Commie-nomics II

This is really hilarious...well, for everyone except the people in Venezuela. Keep an eye on this. It wasn't that long ago that the arrogant little commie dictator, Hugo Chavez, took control of Venezuela and started bragging he was going to show everyone how great and wonderful communism works. He quickly became the US commie poster boy.

Well, here we are less than a decade later and he is going begging to his idol, Castro, trying to find out how communism works because he has ruined the economy in Venezuela. The power mad little commie twit doesn't realize that the only reason Castro and company are still in power is because the US commie's have been using third party commie countries like France to launder money from the very successful US capitalist economy (which Hugo hates and has been ranting against declaring repeatedly he will bring it down - too late, Ocommie and his Commiecrats have already done that) to prop up Castro so the US commie's can point to Cuba as a very successful communist economy in spite of the fact that Cuba has been living in dire poverty (except for their natural elite leaders) for decades because COMMUNISM DOESN'T WORK! Communism is a severely flawed system that has failed in every country and is currently bringing down the US economy in the express lane.

This is what happens when the commie's make up lies to promote their commie-nomics and then are stupid enough to begin believing their own lies. They persist in forcing their "superior" commie-nomics on everyone else eventually destroying the economy. Unfortunately for all of us, they have managed to lie and steal their way into power in the US and globally so that, when they finally destroy the US economy, they will destroy the global economy taking down all of the commie countries in one blow because they are idiots. But commie's will never learn because they are too arrogant and stupid too learn. Therefore, until we get smart enough to kill the jerks off, they will just keep destroying one economy after another until they do destroy the entire global economy, which will be pretty soon.

At least good old Hugo has showed us just how great and wonderful communism really is by destroying another economy and he is too stupid to realize his beloved communism is pure stupidity. Please note that the US commie's just couldn't love Hugo enough when he first started out and was their poster boy. Now that he is begging to Cuba for help, he won't be on too many US communist posters any more.

And the commie's still don't get it.

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