Civil War 4

I have been reading more reports from the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid media and other experts about the "civil war" between Hamas and Fatah. You would think such experts would be able to see through such an obvious charade. Every site, including sites run by military and intelligence "experts" are talking about the developing civil war in Gaza and the West Bank.

Let's take our analysis a little further than the last essay. In Islam, it is a very good work earning salvation to kill your enemy, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, and a very bad work to NOT kill them. As a matter of fact, if you chose not to kill your enemy, the Koran says you will go to Hell (burn in fire.) It is also a good work earning salvation to die killing or trying to kill your enemy, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, and a bad work that will send you to Hell if you refuse to die trying to kill your enemy.

With these facts in mind, it should be obvious to anyone that Muslims have zero respect for life and 100% respect for death. To quote Muhammad in the Koran, they are ruthless in their murdering. If a true civil war were to break out between Muslims, there would be a blood bath that would horrify even the most hardened Westerners. They would slaughter men, women, and children without mercy or even a thought. Yet, in this terrible "civil war" in Gaza and the West Bank, there has been very little, if any killing of Muslims.

Can this possibly be a civil war between Muslims? Of course not. Then what could it be?

The terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank have a military strategic problem. If they begin training up more terrorists with the obvious intent of invading Israel, Israel will invade, shell, and bomb those camps into dust before the Muslims can raise up their army. If they did manage to get an army trained up in one piece and started to arm and mobilize it with the open intent of invading Israel, then Israel would invade, shell, and bomb them into dust. If they did manage to get an army trained up, armed, and mobilized and started to stage for their invasion of Israel under the open intent of invading Israel, Israel would invade, shell, and bomb them to dust.

So, how do you handle this problem if you are the Muslims? Easy, you stage a fake civil war while training up your army, arming it, mobilizing it, and staging it to "fight each other" in your fake civil war so that the idiot Westerners won't permit Israel to invade, shell, or bomb these armies because it would be Israel interfering with Muslim internal affairs. If you are a Muslim, you will even be willing to kill a few of your own as part of the cover to better sell your fake civil war. Then, after you have staged your troops "in relation to each other" where you want them to be staged for your invasion into Israel, you start your "civil war" by attacking each other the way they have been "attacking each other" with few, if any casualties. Suddenly, at a signal, everyone turns their weapons on key points of the Israeli defensive line with an artillery barrage of rockets, mortars, and rpg's to weaken the line in those key points, and follow that immediately with your attack while Hizballah attacks from Lebanon. Whala, the war is on and you hope you will break through the Israeli line to send cars and trucks of terrorist bolting into key Jewish targets before the Israeli's can respond. You will be hoping that the chaos of a "civil war" will mask or cover your attack long enough for you to break through the Israeli lines. (Oh, did our civil war rockets land on Israeli troops? Boy, are we bad shots or what?)

If you think not, then answer this. Why are the key Muslim leaders involved with Hamas, Fatah, and the other terrorist organizations in that area not trying to stop the "civil war"? What are they doing? They are all off openly campaigning to raise more funds, weapons, and terrorists to fight in the coming war with Israel. If there really were a civil war going on between Hamas and Fatah, don't you think it would threaten any such war against Israel by crippling one or both of those terrorist groups causing heavy losses in troops and weapons? Why aren't their leaders concerned about this threat to their war against Israel? Why are they off raising money, weapons, and troops to wage their war against Israel while ignoring this "civil war"? Maybe because it isn't a real civil war.

Oops, it is getting a little too obvious, isn't it. And our brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, and grossly over paid media and other experts just can't see the coming war because of the Muslim smoke and mirrors. If these people are so easily fooled, why are they considered experts?

Just in case you still doubt it, let me include a few news items from a site called the Debkafiles.

Hamas urges world supporters to send arms, fighters and money to fight "arch-foe Israel"
May 11, 2006, 11:30 AM (GMT+02:00)

Supreme leader Khaled Meshaal spoke in Qatar Wednesday alongside Muslim television cleric Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, who told Muslims to boycott banks refusing to transfer funds to the Hamas-led Palestinian government. He referred to banks in Jordan and Egypt.

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Amid heightened threats from president Ahmadinejad, Tehran opens a back door into Israel for its penetration-cum-terror agents: Sudan to the Negev
May 11, 2006, 12:32 PM (GMT+02:00)

DEBKAfile's intelligence sources reveal that two Iranian Revolutionary Guards companies were dropped at Khartoum's military airfield May 2 by a C-130 transport and driven to a secret military installation on the outskirts of the Sudanese capital. Their arrival signals the onset of an Iranian military airlift to Sudan of a fully equipped RG brigade with armor, a major escalation of the clandestine Iranian threat to Egypt and Israel alike.

DEBKAfile's security sources report the ongoing routine of illicit Sudanese infiltrations into the southern Israeli Negev, shepherded by any of three local smuggling rings: the Palestinian gang headed by Jamal Samhadan, the Hamas government's new appointee as commander of its security forces, Sudanese-Egyptian crime organizations and al Qaeda's Sinai network.

All three are readily available to operate under the orders of the Iranian RG intelligence officers posted in Sudan.

The scale of the Negev traffic is such that hardly a day goes by without Sudanese infiltrators being caught attempting to steal across the Egyptian border into southern Israel. Many are job-seekers; a few, mules for gunrunners or spies collecting data on army installations in the desert region; some were caught recently near the town of Mitzpeh Ramon. They are led to their destinations by Egyptian intelligence agents familiar with the territory, Palestinian terrorists from Gaza or a sprinkling of Israeli Arabs.

An Israeli security source told DEBKAfile that the current Egyptian-Israeli-Gazan border situation offers Iranian agents and terrorists mixed in among the Sudanese infiltrators an easy route into southern Israel. The RG agents are Arabic speakers, having acquired the language from their stint as military instructors with the Lebanese Hizballah.

Did you notice how upset they are about the civil war? Oh yes, they are just so upset about it, aren't they? I know, they are sneaking that Iranian RG (Royal Guard - Iran's best soldiers) brigade with armor into the West Bank and Gaza at the request of the Hamas leaders for more troops and arms for the annihilation of Israel and with Iran swearing to the soon coming annihilation of Israel to "quell the civil war". Yeah, that's the ticket. That should fool those stupid liberals.

Hmmm, could it be that this Iranian RG armored brigade will be smuggled into the Sinai to give the terrorists a fourth attack point with armored support?

Mean while, Iran and Syria are helping Hamas smuggle weapons into the West Bank through Jordan while Hamas is recruiting Muslims from Jordan to train as soldiers for this war against Israel. Al Quaeda has set up almost a dozen fortified bases in the Sinai which are strong enough that, when Egypt tried to invade one to get a terrorist who blew up two of their tourist hotels, Al Quaeda defeated the Egyptian Army and threw them back.

You have to be really stupid to not realize that Syria, Iran, other Muslims countries, Hizballah, Hamas, Fatah, Al Quaeda, and who knows how many other terrorist organizations are gearing up to invade Israel and wipe her off the map. The civil war is just a cover and distraction.

You fool liberals must really like bridges because you sure are buying an awful lot of them.

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