I Told You So 129

Catholic Church

Remember that I told you that, concerning the Catholic Church dumping Jesus and converting to Islam, I saw shadows moving in the background of the Catholic Church which told me there is a revolt building against the conversion to Islam?

I just saw this story, "Pope Demotes Conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke", by Thompson, probably a staff writer, over at Newsmax.com. It kind of looks like the commie Pope is trying to quash a rebellion and send a strong message to those revolting against converting to Islam and paganism. Think Martin Luther. My, how history keeps dropping by for another visit and a little home schooling because the evil leaders refuse to learn from it.

Pope Francis on Saturday demoted an outspoken conservative American cardinal who has been highly critical of the pontiff's reformist leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, 66, was removed as head of the Vatican's highest court and appointed to the ceremonial post of chaplain of the charity group Knights of Malta.

Basically, the commie Pope is trying to get Burke out of his way by pigeon holing him in a less influential job. This is the second time Burke has been demoted for opposing the commie Pope.

Burke, who until Saturday was the highest-ranking American in the Vatican, gave a series of recent interviews criticising the pope and had emerged as the face of conservative opposition to Francis' reform agenda.

Like all liberals, the commie Pope only wants yes-men who will only agree with whatever the Pope says and offer no other ideas.

Facts? Don't bother me with facts which disprove what I WANT to believe.

In an interview with a Spanish magazine last month, Burke, known for his unbending interpretation of doctrine, compared the Catholic Church under Francis to "a ship without a rudder".

Oh, you mean like the US under our commie-in-chief, Obama? Gee, what a coincidence.

The commie Pope busting Burke down is meant to censor Burke and discourage the others from revolting. History teaches it won't work but liberals hate history. All this will do is force the rebellion under ground and invigorate it.

So, I was right, not all Catholics will convert to Islam and the questions now are, how many will not convert, how many will convert, how many will go else where, and who will remain in control of the Vatican after the commie Pope and his pals convert to Islam and move to Babylon?

Stick around and we will all find out pretty soon on the Pope Soap, "As the World Burns". We only have a few months until we get those answers.

There is something I am wondering about and I think this may be a ploy to stop the revolt. The commie Pope said, "Some are Christians in name only. They bear the name of Christians but live a life of pagans."

This is coming from the Pope who announced they are dumping Jesus, converting to Islam, and supports homosexuality?

I think he is probably using great sounding words to fool the people into not supporting the growing rebellion in the Church. You know, "forget that we are dumping Jesus, converting to Islam, and supporting homosexuality, look, I am really a true Christian because I said so, well until January 1, 2015, then we will all be Muslims".

Useless Idiots

Since the Commiecrats got slaughtered in the midterm election, I have developed a new hobby, watching FORMERLY useful idiots get dumped because they became useless idiots.

It is absolutely amazing how fast, cold, and mechanically the left is dumping its formerly useful idiots who have become useless. Within hours, the liberal leaders began throwing formerly powerful people in the dumpster. There is a merciless purging of the ranks.

The thing which amazes me in watching this is that none of them get it that, when the upper class trash achieve their goal of establishing their dictatorship and all of the useful idiots become useless idiots, the upper class trash will purge them all. Not a clue in the lot. Put those liberal blinders on and keep on lying.

Guess who took the biggest hit in going from very useful idiots to very useless idiots?

Billy Boy and Hilarious Clinton. Yep, almost everyone Hilarious campaigned for lost and the one person Billy Boy campaigned for lost making them both very useless.

Hilarious doesn't get it but Billy Boy does and he has hit the campaign trail to make himself useful again. Note that Billy Boy is out campaigning without an election to campaign for and only to make himself a useful idiot again. This should be fun to watch.

I would not be surprised to see Hilarious have an "accident" and end up dead in the near future with Billy Boy putting Chelsea in the race for President to keep himself useful and alive. Keep an eye on this and be sure to enjoy watching Billy Boy squirm.

I am really enjoying watching the useless idiots try to make themselves useful again with all of their off the wall excuses for losing so badly. No, it couldn't possibly be the Marxist programs they all supported and forced on us. It has to be some one else's fault, you know, Bush, global warming, or whatever.

Gingrich got it half right when he said, "Voters repudiate radical and incompetent Obama." He should have also included Obama's radical and incompetent liberal commie traitor pals and their idiot lefty programs.

Believe me when I say that better than 90% of these butt holes are planned to be purged, you know, killed, when the dictatorship is set up.


Mean while, Obama is refusing to work with the GOP while staying his course to force his version of immigration reform via executive powers, which will be a clearly impeachable offense and force the GOP to impeach Obama?

It sounds to me like Obama is arrogantly taunting the GOP and daring them to impeach him. Gee, could it be he has his custom 10k nuke from Iran, is getting ready to stage his false flag event and declare martial law?

Get this, after spending six years devastating, tying the hands of, and just plain hating the US military, Obama says, "Honor Vets by Ensuring They Get Care and Benefits They've Earned". Bwahahaha

Obama has not been able to completely destroy and disarm the US military before he declares martial law so he is now trying to butter up to them by suddenly being "on their side"?

Yeah, like we vets and the military are so stupid we are just going to forget the last six years of betrayal and hate because Obama is suddenly concerned about veteran benefits?

And you wonder why I say I can't think of anyone I want to vote for?

Clearly the upper class has been inbreeding too long and gone nuts.

Queen Elizabeth

Remember that I told you that the Muslims would take out the Euro-American upper class trash?

I also saw this at Newsmax.com, "Brits Thwart Islamic Terrorist Plot to Kill Queen Elizabeth".

What, you mean the Euro-American upper class trash are not safe from being purged because they have almost all of the money?

Well, they used to think they were, didn't they. Most of them are so inbred that they still won't get the message that our military and law enforcement protect them from people like Muslims more than they protect the rest of us because there is less motivation to kill and steal from us than the upper class trash, who have very much more to steal.

It is like I told you, I don't care how much money you have as long as I have the guns because all I have to do to get your money and the power created by that money is turn my guns on you and blow your brains out. Money is not a form of protection and only provides power when you are protected by our military and law enforcement guns to keep some one from blowing your brains out and taking your money.

"But," you say, "I can protect myself by bribing the bad guys."

Why would they settle with accepting your bribes if they can just blow your brains out and take all of your money?

The upper class need our military, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and other good government more than we do because invading armies never sack the poor side of town. Why spend a week sacking the poor side of town when you can make more than a 1,000 times more in minutes by sacking the rich side of town?

But the corrupt members of our upper class are so stupid from so much inbreeding that they refuse to learn that very obvious lesson from history and always end up destroying the military and law enforcement so they can set up a dictatorship to get even more money to only be conquered and lose everything. The upper class trash idiots have been doing this for thousands of years and still don't get it.

Money doesn't provide protection, armies provide protection. Money attracts bad guys and armies scare the bad guys off. Yes, armies need money to be strong but you know I am talking about personal wealth and not government wealth and how can a government be wealthy when the upper class trash are stealing from it? You don't sack the government that is protecting you.

The primary job of a good government with a good army, good law enforcement, good intelligence, and other good agencies is to protect good people from bad people. That is one of the most important lessons you need to learn from history and that is a Biblical principle.

BTW, once again they post the economic numbers but kind of forget to post the number of jobs lost so you can't see that more jobs were lost than found and Obama can claim the economy is booming, A.K.A. imploding into an economic black hole.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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