Cleaning House

For years I have been telling you that one thing God is doing with all of these terrible events, is getting rid of all the pagan infiltrators in our churches, government, and every other part of our lives. What this means is that God is cleaning house and getting rid of the people who have caused all of these problems which have led us astray and are causing us to be punished as a people. Before God can straighten out our church, He has to clean out our church or the pagans hiding in our church will just regroup, reorganize, and start all over again. Have you noticed that pagans are very good at doing that?

You have to understand that our churches have never been completely free of paganism since the first corruption of the original Jewish church by corrupt religious leaders. Almost three thousand years ago, the first church leaders began corrupting the church by adding customs and traditions to the Law or taking away from the Law by adding customs and traditions. Since then, every church has done this developing what we call church doctrine. Some churches did this worse than other churches but they all did it.

You have to understand that all of these customs and traditions are pagan and not based on the Bible. Therefore, all church doctrine which is not based strictly on the Bible is pagan.

This is why, in the Law, God said you will not add to or take away from the Law. God knew that the only thing we humans could add to or take away from the Law would be paganism, which would corrupt the Law and the church. To add to or take away from the Law is to assert that you know better than God and can make the Law better than God made the Law and, therefore, you are superior to God. This is a purely pagan concept, was the first crime or sin committed by Satan and is called blasphemy or treason. Therefore, all church doctrine which is not based entirely on the Law, is an act of blasphemy, the worst crime you can commit against God's Law and is punishable by death.

This pagan church doctrine has made it much easier for pagans to infiltrate our churches, not only as members, but also as leaders. The pagan church doctrine has made it much easier for pagan leaders to seize control of our churches and teach pagan doctrines people blindly believe to be Biblical doctrine. These pagan doctrines have been used by Satan's crowd to lead the church astray. It is to God's credit that the church has lasted so long with so many pagans having infiltrated the church and taken it over. God still did great works through the church in spite of this because all things work to the good with God.

Basically, Satan took over our churches to varying levels and God still used the church to beat Satan. Now God wants His church back and God is going to get His church back in a big way so God can build his Christian theocracy and do really great works through that church. Based on a country saying we have here in the Southwest US, when God gets His church back, you ain't seen nothin' yet. God has shown me He will do incredible works through our Christian theocracy or God's church.

But you need to be mentally prepared for what you will see when God cleans house on the church and gets rid of all of the pagans. You have to understand that many of the people who call themselves Christians because they go to a church which calls itself Christian are no more Christians than they would be a car because they stand in a garage. These people are Christian in name only and not in their hearts.

For thousands of years, pagans have infiltrated the Christian church because it benefited them in some way. Belonging to the church made it possible for them to have a Christian facade to hide behind while committing their pagan acts behind closed doors, to join a group of people they wanted to belong to, get members of the church to marry them, be able to fool people doing business with them that they can be trusted, or many other pagan reasons for joining the church, but not to serve God.

Decades ago, it was realized by many pagans that they could make really great money doing very little work by becoming "Christian" preachers. There has been a mad rush to become preachers and a lot of money has been pocketed by these pagan poser Christians preaching what people wanted to hear, you know, the warm fuzzies. Most of them started out by preaching things like, "if you want something, all you have to do is believe God will give it to you and God MUST give it to you". You know, instead of working to earn something, all you had to do was believe God would give it to you and a lot of people believed that lie because they wanted to believe the lie. When that lie failed for everyone, the preachers changed the lie saying that the people didn't get what they wanted because their faith wasn't strong enough. Then there were the preachers who said that the more you gave to the church, you know, them, the more God would give you. The next lie was that you had to claim it and the lies have just kept going on for decades.

Then there were the preachers who made a real killing preaching the false Euro prophesies started by the Catholic Church over 1,000 years ago to keep the Christians from leaving the Catholic Church and returning to the Jewish synagogues. Their marketing strategy was to scare you into buying their books and videos along with giving large donations to them, the church.

Then there were the false healers who set up a system of smoke and mirrors to make it look like they were actually healing people when they didn't heal anyone. These evil monsters pray on the sick and handicapped. They tell people to give large donations and they will be healed. When the people fail to be healed, the false prophets tell the people the lie that the people were not healed because the people's faith isn't strong enough and the people should give the false prophets more money to show their faith.

Remember when Jesus sent His apostles out to teach and heal? When His apostles returned, Jesus asked them to report on how the apostles did. The apostles said they healed EVERYONE except ONE MAN. What did Jesus say? Jesus chastised his apostles saying that the one person was not healed because the HEALERS didn't have enough faith and not because the person being HEALED didn't have enough faith. In other words, the success of the person being healed was based entirely on the faith of the person doing the healing and had nothing to do with the faith of the person being healed. Basically, if a healer cannot heal everyone who comes to them, the healer needs to check their faith or they are not of God. Gee, did these false prophets prophesying for money lie to you....again? Get the picture yet?

Some of these false preachers or prophets who prophesied for money became extremely wealthy teaching lies to the church and some of those lies were very well produced. Many of these false prophets made anywhere from millions to hundreds of millions and more teaching lies to our churches. Believe me, when the people of those churches leave to convert to Islam, those greedy false prophets will follow the money.

Once in the church, these pagans worked their way to the top in the church and, working with other high level pagans, took control of our churches and corrupted the churches. You need to know that there are still many true and good Christian leaders in many of our churches, many of whom have been lead at least a little astray by the pagan doctrines, but there are also a lot of poser Christians who are leaders in many churches. God is sorting them all out.

These pagan infiltrators know how to talk and act like Christians and have fooled even the best of us, which is why it will take an act of God to clean house on our churches. You need to know that some of the people who appear to be the best Christians are the worst pagans.

Now, when Obama seizes control of the US and imposes Shiria Law on us, it will become a crime to be a Christian and Christians will be treated as second class citizens or worse. Suddenly, it will no longer benefit these pagan poser Christians to call themselves Christians and it will cost them dearly. When this happens, these pagans will suddenly "have a revelation from God" that Islam and Christianity are the same religion so they can justify converting to Islam because now it will benefit them to be Muslims and work against them to be Christians. These are fair weather Christians who have had the good life as poser Christians, who will quickly become fair weather Muslims and God will be glad to be rid of them.

You need to know that you are in for a real shock that some of the people you currently think are the most righteous and pious Christians in the churches will be the first to convert to Islam. You will see entire churches of from hundreds to thousands converting to Islam and turning their great churches into Muslim mosques. Most of the true Christians will flee these churches looking for true Christian churches and there will still be many. Some true Christians will believe the new lies and stay in the Muslim mosques for a little while before leaving for a Christian church.

Some of the "great" Christians you currently expect the most of as Christians will become the best Muslims and some of the people who are currently the least among your churches will rise to the occasion and become the best Christians. Some of these fair weather Christians who will quickly convert to Islam will be some of your best friends and even family members for whom you have great respect as Christians. This will tear entire families apart. This sudden chaos will cause confusion among those not prepared for this great shock.

You need to know that, under Shiria Law, Muslims can legally rob, rape, and murder non Muslims and it is a crime to defend yourself against them. You are required by Shiria Law to just submit to Muslim crimes against you and your family. Remember Obama's Citizen Security Force (CSF)? It will be Obama's cops the Muslims will use to enforce Shiria Law on you Christians. Remember that Obama said he will empty our prisons? Did you know that many of those violent criminals are Muslims? Obama is going to empty those prisons right into His CSF by giving amnesty to those who join the CSF and give those violent criminals legal power and control over you to do with you as they please. Remember that I told you that Obama is going to knife the current law enforcement, military, and other government officials in the back, the way he just did King Abdullah, replacing those people with his Muslims, liberal commie traitors, and released prisoners? It is going to get really terrible for all of you good, law abiding citizens and the posers, infiltrators, and moles will quickly convert to Islam. Obama will only use the liberal commie traitors as long as he needs them and then they will all be executed to get rid of them because no one can trust a traitor. Get the picture yet?

Now this will really scare the crap out of you and sending me a bunch of money won't help you in the least bit, though I wouldn't mind it much. Remember those Christian friends and family members who will convert to Islam? Under Shiria Law, after they convert, it will be legal for them to come to your house to rob, rape, and murder your entire family and you won't be permitted to defend yourself against them. Some of the people you will become the most afraid of will be your own best friends and family members and they know where you live. Suddenly prayer becomes very important and, believe me, you will turn back to God and be willing to accept God's Christian theocracy when this happens. God knows how to get you Christians back home, just let the Devil have you for a while and you will come running home for God's protection. God will permit this to continue until you return home. Get the picture yet?

Believe me, to avoid this persecution, the pagan poser Christians will quickly convert to Islam. Many good and true Christians will be tempted to convert to Islam but better not.

BTW, you need to know that, under Shiria Law, when you convert to Islam under force, the Muslims forcing your conversion still get to take half of everything you own right now and have to wait a year before they can return to get the other half, by which time you will have earned more they cannot take so Muslims won't end up in complete poverty.

Be ready, it is coming very soon.

Prophets don't paint too many pretty pictures, do we? It's part of the job because God sends us to warn you about you being punished for your sins, though God has given me some very good messages to give you hope for the future. It should also be pointed out that God won't let me belong to any specific church so no one can say I am teaching that church's doctrine. I belong and answer only to God and am only permitted to teach God's doctrine and not any church doctrine. I am required to tell the truth regardless of who doesn't like it. If you don't like it, tell God about it, not me, I am just the lowly messenger, a servant of God, set aside holy or separately unto God. Believe me, God keeps my butt in line.

By now, an awful lot of you are already beginning to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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