board just to survive.

Most of the fighting will be in the cities and you can expect the militias and military to use your churches and other facilities in your areas for MASH units to provide medical treatment for the wounded and sick. It would be very helpful for some of the preachers and your people to take classes in first aid, second aid, and even get EMT or battle field medical training along with maintaining a decent medical supply in advance which can be used at your church or anywhere that needs it. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. You will get to witness to and pray with quite a few dying young men, women and children. There are going to be some really tough times.

You will need to feed, clean, house, transport, and other wise help the sick and wounded along with the immigrants and the immigrants can help with most of this by serving food, cleaning, caring for children, and other wise helping for room and board. The immigrants can drive vehicles to transport the wounded and other immigrants, get supplies, and other needs. They can maintain vehicles, unload vehicles like buses, trucks, planes, and ships, and travel on vehicles as crew. The immigrants can help with military logistics to free up soldiers for fighting and some will even join the military and militias to help with the fighting. Women and older children can be recruited, trained, and armed by the military and militias for security and patrols for their own housing areas to free up fighting people (men and women) for the fighting.

This will help decrease civilian injury and deaths from the fighting, decrease the potential for disease epidemics, decrease starvation and crime, keep the people helping with the war effort, help people regain control of their lives and feel better about themselves, and have people earning their room and board to keep them busy and honest.

You preachers are good organizers and I know you can do a great job of doing this, if you plan and prepare in advance. It will be the best job of dealing with immigrants in military history and earn a lot of respect back for the churches. You need to start planning and organizing for this and other things right now. The churches can do a lot of good to help in this coming war and the biggest part of that good will be spreading the love and salvation of Jesus.

Remember the Christian infantryman saying, "Stay low, shoot low, and pray hard."

BTW, this severe loss by the liberals in the midterm election tells me eyes have opened and people are choosing. It is almost time.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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