I Told You So 24

I told you that the unemployment would go back up following the Christmas season and showed that even during the Christmas season the unemployment rate surprised everyone by increasing. I also showed you that the only reason why unemployment didn't go back up during December is because almost as many people are giving up, leaving the job market, and not being counted as being unemployed as there are now in new people claiming unemployment every month. I told you that this means that real unemployment had to be increasing.

Then Obama pulled a really neat slight of hand that has fooled many and is being ignored by even some members of the conservative press. He hired a bunch of government temporary employees (who will lose their jobs in a few months) which, along with the people now leaving the job market, artificially drove the unemployment down to a false 9.7% unemployment. He didn't really boast about this but has left the number floating knowing it would fool a lot of people into believing he is trying to do something about unemployment when, what little he has done, has failed miserably. Even some members of the conservative media have fallen for this stunt and are helping make it look like real unemployment has fallen. Some have even started blaming the Republican Party for Obama not being able to do something for unemployment when Obama clearly had the ability to do pretty much what he wanted to stop the increasing unemployment when he had Commiecrat control of both Congressional houses.

I also told you that real unemployment should be about 20% or 1 in 5 of the national work force. Today a Gallup poll showed that real unemployment is 19.9%. You are being lied to....still.

What next? I am waiting for another shoe to drop causing our economy to implode like a miniature black hole taking our government, the rest of the global governments, and the global economy with it. It is going to get really nasty soon and there are not enough dirty little tricks in the Commiecrat bag to cover up the mess they are about to cause. Amazing, they are still successfully blaming Bush for the worsening economy. Hold it, is Bush still president? I thought Obama was president now.

Also pay attention to the commieconomists who keep telling us 1) it was not a depression but a super recession in spite of our 19.9% real unemployment, 2) we are now out of the recession even though real unemployment is now at 19.9%, 3) that the economy is now recovering in spite of the fact that our real unemployment is increasing (tell it to the increasing numbers of unemployed), and that unemployment will go down soon (who are they going to stop counting now? :-P)

For fun, we should have a poll to see who can guess just how bad the economy will get this year. My guess, with everything the commie's are doing and trying to do, 25+% real unemployment well before the end of the year. 1 or more in 4 will be out of work well before the end of the year AND they will still be calling it a super recession, saying the recession is over, and the economy is growing.

Also note that the consumer index has fallen 11 points to the mid 40's showing that increasing numbers of people are not being fooled by the Commiecrat's tricks any more. They now have less faith in the economy and will spend less causing the economy to get even worse.

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