I Told You So 113

Remember that I told you that the Luciferian upper class trash white cracker racists are working to turn the whites against other races and ethnic groups to the point to where the majority of whites will not only be willing to accept genocide against these other groups, but most will want to commit genocide against them?

It is getting pretty bad and is starting to work. I have been reading about increasing and spreading black mob violence across the US. The media is not reporting on this phenomenon or at least reporting on it accurately, basically covering it up. The police have had their hands tied by the liberals and courts in trying to stop it. (Remember all of those videos teaching you to hate cops?) All of this is just encouraging increasing numbers of blacks to openly wage war against whites who are too intimidated and frightened by the liberal media and liberal black leaders to defend themselves. If anyone even mentions this black mob violence in public, the liberal media goes to war against them.

The problem is that the black mobs are going to trendy liberal places and they are very obviously picking out and beating, raping, robbing, and murdering whites turning increasing numbers of liberal whites against blacks. The liberals, especially liberal black leaders have started their race war. It is going on right now, it is just that only one side is fighting this race war, the blacks. And this race war is quickly spreading across the US and into the middle and upper class liberal neighborhoods. Some businesses in the areas targeted by these black mobs tried shutting down to stop people from coming to the areas when the black mobs were targeting those areas but the NAACP sued those businesses forcing those businesses to stay open to keep whites coming to those areas so the black mobs could continue to prey on the whites. (I told you our courts have been taken over by the lefties.)

Remember the cutesy liberal saying, "What would happen if some one gave a war and nobody showed up?" Well, you are finding out that it is just like the conservatives told you, the people giving the war will have their war whether you show up or not. It is just that, if you don't show up to defend yourselves, the bad guys giving the war will run right over the top of you and that is what is going on with this race war raging through the US right now. At this point, the question is, when are the whites going to show up to the war being waged against them?

The problem is that the whites have learned that, if they do defend themselves, the medial, liberal courts and DAs, and the racist liberal black leaders will do to them what they did when Trayvon Martin was killed in self defense. They know their lives will be permanently changed into a horrible nightmare so they just stay home cowering and hoping the black mobs don't come to their neighborhoods. They are hoping that maybe this will all just magically go away.

Remember that when a black conservative stands up against liberals, the liberal media racially berate and insult the conservative blacks? These two things in combination are turning liberals against ALL blacks, which is exactly what the upper class trash wants so they can commit their genocide against all blacks, you know, purge the gene pool of what the upper class trash call inferior genes. The idiot black leaders have not figured out yet that they are playing right into the hands of the upper class trash.

But this isn't playing out exactly the way the upper class trash wants it to play out because the whites are not showing up to these black mob wars with guns so the liberal media can't turn on the whites defending their towns giving the upper class trash an excuse to disarm all conservative whites so the upper class trash can set up their communist dictatorship.

So what has the upper class trash done about this?

They recently stated that they are now including all Latinos as whites.


Because the upper class trash knows that the Latinos have not been brow beat and intimidated into a corner to where they are afraid to fight. If the black mobs start singling out Latinos, the Latino gangs will react with armed force against the blacks and the upper class trash will get their full blown race war and an excuse to disarm all "whites". You can bet that the upper class trash stating that they will now including Latinos as whites was a signal for the black mobs to start attacking Latinos. Have you noticed how bad the upper class trash want to disarm conservative whites? The liberals just keep creating more excuses to disarm conservative whites.

Let me share something with you. When I was living in Los Angeles, California, I was surprised to learn that the highest level of racial stress was not between blacks and whites, you know, like we are told by the liberals, it was between blacks and Asians. The second highest level of racial stress was not between blacks and whites but was between blacks and Latinos. It was only the third highest level of racial stress which was between blacks and whites. The level of racial stress between all other groups combined wasn't as high as the racial stress between blacks and any other group because most younger blacks have been taught by their liberal black leaders to passionately hate everyone and remember these are black Muslims which makes it even worse because Muslims are also taught to hate everyone.

But it is even worse than that because I found out that there is so much hate within most of the black community (not all blacks) that they even hate each other. You see, the blacks have broken down their own race into three groups they call the darkies, browns, and mulattoes. In listening to black friends talk, I was surprised to find there is at least as much racial strife between the different black groups as there is between any other two groups such as Asians and whites. I was amazed at the hate talk by blacks about blacks based entirely on color because their liberal black leaders have taught blacks to hate so much. For example, I have heard the browns and mulattoes call the darkies apes, you know, the same as all non black Muslims call all blacks, even black Muslilms. Gee, I wonder where they got that.

It is no longer a matter of when the race war will start, it is now a matter of when will the other races and ethnic groups fight back in the race war which is already going on and was started by the upper class trash and liberal black leaders to pit us against each other. I am getting the feeling that it may not take too much longer.

One other thing I am noticing is that increasing numbers of people are learning the truth about liberalism, Islam, and all the rest of the fairy tales the liberals have been teaching them. Every day, more and more of what the liberals have been doing behind closed doors, like drugs, perverse sex, and other things, is being brought out into the open and it is angering people. You know, like I told you, God is permitting this to happen so the bad guys will show their true color, some people will learn the truth, and turn back to God.

With all of this nonsense going on, it is crucial to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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