I want to explain in detail more about our failed containment strategy forced on us by the liberals.

After WWII, the liberals talked us into not going to war against Russia by promoting the strategy of containment and making the excuse that the American people were tired of fighting wars when it was the liberal media who convinced the people that they were tired of fighting wars. The liberals started saying that we should just contain the Soviet Union because "we don't want to conquer and rule the world." You know, the way we conquered Germany and Japan but don't rule them today. They did this to protect their beloved communist ally from being wiped out by the west.

A huge part of the problem and the best weapons the liberals have used to destroy the US to set up their glorious communist dictatorship has been liberal college professors, the liberal media, and liberal Hollywood. Educationally, they began to slowly dumb the American people down more than half a century ago and then brainwashed them stupid with their beloved liberalism.

Following WWII, communist, Mao Zedong, with the support of the contained Soviet Union continued to fight with Chiang Kai-shek, who had been a US ally during the war. The liberals convinced everyone to turn their back on Chiang Kai-shek because he was a dictator (guess what, so was Mao and Mao was an ally of our enemy, the Soviet Union) and let Mao win the war in 1949 setting up the Chinese communist dictatorship which still ruthlessly controls the Chinese people today.

The liberals also convinced the US people to let contained Russia and contained China have the northern half of Korea, after it was freed from Japan, to set up a communist dictatorship. Our brilliant president and liberal in chief, Truman, didn't permit South Korea to have sufficient arms to defend herself from an attack by the North because he was afraid it would encourage the South to attack and free the North to unify Korea. Mean while, North Korea built a massive military and then took advantage of South Korea's weaker military to invade and almost conquer South Korea, giving us the Korean war of 1950 - 1953.

Yeah, that liberal strategy worked well, didn't it?

MacArthur defeated the North, drove them into the mountains in Northeast Korea, and was waiting for the spring to hunt them down and destroy them. While MacArthur was waiting the winter out, contained China massed 400,000 Chinese troops across the Yalu River from Northwest Korea (not very well contained, were they?). When the contained Chinese started massing, MacArthur asked Truman for more troops to stage a preemptive strike against China, destroy their troops and march on Beijing, China. Truman, in his liberal upper class trash brilliance repeated the same mistake he had made with South Korea by denying MacArthur enough troops to defend against the Chinese assault because Truman was afraid that MacArthur would use those troops to invade China and start another war.

Contained China took advantage of MacArthur's military weakness to attack and drive all the way back to the south before the US was able to turn the contained Chinese Army around and drive the contained Chinese Army back across the 38th parallel into North Korea.

Yep, that stupid liberal strategy worked just as well the second time as it did the first time because Truman didn't learn the first time. Weakness does not deter power mad people, it only encourages them.

The US drove the contained Chinese Army into an area called the Iron Triangle, where the remaining 300,000 Chinese dug in very deeply. The US staged an assault that defeated the contained Chinese Army and had it on the run when Truman showed us more of his great liberal genius by offering contained China and North Korea a deal they couldn't refuse, a peace treaty which gave them back the land taken from them with the blood of US soldiers because Truman didn't want to conquer and rule North Korea and contained China, though he easily could have conquered them. Truman just wanted to contain the communists, some more.

So we were now containing three major communist forces by 1953, Russia, China, and North Korea. Wow, the number of contained communist forces tripled from 1945 until 1953, only 8 years.

In 1953, contained Russia supported a young layer, Fidel Castro, in the overthrow of the then current Cuban government and the war lasted until 1959 when Castro set up his current communist dictatorship and the US, instead of fighting to free the Cuban people from communist tyranny, contained communist Cuba. The US was now containing four major communist countries, all of which the US could have conquered and set the people free but the upper class trash liberals worked very hard to protect these communist nations from being destroyed by the US military.

Oh gee, that wouldn't be treason, would it?

The French set up French Indochina between 1863 and 1869. Following WWII, Ho Chi Minh started trying to overthrow the French rule in Vietnam to set up a communist dictatorship with the help of contained Russia and then, later, contained China. War broke out in 1946 with General Giap defeating the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 to establish North Vietnam and the US supporting South Vietnam. In the North, they butchered hundreds of thousands of people and started the war against the South in 1954. The US supported and helped the South fight the North but the brilliant liberal leader, LBJ, never established a plan to win the war because he thought them defeating North Vietnam would bring contained China into the war and the US would have to defeat contained China again. All LBJ and, later, Nixon wanted was to drive the North to the peace table to get a treaty like we have with contained North Korea, you know, to contain the commies.

In December 1972, Nixon bombed North Vietnam to within three months of being forced to capitulate, which forced the North to the peace table where Tricky got his treaty in February 1973 and declared the war had been won because he had achieved his goal of a truce. As part of this peace treaty, Tricky promised South Vietnam that the US would replace all weapons lost fighting the north in any future military action so South Vietnam could successfully defend itself and declared victory, containing more commies. In 1975, the Commiecrats took over Congress and defunded the weapons part of the treaty so that South Vietnam would not get any weapons to defend itself against North Vietnam, you know, the way Truman did South Korea. Just like North Korea did, contained North Vietnam took advantage of this military weakness in South Vietnam to invade and conquer South Vietnam butchering more than two million people following the conquest, especially purging more than one million commie traitors who had helped the contained North take the South. So now we were containing an even larger commie force.

From the 1950s through the 1980s, the "contained" commies in Russia and China helped establish and fund commie guerillas fighting and killing in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chili, other Central and South American countries, and throughout Africa.

Gee, that containment thingy was really working well, wasn't it?

In the 1980s communism finally destroyed contained Russia to the point that she had to convert to democracy and capitalism followed by China in the 1990s converting to capitalism while maintaining their communist dictatorship because Marxism just can't work. But we are still containing most of these hostile forces because they are still run by power mad, greedy, monsters who want to conquer the world.

Then the liberal commie Euro-American traitors turned to Islam to help them conquer the US and the West so the liberal commies could set up their beloved "New World Order", A.K.A. global commie dictatorship, because lusts for power and wealth can never be satiated. Such whacko people will ALWAYS want more. Even after they conquer, impoverish, and enslave the entire planet, such lunatics will turn on each other to fight over the pickings.

So, how is that wonderful God hating commie paganism and containment working out?

And we continue with our severely failed containment strategy to this day with the liberal traitors and Muslims working to protect their allies by forcing the Western militaries to only contain the enemy and not destroy them, as we contain the enemies in more and more countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, and other nations. It won't be long until we are containing the entire planet.

Hold it, we already are. The liberals and Muslims have us now containing Muslims waging war against us in our own countries. We're screwed.

Instead of taking out these evil forces one at a time, when we had the significant upper hand for a certain win while preventing most of them from becoming communist powers, we are now faced with trying to take them on all at once with them having had more than half a century to build and improve their militaries. Plus now we are also facing fighting 1.5 billion Muslims at the same time. Add to this that our liberal traitors have been taking our countries over from within, destroying our military capabilities, economies, industries (many sent to the communist and Muslim countries), and bankrupting our governments so we can't rebuild our militaries. This has been nothing short of treason and sabotage.

In our new nation, if anyone suggests we should contain an enemy for any reason except to build our military strong enough to destroy them, that person should be shot for treason. What the liberals have done with their containment strategy is clearly an act of treason by aiding the enemy until they and the enemy could become strong enough to destroy the West.

Other News

You think the Muslims don't have a kill list for the liberal commie traitors?

They just posted a kill list for 100 US military personnel. Believe me, the Muslims have a data base with the names, addresses, family, and everything else they will need to quickly purge the liberal traitors.

Obama has increased the tension between himself and Israel by stating he will not defend Israel in the UNHRC. Obama is building a UN case against Israel to justify invading Israel and butchering the Jews.

It has just been noted that Obama will have given $11.9 billion to Iran, you know, a terrorist entity, by June of 2015. He is definitely buying more than one nuke. I also found out that there is a nuclear physicists from MIT involved in these "negotiations". That is very interesting and my first thought is, "whose side is he on?" We know whose side Obama is on.

At Breitbart, in an article by Mike Flynn it said, "A new CNN poll, asking Americans about their 'perfect' candidate in 2016, is a bitter prelude to Obama's presidential legacy. By strong majorities, Americans want a political leader with lots of experience who will reverse Obama's policies."

Get under that bus!!!

Yep, the liberals have succeeded in turning Obama into the scapegoat for the liberal mischief and cause people to hate him. Even liberal Hollywood is going after Obama. Don't feel sorry for Obama because he deserves it, just not all of the credit. The liberals should be held accountable for their part.

I am waiting for the liberals to suddenly release Obama's sealed records, you know, over the Internet via some hackers. You KNOW it's coming.

They are starting to throw Valerie Jarrett under the bus too. I think they will make a nice couple under the bus together.

I have been telling you that all of the upper class trash, regardless of party, are in the same bed, everything else is smoke and mirrors. For example, Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, works for Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in Houston. They are all family and good old boys or better understood as a criminal organization or a crime family.

White Sunday brunchers are tired of the black brunch protesters spoiling the liberal white cracker Sunday brunches, are literally getting physical and fighting back. The mostly liberal whites have helped throw protestors out of a number or restaurants in different states. The Upper class trash are succeeding at turning whites against blacks to justify black genocide...uh...eugenics, yeah, that is the ticket, eugenics.

If you can make your crimes not sound bad, then they must be good. Well, so says liberal logic.

I told you that Christians are fighting back around the world. Christians in the Central African Republic have destroyed 417 of 436 mosques. They have had enough and we are seeing Crusades II, the sequel. Eyes are opening and people are choosing. Pray for them.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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