Control 2

As I look back over my life, I realize that God has put me in a lot of places to learn a lot of things. God has had me spend the last 50+ years out gathering dots and drawing pictures to learn what is really going on in this world partly to share with you and I am still learning more. I remember standing in a hallway in a capitol building in 1980 watching a group of corrupt politicians openly discuss doing illegal things in front of just whoever happened to be there including a journalist, who understood everything they were talking about, and these crimes were never reported. I was amazed at the openness of their corruption.

I have known, been friends with, talked to, and asked questions to children of some of the upper class trash families, some of the most powerful families in the world. They gave me some very valuable dots. I have been trained to be a stock broker and commit crimes in the very corrupt stock market system set up to steal from you but left because I refused to commit those crimes and how the upper class trash use the stock market to completely control our economy. I have been trained in and seen the inside of military intelligence and extremely advanced technology. I have paid very close attention and learned a lot.

Some of what I want to share with you in this essay is control, that the upper class trash are now in almost complete control of the world and our lives with their devious little control systems.

I saw them murder Jack and Bobby Kennedy because they were trying to clean things up and watched carefully as conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory failed but one thing grew obvious, it was the Euro-American upper class trash who killed Jack and Bobby to stop them from cleaning up the corruption that was taking over our government.

How does the upper class trash keep their children from ratting out the corruption in the family the way Jack and Bobby tried to?

It is a complex system they use. They start out by spoiling all of their children and getting them addicted to living a life of luxury, you know, they teach them the love of money. As the kids are growing up, some of them are selected out from the rest and trained up to eventually take over the family business of crime. When the rest reach an age to where they want to go out on their own, they are set up with a special trust fund developed by the upper class trash to control their children and you can learn about this type of trust fund, if you study business management.

In this special type of trust fund, the person who starts the trust fund by donating money into it, retains ownership of the money and control of the trust fund with the interest earned by that trust fund going to whomever the owner decides. Any time the owner wants, he can pull the money out of the trust fund and shut down the trust fund so that the child no longer gets the interest or the owner can change to whom the interest goes.

This is important because, if the child decides to rat out the family for their corruption, his trust fund will be shut down and their quality of life will drastically decrease instantly. This alone is enough to keep most of the rich kids in line.

You add to this that the upper class trash the child would be ratting out own all of the media, so to whom could he rat them out?

Daddy's news medium simply wouldn't tell the truth about Daddy because they would all get fired or go to prison. Instead, they will tell daddy and junior will either lose his trust fund or end up dead like Jack and Bobby.

After the upper class trash murdered Jack and Bobby, Caroline married a very wealthy man, Onassis, who could protect her and her kids, including Jack Jr., the youngest son of Jack Kennedy. When he grew up, Jack Jr. figured out a very ingenious way to rat out the upper class trash for murdering his father. He started his own magazine from scratch and grew it as a social magazine until it became very popular. Then he was going to publish the truth about the corruption of the upper class trash the next day, you know, as a little pay back for murdering daddy, and flew home with his girl friend the night before but never got home because his plane mysteriously blew up out over the ocean.

They retrieved what was left of his plane, declared it to be an accident without ever telling what caused the "accident", and the case just quietly went away with the truth not getting published.

What went wrong?

The upper class trash didn't trust Jack Jr. and infiltrated moles into his magazine organization. Those moles ratted out Jack Jr. and he was killed before he could tell the truth. The upper class trash silenced Jack Jr.

Now do you understand why I believe Reagan was poisoned to cause his Alzheimer's?

Now do you understand why I believe that they will kill anyone and everyone who gets in their way and, therefore, it is not possible for Christians to clean this mess up?

But, God has His plans too. Remember, man plans, God laughs.

Remember Obama's secret racist data base that Obama openly admitted to having?

In order to organize, manage, and use their huge criminal organization, the upper class trash has to have a massive data base containing everyone who is in this organization, including all the secret moles. They simply could not manage and effectively use such a huge criminal organization and all of its human resources without such a massive data base. It would be impossible and it is very clear they are very effectively managing their human resources, therefore, they have their massive data base.

Now, in order for the Muslims to work closely with the liberal commies running things, the Muslims would have to have access to that massive data base, you know, so they would know who to contact for what and ect. To be able to eventually copy such a huge data base, the Muslims would have to work very closely with the liberal commie traitors for at least a few decades.

So, how long have the Muslims been working with the upper class trash to help overthrow the US?

Remember that man who murdered Bobby Kennedy in the late 1960s?

He was a Muslim Jihadi. The Muslims have easily been working with the upper class trash commie traitors since the 1960s and long enough to have records of every liberal commie traitor in the upper class trash criminal organization, including all the secret moles. The Muslims know who they are, where they work, where they live, and how to kill them. THAT is Obama's secret racist data base God is going to cause the Muslims to use to purge the liberal commie traitors and the Muslims are getting ready to do it soon.

Why kill them or force the moles out of hiding to convert to Islam or die?

Because, if the Muslims don't neutralize the liberal commie traitor moles, the moles will be able to secretly organize and stage a counter coup to overthrow the Muslim Caliphate and, therefore, are a threat to the Muslims. I have already told you about God's plans to purge the Muslims well enough you can clean up the rest with a revolutionary war.

Now, do you better understand why I keep saying God is our only hope?

We humans have created such a horrible mess the good ones simply can't clean it up but God can and He will.

Now, in my next essay, I want to share some fun stuff God showed me to give you a little better idea of how God uses what Satan does to cause "all things to work for the good with God", you know, just like the Bible says.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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