Ocommie is spending his butt off with stolen money preaching that the government has to spend its way out of this recession. This is basic commie-nomics 101 and it is grossly flawed but the liberals are too simple minded, economically ignorant, and stupid to understand real economics so they believe in the highly flawed commie-nomics which have never worked anywhere.

OK, let's say we steal from the rich capitalists and spend a bunch of their money (while calling it government money, of course) creating temporary jobs building bridges, dams, roads, and other things along with a bunch of government jobs, none of which will generate any money to keep paying for those jobs next year so the commie's will have to steal more money from the rich capitalists EVERY YEAR to keep paying for those same jobs. This is a very parasitic behavior which keeps draining more and more money from the economy until the economy eventually folds in on itself.

On the other hand, the capitalist invests the same money in businesses creating jobs which will generate revenues to keep paying for those jobs and other new jobs so they don't have to keep raiding their future profits on a regular basis to keep paying for those same jobs. This permits the capitalist to use profits from each successive year to keep creating more jobs by either expanding their businesses or creating new businesses. This is how a good capitalist economy grows and will eventually reach a point to where those businesses must compete for employees driving wages up as the capitalists have to start bidding to get the better employees or any employees at all. You have to understand that such growth functions on a non linear basis and grows faster every year until the economy hits its maximum potential, at which time it will happily cruise along with minor fluctuations. This is because the capitalist investments also increase their profits which increases the money they have to invest every year.

When the commie's steal this investment capital from the capitalists for their bull crap ideas, they are not just destroying today's jobs but destroying the jobs those profits would have created. That capitalist will never see those profits and be able to replace those jobs so those jobs are forever lost. That is why socialism is a blood sucking parasite that will eventually destroy every economy.

The most important question you should always ask about any idea is, "And they what?". After you have done this really great sounding idea, then what will happen? The simple minded liberals are too simple minded and stupid to ask this question. If you ask them this question, they just get mad because you are trying to get them to think their idea through and that is blaspheme to a commie. In liberalism, you are just supposed to blindly believe every great sounding idea their liberal gods come up with and are not permitted to question those ideas just like in a very radical religion. This is why I call liberalism a religion because it functions just like a very radical and brain dead religion. The top liberals don't want you to think, because, if you do, they know their idiot ideas quickly fall apart. This is why they do everything they can to censor everyone who does question their stupid ideas.

Oh, their ideas are great sounding, but, if you question them, you quickly find out they are just great sounding bull crap. Therefore, in liberalism, it is forbidden to question the superior gods at the top. The first and most important commandment in liberalism is, "Thou shalt not think, just do what you are told."

So what is going to happen with Ocommie's great sounding bull crap idea about spending his way out of a recession with other people's money, especially using credit? The commie's are spending money that doesn't exit yet to create jobs that will need more money every year to keep those same jobs going. So next year, they will have to start pulling money out of economy to pay for this year's commie jobs while spending even more money to keep those same commie jobs going next year. At the same time, they will be destroying income for the rich capitalists to create real jobs and even begin to force many businesses to start laying off real jobs. This will decrease the amount of money the commie's can get in taxes so they will have to increase taxes more the following year to keep up with their spending even if they don't increase their spending.

At some point, either the commie's are going to destroy the economy or their government is going to fail. The economy usually goes first and then the government also fails creating the worst possible economic scenario, severe economic depression. What makes this even worse is that the commie's are starting out with a bad economy they sabotaged with their socialism that will only get worse because of Commie-nomics.

Like I have said before, the stupid people have taken control of the planet and are destroying it. The planet is already dead, it just hasn't finished kicking yet. It will only get worse before it can get better.

BTW, they are saying that the economy is recovering and using every little "indicator" to prove it such as the minor decrease in unemployment in November. They are conveniently not telling you that the slight decrease in unemployment is because of the seasonal hiring for the Christmas season, which happens every year. As soon as the Christmas season is over, unemployment will go back up again. They don't want you to know this because they want you to believe their Commie-nomics is working when it really isn't. As a matter of fact, with Christmas sales rapidly declining, you can expect to see even higher unemployment after the Christmas season than before it.

With the commie's in charge, this is only going to keep getting worse until you get rid of the commie's and get some real capitalists in charge and, even then, it will take a while to undo the damage the commie's have already done. There is no quick fix for this economy, especially with what the commie's are doing. It will take time to unscrew their screw ups.

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