Over the years, I have regularly seen preachers and leaders in churches teaching that we Christians shouldn't be concerned with health and fitness because 1) our bodies are just vessels we use here on earth and we should be more concerned with winning souls and 2) it is a waste of time to exercise instead of studying the Bible. So today we have a lot of out of shape Christians who will have a lot more trouble defending themselves and protecting their families from this coming Satanic slaughter of Christians with many of them not being able to fight at all to help free themselves and everyone else.

Gee, could it be that Satan infiltrated his poser Christians into the church to teach that message so fewer Christians will be able to fight against Satan's forces and more will be easier to slaughter?

It looks like it, doesn't it. The Bible tells us that God made us wards over the earth to properly manage and care for the earth....including our bodies. It is a simple fact that the healthier and more fit our bodies are, the more and better work we can do for God, especially in this coming war. With this coming war, proper body or health management is critical to survival and building a new Christian nation. Therefore, I am going to share some basics on health and fitness and do away with some Satanic myths about health and fitness which were started by the Satanic lefties. Light bulb time?


I am going to share information we have known about in science for more than half a century which disprove some of Satan's lefty myths about diet. Every time you turn around, the health food myths promoted by our liberal media keep being proved wrong. Resent research has shown that too many vitamins can cause cancer, you know, for those health food nuts mega dosing vitamins. I recently saw research which showed that the average health food nut lives 11.6 years less than the average American and that is really bad when you consider the bad health of the average American, largely do to a lack of exercise and proper diet. The average health food nut probably lives 20 to 30 years less than the average American who exercises right and just eats a normal diet like people used to eat in the 1950s and 1960s.

In the 1960s, the health food nuts and media were promoting the lie that popcorn was just like air with no nutritional value. Then scientific research proved that popcorn was one of the healthiest snacks you could eat so the health food nuts started saying that peanut butter was just like air with no nutritional value until scientific research proved peanut butter is also a very healthy food. Then the lefties started preaching that eggs were bad for you and then scientists proved that eggs are very good for you so the lefties started saying that milk is bad for you but scientists proved that milk is very good for you. Get the picture yet?

I have been watching this silly crap for more than half a century.

Since the late 1960s, I have watched dozens of health food myths by the left proved wrong again and again by science. As a matter of fact, all of them have been proved wrong. I want to share a few of the myths which have been proved wrong recently or will soon be proved wrong and why they are wrong.

Sun Light

Sun light isn't part of your diet but it does effect some things concerning your diet.

We have been taught that we should be horrified of getting any sun light on us because we would get skin cancer.

Did you know that our ancestors spent much, much more time in the sun than we do and they didn't have the problems with skin cancer we have? Gee, do you think that maybe it has less to do with the sun light than with other things we do that they didn't do?

If you gradually develop and maintain a good tan, your skin cells build up a supply of melanin, called a tan, which protects you from the harmful sun rays which cause skin cancer without putting all of those chemicals on your body. Think about that one for a while.

What you do get from the sun is that it causes your skin cells to develop vitamin D, which is used in your intestines to process fat so it can get into your blood stream as fatty acids, which is used by your cells as fuel and for structure. Without enough vitamin D, your body can't absorb the fats it needs for daily functions, becomes sick and you can even die. The irony is that increasing numbers of people are having to take vitamin D pills because they are not getting enough sun and some are even dying. Scientists have recently proved, what we biologists have known for decades, you do need sun light.

Maybe we should get more sun light and put less crap on our skin?


For decades the left have been promoting the lie that fat (Cholesterol is a type of fat) is unhealthy for you and can even kill you by blocking arteries and clogging up the heart. Scientists proved that non cholesterol fat is not unhealthy for you so the lefties started preaching that cholesterol is bad for you. Then scientists proved that certain types of cholesterol are not bad for you so the lefties started preaching that "good" cholesterol is not bad for you but "bad" cholesterol is bad for you. Recently they proved that "bad" cholesterol is not bad for you, you need it.

Did you know that your cell walls or membranes are better than 90% fat? Did you know that you are constantly replacing those fat molecules and need to eat quite a bit of fat? Did you know that at least 8% of an athlete's diet, especially marathon athletes and soldiers, has to be fat? Did you know that you burn better than 90% of the fat you consume at night rebuilding your cells from the work you did during the day? Did you know that the fat burning process is aerobic or requires oxygen and that, if you have sleep apnea, which deprives you of oxygen or causes you to have hypoxia during your sleep, you can't burn the fat you need during your sleep, you can't rebuild your cells while sleeping, will develop chronic fatigue syndrome, and your body will store that unburned fat causing you to gain weight? Did you know that your body burns a lot of fat staying warm in cold weather?

In exercise physiology, we have known for more than half a century that all fats, including cholesterol, are not bad for you but are cell food that is burned when doing endurance activities like running, hiking, bicycling, cross country skiing, kayaking, and other such sports, you know, like marching long distances and fighting a war to free yourself, for which you will need to consume lots of fat, especially during bad weather, like in the winter.

We have also known for at least half a century that, if you burn as much fat with exercise as you take in, there won't be anything left to clog up anything so you can eat all the fat you want and enjoy all of those fun fatty foods you like, you know, like bacon.

The lefties have also told the lie that you can't burn up much fat via exercise. Well, if you hate exercise like they do and don't workout much, they are right. But, if you work hard and develop enough fitness to workout more, they are very wrong.

For example, the average bike rider doing 13 mph (very slow) only burns about 350 calories per hour but a 5' 10" male weighing 150 pounds and traveling at 24 mph on flat ground with no wind blowing in 70 degree F weather burns 2,456 calories per hour because of the increased wind resistance (the force of the wind increases by the square of the speed) or 7 times as many calories per hour. That same more fit rider (about a medium level amateur bicycle racer) will burn 10,233 calories in a 100 mile ride under those conditions. There are only 4,850 calories in a two layer chocolate cake with the icing. You will have to consume the equivalent of more than two chocolate cakes to replace those calories and at least 8% of those calories have to be fat or 819 calories fat, which will be at least couple of big cheese burgers with fries and a big milk shake.

If you are in good enough shape, you don't worry about what you eat except to make sure you get enough because, if you are burning those kinds of calories and you don't eat enough to replace them, your cells will stop functioning and you will die from hypoglycemia and other diet related problems.

When you are working out like that and you see some lefty drooling over a piece of cheese cake they can't eat because they don't exercise, politely ask them to get out of the way and order at least two pieces of cheese cake.

I do not consume ANY low or no fat foods.

Table Salt

Table salt is more properly known as sodium and will be referred to as such here.

The lefties and their lying liberal media have been preaching for several decades now that sodium causes high blood pressure and should be avoided at all costs!!! They have raised such a fuss and scared so many people that an entire industry of low salt and no salt foods has developed.

Recently, a study came out proving that sodium does NOT cause high blood pressure, which even got the attention of the lefties. Prior to this study, I have seen at least half a dozen other research projects which proved the same thing but didn't get the attention of the lefties. Now I am going to teach you something biologists have known for more than half a century and is critical for your health. I have been watching increasing numbers of people die because of low sodium blood level or hyponatremia caused by the lefty hype about sodium causing high blood pressure.

There is this little thing in your nerve and brain cells called a sodium pump, which is critical for your nerve and brain cells to function. In a nut shell, it is based on sodium moving across a membrane for signals to pass through the cells. If you don't have enough sodium in your nerve and brain cells, they will either decrease in function or completely stop functioning causing a hyponatremia coma, from which better than 90% of the people who go into this coma die.

Normal sodium blood level should be between 35 and 45 milligrams of sodium per milli unit of blood. If it goes over that, the sodium will be removed by the body either by your kidneys or by sweating. If your sodium blood level drops below 35 milligrams per milli unit of blood, sodium begins diffusing out of your nerve and brain cells to bring your sodium blood level back up to normal. If your sodium blood level drops below 15 milligrams per milli unit of blood, you will go into the hyponatremia coma and probably die.

Increasing numbers of people on these no and low sodium diets are walking around with such low sodium blood levels that the increased sweating caused just getting hot or a little hiking will cause them to go into the hyponatremia coma and die. Quite a few of the people who die during heat waves, especially the elderly, die from this.

If you exercise, you should put extra sodium on your food and, if you exercise a lot or in hot, humid weather, take salt tablets or sodium in other ways. I do not consume ANY low or no salt foods, I put extra sodium on my food, and I keep a medium size bottle of Gatorade in my refrigerator.

Refined Sugar

First, refined sugar means they have refined or removed the sugar from the vegetation which created that sugar via photosynthesis so the sugar can be used to enhance the taste of the food without adding any of the other flavor changing molecules from the vegetation. Just imagine how differently your coffee, tea or any other food would taste if the sugar retained some of the beets or sugar cane it was refined from.

To this, the health food nuts replay, "Yeah, but they remove all of the nutrients from the sugar." (Which is minimal.) My response is, "Yeah, but the sugar gains the nutrients from the foods it is added to which is usually much greater than the loss." This is a no-brainer.

Chemically, table sugar is called sucrose and is two molecules of glucose held together with one carbon bond. It is too large of a molecule to permeate or pass through the tissue separating your digestive tract from your blood. Therefore, sucrose CANNOT get into your blood stream and cause any damage, the worst it can do is give you a sweet stomach from eating too much and make you puke.

When the sucrose hits the amylase digestive acid in your mouth or the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, the carbon bond is broken turning it into two molecules of glucose without any damage to your body, ending the story about sucrose or refined table sugar. Those two molecules of glucose easily permeate or pass through the tissue separating the digestive tract from your blood and are taken to the liver by the blood. In the liver, the glucose is processed into glycogen (cell fuel) without any damage to your liver. If you are not involved in sustained marathon exercise or cold exposure, most of the glycogen will be stored in your liver for future use and to maintain proper "sugar blood level". If the glycogen blood level drops below a normal range, the liver will put more glycogen into the blood and, if the glycogen blood level increases above a normal range, either the liver will store more glycogen from the blood or the extra glycogen will be filtered out of your blood through your kidneys.

From the liver, the blood carries the glycogen to the cells where it will either be burned for fuel or stored for later use. When a person is exercising and they burn up the stored glycogen in their cells, the cells start burning glycogen from the blood decreasing the glycogen blood level causing the liver to put more glycogen into the blood to provide energy for your cells.

Now, show me in all of that where sucrose could possibly do any damage to your body, especially since it can't even get into your blood.

Now you need to know that "sugar diabetes" (hyperglycemia - high sugar blood level and hypoglycemia - low sugar blood level) is not caused by sugar. It is caused by a malfunction of the pancreas in that the pancreas doesn't produce the right amount of insulin. The insulin increases the permeability of the cell walls so more glycogen can get into the cells to be burned more quickly. If the pancreas produces too little insulin, not enough sugar will get into the cells, the cells won't be able to function properly and it can result in death, which is why hyperglycemics have to inject insulin when their sugar blood level gets too high so the cells can get the fuel they need. When the pancreas produces too much insulin, the glycogen goes into the cells too quickly causing the cells to burn too much sugar which lowers the sugar blood level dangerously low so the cells can't get all of the sugar they need to function and can cause death so the person must consume more sugar when their sugar blood level gets too low.

Diabetes is not caused by sugar or sucrose, it is caused by damage to the pancreas causing the pancreas to not function right and that damage is almost always caused by bad genetics, injury, or disease.

Recreational Drugs

We have known for decades that recreational drugs are one of the worst things you can do to your body and health. They do irreparable damage on a large scale and it is done randomly throughout your body, where ever a drug molecule manages to gain entry to a cell. Once in the cell, there is no normal molecular process for dealing with those alien molecules and the drug molecules do random damage within the cells, especially to DNA. This is very important in your sex cells because the drugs damage the DNA you are passing on to your offspring causing permanent damage to all of your descendants. I personally feel that people who do recreational drugs should not reproduce after using those drugs, I have seen some pretty disastrous effects on children from parental drug abuse, especially for heavy users. It is not fair to their children, grandchildren, and other descendants. There is significant evidence of drugs decreasing the intelligence of future generations of drug users, you know, liberals. There is a reason why liberals, especially second and subsequent generations, are stupid. The effects of drug abuse on children is being covered up by liberal leaders.

I use NO recreational drugs and have had plenty of fun in my life. It is my opinion that people who use drugs for entertainment need to get a life and are pathetic.


Imagine a couch potato doing mortal combat with an athlete. Who do you think will win that fight?

That is an extreme example of what we will soon be facing, out of shape people fighting for their lives against people who are in better shape and there will be more than one battle between couch potatoes and athletes. There will be no second place in this contest, you either win or die. Even with modern weapons, the better shape you are in, the better your chances will be for survival. Imagine trying to aim a very expensive weapon you put thousands of dollars into with all of the best whistles and bells when you are breathing so hard from running up a flight of stairs that you can't aim the weapon...while some one is shooting at you.

Fitness also helps you survive in other ways. A person in really great shape can take a much greater impact than a person out of shape and keep fighting. A blow which wouldn't phase a person in really great shape would incapacitate a person in really terrible shape. Muscles can take more impact when in shape than out of shape without damage.

Muscles also protect joints from injury and more fit muscles will protect the joints better decreasing the potential of being seriously injured. Also, exercise increases the thickness and strength of bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage further decreasing the potential for crippling injury. We have also know for almost a century that more fit people recover from injury and illness much faster helping them return to the fight sooner or stay in the fight longer.

And, yet, the liberals tell you that exercise is not significant. Gee, could it be they were telling Christians this to discourage as many Christians as possible from exercising so the Christians would be easier to kill?

Some time in the near future, you are going to have to be fit enough to either run to the sound of battle or run from the sound of battle and, either way, you have to be able to do it and still survive a fight. You may have to do this carrying a child to get them to safety.

About 20 years ago, I saw a doctor who regularly talked about things on TV, including sports and exercise, for which he knew nothing. One day a report came out saying that research said the average person should exercise half an hour a day and he talked about this like he is an all knowing expert in exercise physiology. A few days later another report came out saying the average person should exercise an hour a day and this expert didn't know what to say showing that he really didn't know what he was talking about.

So, how much should you exercise?

It depends on your fitness level. You should always start exercising at the exercise level compatible with your fitness or you could be seriously injured. Over the years, I have never seen anyone develop a test for determining fitness level without spending from hundreds to more than $1,000 in an exercise physiology lab, which is only necessary if you have a medical problem like a weak heart.

So I used my training and experience in the sports sciences and sports medicine to develop a test you can run on your own for free to determine what your fitness level is. I have not even heard of anyone else doing this. If you go to (Coach Carl web site) and select "Article/Training Info" in the upper left menu then select "Start Up Advise" from the menu in the center of the page (fifth from the top) or just go straight HERE, that will take you to an essay about how to determine your fitness level and start a custom program based on the results FOR FREE. The essay talks about doing it with bicycling but the same test and system can be used for any sports or activity such as walking, running, bicycling, swimming, and skating.

You also have to know that, if you are more than 50 pounds over weight, don't chose to start with a high impact activity like running. When your body stores fat, it stores it everywhere, even inside your body on your internal organs. The extra weight of that fat on your internal organs when you start bouncing up and down from something like running can be enough to tear internal organs loose from your abdominal cavity. Thousands of people have had to have surgery to reattach things like kidneys, ovaries, and bladders to their abdominal wall because they were too fat and started running. If you are more than 50 pounds over weight, choose a much lower impact activity like walking, bicycling, skating, or swimming to start with and until you are down to less than 50 pounds over weight. It will be kind of hard to run and fight with your kidneys hanging out of your butt.

If you want more extensive information for fitness development and management or even how to set up a program for a group of people like a church, the book at that site, "A Better Way To Train" is written for bicycle racing and can take you from a beginning athlete to a professional athlete within about five or six years (half the time of any other cycling coach I know of) and can be modified for any activity. It is 600 pages with 80 chapters and the equivalent of five regular how-to books for any sport or activity for the price of just one book. The sports psychology section (the equivalent of a regular book) applies to all sports and combat. The training section (the equivalent of a regular book) can be modified for any activity with so much information in it that I had to write it so you read the chapters for men's road racing and then read the chapters which apply to you such as Juniors (18 and under), women, masters, and others to learn how to modify the training for you in order to prevent having so much redundancy that the book would have easily gone over 1,000 pages. Then there are other chapters for such things as diet, coaching and sports management which can be used for setting up a group program along with additional downloads like training calendars, performance graphs, and equipment logs. If you purchase the book, save it on something like a flash drive in case your hard drive bites the dust.

The most important thing here is to get as many Christians as possible in the best shape possible for what is coming our way. When you see all of the drugs they have been encouraging people to do and all of the bad advice they have been pedaling about exercise and diet along with the harm ALL of their advice causes, you have to wonder just how bad they have been trying to screw us up so no one can resist their dictatorship.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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