I Told You So 19

I got the following news item from Newsmax at newsmax.com.

"According to the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday, 41 percent of likely voters now have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party Patriots. That compares to a 35 percent favorable rating for Democrats and 28 percent for the GOP."

This is huge news and is a serious counter attack by the conservatives against the liberal infiltration of both the Democratic and Republican parties. The Democratic Party was so completely taken over by the liberals a long time ago that it has literally become the American Communist Party and the GOP has been taken over enough by the liberals to make it dysfunctional. To counter this, the conservatives have formed a new party in order to stop the commie take over of the US.

Some time ago, I told you the conservatives would have to either take back the GOP by using their primaries to vote out the liberals or start a new party to regain control of the US. The conservatives tried getting rid of the liberals but the liberals are too embedded at the upper levels and the conservatives were forced to start a new party.

Think about it. With 41% of the population behind them, the Tea Party now only needs to sway 10% of the voters from the remaining parties to have 51% of the vote and control of the country back. 35% of the voters see the Commiecrats as being a good party and only 20% of the voters are liberals so 15% are up for grabs. With 28% of the voters thinking the GOP is a good party, that means the GOP is dead and all 28% of their votes are up for grab. That means that 29% (the poll totals 104% meaning some voters respect two parties) of the voters are at least slightly available for the new Tea Party. With the right marketing strategy and the increasing dislike for the commie's, they should be able to get more than enough, especially if the conservatives all realize that the GOP is dead. That means the liberals in the GOP will have to infiltrate the Tea Party or go to where they belong, the Commiecrat Party.

With this information now out there, it will encourage even more voters who are hanging onto either the Commiecrat or Republican parties because they don't think the new party can win elections to make the move to the Tea Party on election day. If the Tea Party takes advantage of this information and uses it as part of their marketing, they can easily win the next elections because it will leave three minor parties vying for liberal votes, the Commiecrats, Republicans, and Green Party with the conservative and many moderate votes going to the Tea Party.

This means that the GOP is either dead or relegated to minor party status with the Green Party and the Commiecrat party is the other main party which will encourage more GOP members to leave the Repuclican party for the Tea Party. By permitting the liberal take over and confusion of the GOP, the leaders have destroyed that party.

The strategy which permitted the liberals to infiltrate and take over the Democratic and Republican parties was that the party leaders put party before policy and country. The new Tea Party seems to be putting policy and country before party and is getting the cross over members by the tens of millions. As long as their leaders stick to this strategy, they have a chance of regaining control of the government. If they start putting party before policy and country, the liberal commie's (20% of the voters) will just infiltrate the Tea Party and make it dysfunctional so the Commiecrat party can regain power.

This will be very interesting to watch and I expect Palin to be their poster politician.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often, you are going to need it.
Besides, God can save anything.

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