I realized this morning that I need to explain and explore the conversion of the Catholic Church from Christianity to Islam. First, it is now obvious that the Catholic Church's public proclamation in April 2014 that, if Jesus does not come before the end of the year 2014, the Catholic Church will quit waiting for Jesus to come and that they do not believe he will come by the end of the year 2014, was an indirect way of stating that, at that time, in April 2014, the Catholic Church had decided to convert from Christianity to Islam by the end of the year 2014. The commitment has been made and, unless Jesus comes, it is a done deal.

Second, the first Muslim prayers and reading of the Koran in the Catholic Church was the very subtle beginning of that conversion. You have to understand that what the Catholic Church did was to replace a Christian mass with a Muslim mass. As the year progresses, the Catholic Church will increasingly replace Christian masses with Muslim masses until, by the end of the year 2014, there will only be Muslim masses, at which point, the conversion of the Catholic Church from Christianity to Islam will be complete because there won't be any more Christian masses in the Catholic Church, ever again. From that point on, there will only be Muslim masses for as long as the Catholic Church exists and I would not be surprised to see the Catholic Church change its name to something Islamic, you know, like the Church of Muhammad.

You have to realize that the Catholic Church is deceptively making this conversion in such a subtle way so most of the people won't realize the conversion is being made until the conversion is completed. The leaders of the Catholic Church realize that some people will not accept the conversion from Christianity to Islam and will leave the Church to either form their own churches, the way the Church of Rome divided into the Church of Rome and the Orthodox Church when Rome splint into the Eastern and Western Empires of Rome, or join other Christian denominations. By making this conversion from Christianity to Islam in a very deceptive and subtle way, the Catholic Church is trying to keep and take as many of the Catholic people with them as they can, in other words, keep the church's losses to a minimum.

Most of the true Christians in the Catholic Church will listen when Jesus speaks to their hearts to leave the Catholic Church but some will listen to their church leaders and at least temporarily make the conversion. All of the people who are Catholic and profess to be Christian because mommy and daddy were Catholic and it benefited them in some worldly way will make that conversion and become Muslims because being a poser Christian will no longer benefit them (they will be excommunicated from the church) and converting to Islam will benefit them. In other words, the Church is more important to them than God and they will worship any god the Church tells them to worship to remain in the Church. You have to understand that the more people the Catholic Church takes with it into Islam, the more bargaining power they will have for control of Islam. It is all about power.

I believe this is the iron (of the Roman Empire) mixing with the clay (of Islam) in the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's figure in Daniel and it is happening RIGHT NOW! Remember that the Bible tells us that, in the end times, the people will believe a lie because they want to believe that lie and that even some of the elect will be deceived? Islam is that lie.

What does this mean globally for Christianity, Islam, and the rest of paganism?

There are more than two billion Christians globally (currently the largest religion in the world) and the Catholic Church probably has about one billion of those people as their church members while Islam has about 1.6 billion members globally. If only 600 million of the Catholic Church members make the conversion, Islam will suddenly have 2.2 billion members globally and Christianity will have a little less than two billion members making Islam the largest religion in the world by January 2015. This will be a MASSIVE victory for Islam, which is the only reason the Muslim religious leaders agreed to this deal with the Catholic Church.

You have to understand that it has historically been Christianity which has stopped Islam from conquering the world, Islam's most important goal. With the conversion of the Catholic Church to Islam, there will be fewer Christians fighting to stop Islam from conquering the world, there will be more Muslims to fight for conquering the world, and everything in the world currently under the control of the Catholic Church will suddenly be under the control of Islam and will already be "conquered" by Islam so Islam will have significantly less of the world to conquer to achieve its primary goal.

Now you understand why this is a MASSIVE victory for Islam AND every time another Christian denomination converts to Islam, the same victory for Islam will result but on a smaller scale. I just read that there are religious groups and organizations meeting with the Pope and negotiating doing the same thing, probably by rejoining the Catholic Church. Theoretically, Islam can conquer the world one conversion at a time and Islam may even be able to convert other pagan religions such as the Occult, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others. That is, theoretically.

But there are still the true Christians who will not convert and I believe that most other pagan religions will also hold out, which is why there will be a massive two pronged war during the first 3.5 years of the Tribulation in which the Muslim Caliphate will conquer all of the world except Israel. Now you can better understand why it is so important for Islam to conquer the West to gain all of that technology and our weapons. It would definitely make conquering the world much easier and faster.

Now, considering the West, especially Pharaoh Obama and the Luciferian power struggle, what does the conversion of the Catholic Church mean?

Remember that all of these pagan cults, such as the Celts, Luciferians, witchcraft, Satanism, sorcery, and black magic are members of the Occult, they are just different sects of the Occult. They all practice the same black magic and knowingly worship Satan and his demons under different names such as Lucifer, Kununo, The Horned One, and the Dark Forces while many publically deny they are worshiping Satan. The Luciferian sect is the most powerful Occult sect because that is the sect the liberal upper class trash, you know, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, and others, belong to and it is very racists. The Luciferian sect is the Occult sect from which Adolph Hitler got his Aryan or Euro-white superiority beliefs and is why the Euro-American upper class trash want to purge all non Euro-American white genes from the gene pool, you know, murder off more than seven billion people globally.

In most sects of Islam, using black magic is forbidden but, in the Shiite sect, you know, in Iran (think Valerie), using black magic is not only condoned but actually used by the religious leaders themselves. (Remember that I told you that, when Valerie starts losing this coming revolutionary war in the US, she will resort to using witches who will use black magic and God will have to send his prophets to fight them?) The Muslims have crawled in bed with the Occult to conquer the world and I have told you that the Muslims plan on purging the Occult after the Muslims and the Occult have conquered the world, especially in the US. But, hey, the Occult plans on purging the Muslims too. It is the dog eat dog thing. I have also told you that the current power struggle in the US is between the Luciferian upper class trash and Obama and his Muslims (think consolidation of power and purging).

Now, Obama and his Muslims are under duress in the US because the Luciferians are trying to get rid of Obama RIGHT NOW and not next month so they can do damage control for the coming election in November, Obama, Valerie, and the rest of their thugs are facing at least prison time and possibly the death penalty, and, therefore, must find a way to quickly beat and purge the Luciferians before the Luciferians can purge them. Get the picture?

The Catholic Church converting to Islam throws an entire tool box in the gears of the Luciferians because, if the Muslims can maintain control until next year, 2015, all of the members of the Catholic Church who will remain in the Catholic Church and not leave for other denominations or churches (you true Christian churches need to reach out to these people, your brothers and sisters in Jesus), will be Muslim giving the Muslims a huge victory in the US and Europe putting the Luciferians at an extreme disadvantage (think purge), pretty much shooting down the Luciferian plans to conquer the world and eradicate all non whites.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I have been telling you that God told me years ago that God is using the Muslims to destroy the upper class trash Euro-American white cracker natural elites who caused this mess because of their hatred for God, Jesus, the Bible, Christians, and Jews? Remember that I told you that Obama will impose Shiria Law in the US making polygyny legal and making adultery, homosexuality, transexuality, and transgenderism illegal? (Which is why the liberals are turning against Shiria Law and explains why God is using Islam to get rid of the liberals.) According to one of my dreams, after Obama has set up his Muslim dictatorship and purged all of the upper class trash, he will force the remaining liberals to convert to Islam or be killed. Then there will only be three, Islam, Russia, and China. Get the picture yet?

Keep an eye on Chicago.

Remember that I told you that as soon as God is finished doing all of His house cleaning, we Christians will become a major force to deal with again? Bet on it. You wouldn't believe the things God has told me He has planned for our new Christian theocracy. Soon, very soon.

I bet I don't have to tell you that it is a good thing to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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