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Catholic Church

My other site reader, Mark, who has helped me quite a bit, reminded me that the Catholic Church has been saying for some time that the current pope is going to be the last pope.

What should that tell you?

The Catholic Church as been working towards and planning their conversion from Christianity to Islam for some time, at least a couple of decades. I figure that the title for their next leader will probably be Ayatollah instead of pope and what do you want to bet that all of their clerics change their names to Muslim names.

Socialist America

Take a good look around at all of the businesses and industries which are subsidized by the government. Hollywood, all media, sports, banks, automobile companies, every kind of businesses, universities, and everything you can think of and, if those businesses don't do what the government tells them, they don't get their subsidies. Gee, does that mean our government virtually owns almost all businesses? Yep, this country quit being a capitalist country a long time ago and has been a socialist country for decades.

They are right that capitalism doesn't work in this country. How can it when everything is being run by the socialist government? What capitalism?


The Bergdahl case is very important, especially since the president publically admitted that he committed a crime, which can be used against him in a court of law. But don't let the Bergdahl case distract you from the many other cases and crimes Pharaoh Obama has committed. Pharaoh Obama needs to be held accountable for all of his crimes. I know it is a huge amount of crimes and scandals but we need to keep track of all of them.

Murdered Cops

The murdered cops in Nevada were no surprise to me. I told you about how the liberals are using propaganda, lies, and misinformation to turn people against cops. You can only put out such hate based propaganda so long before some whacko will kill a cop. What the liberals are trying to do is divide and conquer by turning good people against cops and then use the hatred for cops to turn cops against other good people and it is working. This must stop.

Please note that the liberal media are trying to make this crazy couple look like conservatives but there is no way this couple was true conservatives. This couple was that ugly half breed which calls itself conservative but is socially liberal and economically conservative, A.K.A. libertarian. At best, they are poser or neo-conservatives and also neo-liberals.

This couple is being described as weird meth heads. True social conservatives don't believe in the use of recreational drugs like meth. Those are social liberals or libertarians. The only difference between libertarians and liberal commies is that the libertarians don't want a nanny Marxist big government running their lives but they do want everything socially the commies want. It is best and easiest to understand libertarians as being anti-Marxist pagans. True conservatives are Christians or people who love Christian values, morals, and ethics even if they never accepted Jesus as their savior. Not all true conservatives are spiritually Christians but morally they are Christians.

It is also important to note that this couple was kicked off the Bundy Ranch, probably because they told people they wanted to kill a cop. This means this killer couple was rejected by true conservatives and, therefore, cannot be true conservatives. They are libertarians or liberals with guns.

Dumping Children

It should be obvious to everyone that the Feds dumping illegal alien children in Arizona is Pharaoh Obama cold heartily using children to wage war against the State of Arizona because the Arizona governor stood up against Pharaoh Obama. How dare she? It should take no more than the federal government's abuse of these children to prove that the liberals absolutely don't care about anyone except themselves, they only pretend to care about others to win elections. Where is the liberal outcry about this abuse of children by Pharaoh Obama? You can bet that the liberals will find some way to blame the governor of Arizona for this crisis, especially when it gets beyond the point to where the State of Arizona can control it.

You know that Pharaoh Obama is dumping those children in Arizona to create a crisis to destroy the governor of Arizona. Watch the liberals start a PR campaign against the governor of Arizona for not taking better care of the children when it gets beyond the state's ability to care for the children.

The governor of Arizona should sue Pharaoh Obama and the feds for damages and begin the prosecution of Pharaoh Obama for child abuse, child abandonment, and child neglect before it becomes a crisis. What Pharaoh Obama is doing is illegal and immoral, he should be held accountable for his actions. You don't just dump children on the street. The governor of Arizona needs to go on the offensive right now to protect these children being abused, abandoned, and neglected by Pharaoh Obama.

Feel free to pass this around to all of your friends.


Increasingly, I am beginning to believe that Hillary Clinton woke up one morning in the Twilight Zone and has never gotten out. She doesn't seem to be showing the physical side effects of a stroke but she is sure showing the mental side effects of a stroke or significant brain damage, which is probably why the lefties shouted down Rove for asking about it. Rove probably knows she has significant brain damage and was trying to pry it out publically. I get the feeling her handlers are covering up her disabilities and milking her for every dime they can before dumping her. I think she is pretty cooked for anything in her future other than a retirement home. When the cold hearted lefties can't use her any more, they will dump her along side the road and drive away.

The left is still systematically attacking Hillary but not as much as they are attacking Pharaoh Obama. Hillary admits to having dizziness and double vision following her concussion. I think that will be her out and exit line for when the left decides not to use her any more and move on. I don't think she will last the year.

Government Breakups

I told you before that a lot of countries around the world are going to break up soon. I read today that the Basques are protesting to be permitted to secede from Spain. It won't be long. Almost all political and military leaders from every country participating in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be killed in that Battle leaving huge power vacuums in all of those countries. You can bet there will be power grabs, revolutionary wars, and civil wars all over the world following that battle. A large number of nations won't survive the chaos. The global political map is about to change in a massive way.

If you want to get just an idea of what will happen, study Europe following the fall of Rome for about 500 years after the fall of Rome. We are talking major feudal system and dark ages globally. It will get very ugly very quickly.


I read an interesting article which involved interviews with KGB defectors who are still in touch with some of their friends in Russia and said that the Russian FSB (formerly KGB) marked Snowden in 2007 and has played him like a violin at a concert. It seems some Ruskie agents persuaded Snowden to travel to Russia from Hong Kong and then Russia scared the US State Department, you know, Hillary, into cancelling Snowden's passport so Snowden can't leave Russia until Russia wants Snowden to leave. Putin sucker punched Pharaoh Obama and Hillary.

They said the Russians are very happy with the intelligence they are getting out of Snowden one meal at a time. Apparently, the Ruskies take Snowden out to eat a few times a week with plenty of Vodka and Snowden now knows how to say hangover in Russian. The agents said that the Russians will keep Snowden in Russia as long as they feel they can get more useful information out of him. Then I guess Snowden will end up in a dumpster some where. Hey, no one can trust a traitor, that is why we used to shoot them.

I told you the Ruskies and Chinese have gotten more than the "NSA spying on everyone" thing out of Snowden. Apparently, he has done a lot of damage to the US.

Mass Murderers

Selwyn Duke, at American Thinker web site, noticed the liberals always pointing out that all of the people doing these mass murders are white males to justify disarming all white males, you know, like I told you they were doing. So he did some interesting research. He found a comprehensive listing of mass murders from 1982 to September 2013 at the Mother Jones web site. He found that, out of the last 20 mass murders, nine were committed by non-whites, almost half. He said that of the 66 mass murders listed in which they know the race of the killers, one third are non-white. Oops, the liberals wouldn't be lying again, would they?

But you know that, as soon as the liberals are forced to admit this, they will be more than anxious to point out that they are almost all males so they can justify disarming all males. That is when you need to point out that all of the mass murders in at least the last 12 to 15 years were liberal males seeing shrinks and taking drugs. Those are the people we should disarm, not conservative males. And, hey, it turning out that quite a few of the liberal males who have committed these mass murders were non-whites means we should disarm all liberal males and not just white liberal males. That will be even better.

What do you want to bet that, when that is pointed out, they will stop their profiling of white males and start screaming we are "profiling and it is bad to profile". You know they will because liberals are hypocrites. Oops, is that profiling?

It is always a good thing to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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