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I was having an e-mail discussion about prophesy with one of my four confirmed readers (wow, all the way up to four now, I am really moving up in the world and am now big time) and a very good and knowledgeable preacher and I stated, "I think that at least some of the poser Christians make up a significant part of the Christians who don't think we should study prophesy. They don't really believe in Jesus so they don't really believe in prophesy so they make excuses for not studying prophesy. There is also a strong probability that, since they don't really have Jesus in their hearts and can't have the wisdom of God, they don't understand prophesy and it just confuses them. These will be a huge part of the people who "fall away" after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39."

In return, he stated, "That is a very good point. In the USA and probably the entire west, people can play 'Christian' without having to withstand persecution because there is none or very little in the West; at least that used to be the case. For the most part, in the USA it is still the case. Thus it is easy to be a poser Christian in America.

That is why there is so much dissension in churches. When supposed Christians easily split churches over nonsensical things like what kind of carpet is on the floor. That is why the average stay for a pastor in America is 3-5 years. When preachers really preach the truth, they get asked to leave. That is what happened to me at my last church. I was there ten years, but many times over the years I was told that I preached too much on hell or on evangelism, or reaching the lost, or prophecy, or I stepped on too many toes., etc. After ten years, they asked me to leave. So I did. There were always nay-sayers in the church who tried to stop everything I tried to do. They usually prevailed.

However, I really loved my congregation, and I still do. We remain on friendly terms. I enjoyed the whole experience. I would not trade it for anything.

Yes those posers are the people who say that we don't have to study prophecy. Many take this view. They say they are not pre, mid, or post, but pan-tribulationists because it will all 'pan out' with God. That is what we used to call cop out. Considering a very large percentage of the Bible is prophecy, that is untenable. If we are not to study prophecy, then why did God put it in the Bible?

When real persecution comes that will change. Only the true Christians will remain. Those men that have been killed by ISIS on that beach were real Christians. I truly believe that God gave them the strength to get through that gruesome attack."

Basically, Satan has been using his infiltrated poser Christians to lead people astray and destroy the church from within, you know, the same way Satan has used his infiltrating liberals to destroy the Republic of the US from within. You true Christians don't want Satan's poser Christians behind your backs when the shooting starts to free yourselves from the oppression of our soon coming United Islamic States of America. There would be quite a few deaths of Christians by "friendly fire". This means it has to get very bad for Christians so that the posers will have to pay more of a price for pretending to be Christians than they are willing to pay. God knows what He is doing and, believe me, after this is all over, you WILL want to start a new nation as a Christian theocracy to prevent this insanity from happening again. Unfortunately, many Christians will be hurt and some will die.

BTW, you will stop believing in insanity and know that it is all Satanic evil, you know, like the Bible tells you.

My response to his comment was, "That is why God is going to use the up coming events to purge the church of Satan's people. God is going to use Obama and his Muslim pals to put us in a position to where being a Christian won't be comfortable and will cost you. Satan's poser Christians will flee the church to Islam to save their butts, cleaning out the church which will leave the church smaller but stronger.

God is taking care of it. I see Him working more every day."

Decades ago I learned that these poser Christians were in the church in huge numbers. Many of them use Christianity and the church as a front to commit crimes against others such as doing very bad business, you know, screwing people who trust the posers because the people think the posers are Christians. I even found that most of them use the church as a front to hide swingers clubs because no one would think that good Christians are having orgies with each other.

Decades ago I knew a very good and hard working preacher who had built a church of more than 400 people which was doing great evangelical works around the world. One day he found out that there was swingers club hiding in his church. He called a special members-only meeting, told the people of what he had learned, preached on it for a little while, asked everyone who was involved in it to leave the church, and was appalled when more than half of his congregation got up and walked out. Yet, later, he still had to personally ask others to leave the church whom he knew were involved in the swingers club. Years later I visited the church and saw even more still hiding in his church which I was pretty sure they were in the swingers club.

Another major problem I saw in churches everywhere I went were the church "queens" and "kings" who were always "proving themselves to be more righteous" than others by adding to God's Law (blasphemy), you know, they don't say or do things which the Bible does not say are a sin to prove themselves to be more righteous than others in the church and most people fall for this crap because they don't study the Bible and won't challenge our church royalty. Why, they don't say the word "ass", which is in the Bible and God said ass a number of times, so they are even more righteous than God and some are so righteous they don't even say the word "butt". I knew one church queen who taught her daughters to say "poe poe" instead of butt, you know, like anyone else will understand what they are talking about without half an hour of explanations. I have found these people, especially the church queens, to be the most destructive people in the church, very often doing away with good preachers and gossip is their main weapon of choice. There was a church queen in one church who used gossip to do away with a very good preacher AND his assistant, then I found out afterwards that she worked as a waitress at a truck stop and slept with truckers for money. Oh yeah, great woman of the Lord.

I have learned that church queens and kings are almost always the worst heathens in the church behind closed doors, which is why they bend over backwards to convince the rest of the church that they are super righteous so no one would dare to believe they are so evil. Satan's bunch ARE a lie.

When you realize that this problem is extremely severe and just how bad it is, you should also realize that God has to get rid of these posers before we can do our part in building a new nation because the posers will just destroy that new nation very quickly and we will have gone through all of that for nothing.

What I am seeing now is that entire congregations, especially in the mega churches lead by false prophets and false healers, are turning from Christianity to form a global church that will be tolerant of all religions and so much more righteous than the truth, you know, true Christianity. "They will all worship the same god under different names." (Barf.) Only because they are not true Christians and have not read the Bible.

I also see increasing numbers of people leaving these pagan churches for true Christian churches. Christian eyes are opening to the increasing persecution of Christians by liberals and Obama and his Muslim pals which are teaching them the truth about liberalism, Islam and Sharia Law.

Black Magic

Then God showed me in a dream that God will end our punishment by teaching you the truth about pagans and black magic, especially witchcraft. Yes, they do have real super natural powers provided by Satan and his demons, yes, they are all evil, and no, there are no good witches, like you have been brainwashed to believe, you know, with the Wizard of Oz, Disney, and such. You are about to learn the truth about why our Christian ancestors fought all of these evil people because you will also have to fight them for your freedom and they will kill some of you with their super natural powers.

One thing you must realize and understand is that Black Magic is real and provides its users with considerable power over others. In a nut shell, Black Magic is using worshiping and coercing Satan and his demons with "incantations", usually in Latin, to use their supernatural powers to do evil things to others for those practicing Black Magic. The people using Black Magic include sorcerers, Satanists, Luciferians, Celtics, witches, wizards, and all other pagans and it goes all the way back to Babylon. They all practice the same Black Magic using the same or similar Satan incantations, and worship the same "Dark Forces" (Satan and his demons) under a variety of names such as Gaia, Kununo, Lucifer, the Horned One, Satan, the Devil, Zeus, Thor, Rah, Tammuz, and the names of ALL other pagan gods and goddesses. (All pagan gods and goddesses are just fronts for Satan and his demons.)

God showed me that, when the pagans send their witches and others to kill you, if you call on the name of God, He will hear you and send prophets armed with the power of God to deal with these evil people and save your butts. God showed me that we will start out easily winning the war against the liberals and Muslims until the pagans send their witches and then the tide will turn because the witches are more powerful than our best weapons but God will give His power to His prophets and send them to save you.

US Military

I just read that the increasing persecution of Christians in the military is increasing the number of Christians leaving the military and decreasing the number of Christians joining the military.

Is this God getting our Christian soldiers out of the military so Obama can take it or at least part of it to the northern hills of Israel to be destroyed by God in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Don't be surprised to see the military set up different units based on the members being Christian and non Christian to stop these persecutions. Also, Obama may ask for volunteers to be formed into special units to invade Israel.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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