Satan started and has been using science fiction and space aliens, especially the movies, to subtly brainwash people into believing in evolution so Satan can cause people to believe God is not real and He does not exist. Satan has done an excellent job of doing this buuuut...God showed me a few things.

Remember that the Bible says that "all things work to the good with God"?

I am going to share with you what God showed me about how God uses Satan's own games to beat Satan. Hint: Don't ever play chess with God.

First, the primary reason Satan invented the concept of there being space aliens was so Satan could subtly brainwash people into believing evolution is true and God is a myth, after all, if there is life on other planets, then it must have evolved, creation never happened, and God doesn't exist. Not exactly true but that is the logic Satan sells to everyone who hates God, God's Laws, and the Bible.

It is amazing that, in spite of the fact that there is absolutely not one piece of evidence that there is life on any other planet, how many people have fallen for this con, believe in space aliens and that God, therefore, does not exist in spite of the fact there is huge evidence, especially historical evidence, that God does exist. Satan is really great at using smoke and mirrors.

To achieve his goal of brainwashing people that evolution must be true, because the sci-fi movies said so, Satan had his people produce some really great sci-fi action adventure movies for entertainment, which are very popular globally. The three I want to use for examples are Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, and Star Wars.

Star Trek

I had only read about 1/3 of the Koran when I realized that the Klingons in Star Trek were created based on Islam. If you don't believe me, read the Koran, study Islam, and study the Klingons. Both are very violent and ruthless warrior cults with extremely similar cultures and authors always base characters on real life people.

I knew that Gene Roddenberry had been exposed to Islam at some point before writing the series and including the Klingons in Star Trek. Then I found out that the producer of the Andromeda TV series was Majel Roddenberry. The name Majel is Arabic and I found out that Majel was Gene's wife while he was producing Star Trek, her biological father's last name was Hudec, which is East European, where there are quite a few Muslims.

So it became obvious that either Majel or some of her family members introduced Gene to Islam, Gene obviously learned quite a bit about Islam because of the "uncanny" similarities between Muslims and Klingons, Gene thought that a warrior cult like Islam would make a really great enemy for the Space Federation and created the Klingons based on Islam. I think it was probably Majel because, after Gene died and she produced the TV series, Andromeda, she included a black man as a "might Muslim warrior" who was a good guy and member of a noble warrior race, which is something only a Muslim would do.

Now, what was God very subtly telling you with this?

First, the good guy or Federation culture was based on Judea-Christianity and the bad guys were based on Islam. Second, there would be a space war with numerous space battles between the Christians and Islam in the last days that would culminate with the Battle of Armageddon. The main thing God was telling us was that the one world government and church in the Tribulation would not be the EU and Catholic Church but Islam and God gave us this very subtle message in the 1960s, long before anyone had figured out that the Tribulation one world government and church would be Islam.

Hang on, it gets better. I saved the best for last.

BTW, some of you are about to become REAL Trekies by treking your little butts out into deep space to colonize other planets, you know, the going where man has never gone before thingy.

Battle Star Galactica

The very theme of Battle Star Galactica was based on the concept that a culture with Judea-Christian morals and values had been overthrown by a warrior culture of non humans (robots) and were fleeing or staging a tactical retreat through deep space to find a planet they called earth to build a new nation in order to rebuild and stage a counter attack against the enemy, the Cylons, who had the morals and values of Islam, a ruthless warrior cult obsessed with conquering everything and slaughtering all non Cylons, you know, just like the Muslims want to do here on earth.

Gee, what a coincidence.

This is very similar to what God showed me in my dreams about us Christians staging a tactical retreat into deep space to colonize other planets forming an Intergalactic Christian Federation of planets to build our military for a counter attack against the Muslims, who are obsessed with conquering and slaughtering all of us, because we knew in advance the Muslims would conquer the world.

The Muslims and robots?

The Muslims are very much like the Cylon robots in that the Muslims MUST obey their leaders or be destroyed, just like the Cylons. Just like the Cylons, the Muslims will fight to the death for their leaders or be destroyed.

God was sending a very subtle message that our home planet will be conquered by the Muslims and, to survive, many, not all, will previously flee into deep space to build a new and better nation with a stronger military by colonizing planets to stage a counter attack.

Star Wars

I saved the best for last.

This series was based on "The Force" and there is the dark force or dark side and the light force or light side, obviously two different entities though they tried to make it look like only one.

Witches will tell you that they don't worship Satan, they worship...wait for it...the "DARK FORCES", which we all know are Satan and his demons.

Gee, I wonder where the writers got the idea of "The Force" and the dark side?

The Bible tells us that God is...wait for it...the light to the world and that all power comes from Him, therefore, God is the light force or light side.

The evil emperor and Darth Vader were the leaders of the Dark side. Darth Vader was severely wounded in a battle and, using advanced technology, the Evil Emperor "resurrected" Darth to wage war against the light side and the Jedi Knights, you know, just like the Antichrist will be mortally wounded and raised from the dead by the false prophet to wage war against God's people.

The Evil Emperor was the religious and military leader of the Dark Side and had mystical powers similar to witchcraft so he could perform miracles, you know, just like the Bible says the false prophet (the religious leader of Islam) will do wonders and perform miracles.

BTW, at the end of Star Wars, the Evil Emperor was cast into what looked like a bottomless pit just like the false prophet and Antichrist will be cast into a bottomless pit at the end of the Tribulation by Jesus.

Gee, what a coincidence, a bunch of them.

Nah, God didn't have a hand in writing this, did He?

If you study mythology and history, you will find that diverse cultures around the world, which drew pictures of the devil, drew him has having two horns on his forehead and, when color was included, he was painted red. This was done by cultures from around the world who had no contact with each other.

In Star Wars, the Lord Sith, had two horns and was red with black and looked extremely Satanic.

Gee, more coincidences?

Basically, Satan did a cameo appearance in Star Wars, you know, like he will be cast down to earth during the Tribulation.

In Star Wars, there was always a couple of Jedi representing the light side who had powers to do miracles just like the Two Witnesses in the Tribulation who will be representing the light of the world, God, you know, the light side.

BTW, to use the force, requires faith just like with both God and Satan.

Not more coincidences?

The Dark side is very ruthless and warrior like just like the Muslims and the Light Side wants peace but will fight against the Darkness, just like Christians. Again, the Dark Side Imperial Forces were very ruthless and suicidal just like Muslims and the Light Side Forces fought for life and to protect others from evil, not for death.

BTW, after the fighting finished at the end of the sixth Star Wars movie, there was peace for a while and then the "Force Awakened" and there was war again, you know, just like there will be peace following the Battle of Armageddon, following seven years of tribulation, and during the millennial reign of Jesus but there will be war again at the end of the millennial reign of Jesus when Satan, you know, the Dark Force witches worship, is turned loose or "awakens" to tempt and test those born after the beginning of the millennial reign of Jesus.

Gee, not more coincidences?

The message God sends here is much more obvious. We Christians will form a new nation and colonize planets to get away from the coming war by the Muslims just like the Jedi set up bases on other planets to evade the Empire, there will be a space war with numerous space battles, we Christians will fight back and eventually win the war by the power of God (the Force) when Jesus returns but, after a period of peace, Satan will "awaken" and start another war, which the scriptures say we will win for final peace and Paradise.

Gee, what a really huge coincidence. Nothing like using the same basic plot.

The really interesting thing is that NONE of those producers knew that God was using their work, intended to disprove God exists, to send us information about the end times. No matter what Satan does, God uses it to beat him because "everything works for the good with God", ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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