In the essay, "The Rich", I made a little math mistake some of you probably already caught but I want to make sure the rest of you get it also. I hate to put out bad information but will not sneak back, change the mistake on the essay to cover it up, and the deny I ever made a mistake. I am not a liberal liar. I will leave that mistake there showing I am human and do make mistakes because I am not an insecure liberal who tries to pretend that I am perfect when no human is perfect.

The mistake was when I said, "The most everyone would get would be 13 cents." What I apparently did was divide the 40 trillion dollars by the 300 trillion dollars instead of by the 300 million people. The correct statement should say that the most everyone would get would be $133,333 which would still be a long ways from the million dollars the lying liberals are telling you that everyone would get. And remember that was if we divided up all the wealth for all the rich people in the world just among Americans and said screw the rest of the people on the planet. If the rich people in just the US controlled half that much money or 20 trillion dollars and we divided that by the 300 million people in the US, then the most everyone would get would be only $66,667 which is twice as far from a million dollars and wouldn't even buy you a decent home.

Then you have to keep in mind that they are preaching doing this on a global basis as an excuse for forcing their communism on the entire planet. If we divide the entire 40 trillion dollars by 6 billion people, then we only get $6,667 each. The good news is that you could buy a good motorscooter with that but you are not going to be able to just sit around smoking dope and screwing on that for very long. You liberal fools need to get a clue and realize that there isn't enough wealth on the planet to give everyone one million dollars. But it is even worse then that when you really do your home work which is obviously something your idiot liberal college professors, media, and politicians either have not done or they are just lying their butts off, which we know they lie the all the time anyway, so what's new about that?

Then, you have to understand the structure of wealth. Those rich people are not holding a little less than 40 trillion dollars in cash. Almost all rich people keep better than 90% of their wealth in what is called non liquid assets. Liquid assets including things like cash and anything which can easily be turned into cash with a few days such as certain negotiable stocks and bonds. Non liquid assets including things like property which would take from months to years to turn into cash.

The rich actually keep relatively little of their liquid assets in cash but, if they kept half their liquid assets in cash, then there would only be about 2 trillion dollars in cash on the entire planet which would not be enough cash to purchase the rest of their assets so the commie's could equally distributed that wealth to everyone the way Ocommie and the rest of his lying commie friends keep promising they will distribute everything equally to everyone. They would have to print at least another 38 trillion dollars in cash which would cause that cash to become worthless so they would have to print more until they finally got enough cash to buy everything.

Then there is the question about who will purchase this stuff so the cash can be equally distributed to everyone? Some one has to end up owning all these non liquid assets so they can generate enough cash to distribute all this wealth to everyone. Since you took all the wealth away from the rich, who can buy it so they can generate the cash to distribute the wealth? No one. This creates a huge problem, just how do these commie geniuses plan on distributing all this really limited wealth to everyone?

There is only one way it could possibly be done and that would be insane, you know, like liberal commie's. Each person would get $333 in cash plus $333 in other liquid assets they would not be able to sell because now no one will have the cash to purchase those assets, and a $6,001 share in non liquid assets such as luxury home, boats, planes, and other such items. But just imagine trying to divide a one million dollar home between 167 people or a two million dollar yacht (about 60 feet long) between 333 people or a 10 million dollar private 10 passenger jet plane between 1,667 people or a $300,000 luxury car between 50 people. Now you have to keep in mind that this would mean you would each get to share in the house, the yacht, the plane, or the car but it would not include the money to operate or maintain those assets.

If you got to share in the plane, it would have to just be parked some where that all the "owners" could take turns sitting in the 10 seats about 2 days per year because it would not include the money to pay the pilot, other crew, and fuel to fly it, the parts and maintenance crew to maintain it, or a place at an airport to store it. Remember that I taught you about the cost of ownership and that the general rule of thumb for maintaining such assets is that it will cost AT LEAST 10% of the sale value to maintain that possession. In other words, it would cost you and your partners one million dollars per year to maintain the jet plane, $100,000 per year to maintain the million dollar home, $200,000 a year to maintain the yacht, and $30,000 a year to maintain the luxury car. Now just how long do you think you are going to maintain these things before they turn to junk with your $300 cash? Not even a year.

Plus, remember that I taught you about market value. Any item is only worth what others can and are willing to pay for that item. This is an absolute universal economic fact. So, if you take all the wealth away from the rich, who is going to buy any of your rich guy stuff? No one so the demand will go to zero and the value of your rich guy stuff will go to zero meaning all that rich guy stuff will become worthless but you can bet your lying liberal commie dictators will tax all of you for the value they set in it and, when you can't pay those taxes, they will take the rich guy stuff back from you for you being irresponsible and use it themselves.

Oh yeah, if we divide all the rich guy businesses up between all the people, who is going to run all of those businesses. No one. A few smaller businesses might get a small group of people who are knowledgeable and intelligent enough to keep their businesses going and even growing until the commie's take those businesses away from them and divide them up between the rest of you further discouraging the rest of you from successfully running your businesses, even if you could.

The very fact that you stupid commie's are so ignorant about this stuff in the first place tells me that you couldn't run a major corporation and it would go broke within the first year. You want proof of this? OK, there has been a statistic which goes back decades which says that better than 90% of the new small businesses started in the US fail within their first year of existence because those people don't know enough about how to run a business. Now most of the people don't ever try to run a business because they know absolutely nothing about running any kind of business. Now you get these people involved in running our major corporations, and they won't be too major for very long. They will be broke very quickly.

So basically what would happen, if the upper class trash really intends to "redistribute the wealth" to everyone is that they would certainly make a mess of just distributing it just like they have everything else they have done, what little they did manage go get distributed would go bust, and we would end up with zero economy, zero wealth, and absolutely zero anything. Life would really inhale vigorously for everyone and NO ONE would get to just sit around smoking dope and screwing. it is all a big lie designed to get you to vote them into power so they can do what they are doing now which is to steal everything from everyone for themselves. SUCKERS!!!!

The best thing you stupid commie puppets can do is pull your heads out of your butts, quit smoking your dope so you can think straight, get off your lazy butts, go to a vocational school where you can learn a good trade which can make you from about $30,000 per year over $100,000 per year, earn your own money, buy your own house the way I taught you, and enjoy what you have earned the right way without sitting around on your lazy butts waiting for the lying upper class trash to steal everything for you with their communism. But that would be too intelligent for most of you commie's to do, plus you have to work a little, plan, think, and other normal human activities.

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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