I am closely watching some very hard core liberal commie activists and will be reporting more on their devious evil plans. They are getting increasingly aggressive and ruthless. It is getting uglier by the day. They are not nice people.

One thing I have been watching for some time is all the videos making cops, the military, and other government agencies look bad, which are being put out by the liberals. What they are trying and succeeding too well at doing is making people afraid of and hate the cops, military, and other government agents so that, when the liberals set up their dictatorship and try to replace all government agencies, especially cops, the military, and FBI with their beloved CNSF and those groups resist being replaced by the commies, the people will be on the side of the commies or at least against the cops, military, and FBI and insist the commies or "citizens" be permitted to replace those good guys who are protecting you.

You have to understand that the commies are planning and working towards replacing all existing government protectors or agents with their CNSF or Gestapo, just like Hitler did, so they will also have control of all guns and weapons systems to prevent the good guys from protecting the good people by stopping the commie coup. The commies want to disarm every good person in this country who might fight back and prevent their communist dictatorship and tyranny.

The videos I have seen are at best questionable and don't tell whether the cops were defending themselves or abusing their power. Have you wondered why there always seems to be a liberal camera around recording police activities and the videos are all very well edited to make it look like the cops are bad? Have you wondered why you see so many videos of cops being bullies and abusing their authority and then the cops keep getting off with no punishment and even getting awards? Are there really that many bad cops?

No, this is just a major push by the liberal commie traitor activists to make cops look bad in order to turn the people against cops. That way, when the commies do their red flag event to declare martial law, set up their commie dictatorship, and replace all cops with their beloved Commie National Strike Force or Gestapo, you will be against the cops and support the CNSF in replacing those cops.

The liberals have gained so much control, have the liberal media so much behind them, and are so confident in their control of everything that they openly plan and talk about all of this on the Internet with no fear that you might find out about it. If you do find out and say anything about it, they will deride and discredit you by calling you a "tin hatter".

Are there bad cops? Some but most are actually good cops working to protect you from bad guys, you know, liberals.

Note that these liberals are using every dirty trick in the books including courts, public meetings, and propaganda to tie the hands of the cops so the cops won't be able to fight back as well and can be more easily gotten rid of.

The truth is that these liberal activists are the real criminals putting out huge amounts of false and misleading information to confuse and scare everyone. It is called fraud and treason. They are waging unrelenting open warfare against cops, the military, gun owners, and everyone else who might stand in their way of overthrowing the US and setting up their liberal commie traitor dictatorship.

I have watched these people openly planning to have the government provide everyone of them with a descent living wage regardless of what they do so these lazy people can sit on their butts, play, smoke dope, and screw and not have to work for a living. You should see them talking about how they could do this, that, or something else having fun (none of which could earn them a dime).

Where do you think these lazy commies will get the money for their living wage I have been watching them brainwash millions into believing in and working towards getting?

From you, the hard working tax payer. They know they won't get money from the mega wealthy traitors who are behind this treason. They will get the money from other rich and middle class people but they will only get it until they run out of that money. Then what are they going to do? Take more money from you, the tax payer.

It is like I have told you before, Marxism is just the latest version of non ownership slavery dreamed up by the upper class trash academe and you are the slaves who will work your butts off so they don't have to work and can just play all of the time on your dime. This slavery must be stopped in its tracks and only you can and will try to stop it but, things have gotten so out of control that you must have God's help in achieving this.

Keep praying, God is listening and it is working.

It is critical that we all....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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