I have told you for years that corrupt people are obsessive, compulsive about always wanting more power and wealth and they have been proving this true for years. Corrupt people can never be satiated or have enough wealth and power.

I want to share something about this with you, which is becoming more obvious that most people don't know this.

Corrupt leaders ALWAYS steal from the military and weaken the military to increase their own wealth. History and current events prove this to be very true. I have been pointing out the weaknesses of our enemy militaries, especially China and North Korea, which have been caused by their governments stealing from their militaries.

Why do you think Xi is purging the corrupt people out of the Chinese government while shrinking the size of his military? Why do you think the Chinese government had to convert from Communism to capitalism for its economy?

Because the corrupt government Xi is replacing destroyed the quality of their weapons by stealing from the military. I have shown you that all of their current weapon systems are having huge problems such as they had to buy MIGs from Russia for their engines, radar, and electronic warfare systems just to make their wonderful J-20 work and they had to buy more MIGs from Russia for their engines so their aircraft could get off their one ramp aircraft carrier. Military intelligence is showing that ALL of their weapons systems are having huge problems with reliability. From what I have read, probably at least half of their weapons fail on a regular basis.

The corrupt Chinese government has been stealing too much from their military for their military to develop good quality weapons and maintain the weapons they do have.

Xi is currently purging the corrupt people out of his government to stop this before they completely destroy their military, is shrinking their military to rebuild it into a better quality military and then grow it again.

Did you notice Xi is killing those corrupt leaders and bureaucrats?

That is because Xi knows what I have been telling you, you have to kill these corrupt people or they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again.

Why do you think the Soviet Union fell?

Because their corrupt leaders stole from their military until their military became so weak they couldn't defend against the US, much less conquer the US. That is why Putin has been purging and killing his "opposition" or the corrupt leaders and bureaucrats while rebuilding the Russian military to a greater strength and quality than it ever was under the Soviet Union. He knows he has to kill off the corrupt leaders and bureaucrats or they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again.

Why do you think Trump is purging the corrupt leaders and bureaucrats out of the US government while rebuilding the US military? (See the pattern?)

Because they stole from our military to the point that 30% of our aircraft can't even get off of the ground, the F-35 is crap, and we are having problems with other weapons systems, you know, like weapon systems we recently had to just can because they don't even work.

How is that rail gun thingy working out or how about the recent super ship they built and have to keep in harbor because it is too expensive to operate?

Unfortunately, he can't kill these corrupt people off, so they have regrouped, reorganized, and are fighting to regain power and control so they can continue their stealing, you know, just like I have been telling you. We call these corrupt bureaucrats the "deep government".

Why do you think Trump made such a big deal out of the corrupt European leaders not spending enough on their militaries for NATO to be effective?

Because the European leaders had stolen so much from their militaries to line their greedy pockets that their militaries could barely defend their nations from an attack by the Fiji Islands.

History teaches that ALL corrupt, power mad, greedy people ALWAYS do this, which is why government corruption should be treason and a capital crime. They ALWAYS sack their own nations to the point their nation's military and government can't function and they fail, especially before conquering powers. This phenomenon has been going on for thousands of years and never fails to happen because the upper class trash never learn, have been inbreeding too much, and use too many drugs.

What about Kimmy Boy in North Korea?

He is the problem because he and his supporters are busy stealing from their military to line their greedy little pockets. While the idiot x-spurts are hyping how great and powerful the North Korean military is, you know, the way they used to hype the deadly effectiveness of Russia's S-300 and S-400 SAMs, better than 75% of North Korea's missile tests fail. Gee, that isn't a very good success rate, less than 25% of them accidentally get off of the ground and go somewhere.

Do you think their conventional weapons systems will do as well or better in battle?

I seriously doubt it, especially when military intel has been telling us for years that most of their weapons don't work because they are old and poorly maintained because Kimmy Boy and his family have been stealing too much from their military. I would be surprised if half of their military aircraft could fly, especially when I know that the US military can't get 30% of its aircraft off of the ground because of government corruption and the North Korean government is much more corrupt.

Let me share a little secret I have noticed about Kimmy Boy's soldiers; they are all emaciated from starvation because Kimmy Boy is stealing even their food from them. All except their fat generals and fat Kimmy Boy are living on subsistence diets.

Don't believe me?

Look at their soldiers' faces, necks, and bodies and how loosely their uniforms fit. That is not genetics, it is starvation and, as a trained and experienced exercise physiologist and coach, I know the effects such a bad diet will have on their troops. Those troops won't be able to fight long or well because they are weak, have very little endurance, and will have very limited will power.

If you want to quickly and easily defeat North Korea's starving troops, you fly our bombers over and drop hamburgers with mickies or sleeping powder in them. Those starving troops will swallow those burgers and fall asleep long enough for us to fly in troops to pick up their weapons.

Just like ALL corrupt leaders, Kimmy Boy has shot himself in both feet by stealing from his military because of his greed and corruption.

Why do you think the greedy, power mad globalist upper class trash want to set up their glorious, one world government dictatorship?

So they can completely do away with the military and steal ALL of that money to line their greedy pockets.

Why do you think the greedy globalists want to murder more than 7.5 billion people and leave a MAXIMUM of 500 million people alive on earth?

So they can steal all of those people's wealth, you know, land and such.

Why do you think greedy globalist, Ted Turner, is preaching to the other globalists that he has devised a way to murder all but 250 million people on the planet?

So they can steal everything half of the rest of the planet's people own and increase their own wealth even more because greedy and power mad people can never be satiated and you better know that, behind closed doors, they have plans to murder more than half of the rest of the people and have less than 100 million people left alive on the planet with them. "Hey, we can replace them all with robots and AI so we don't need them and can murder them to steal their wealth." If they don't need you any more, they can murder you and take everything you have to increase their wealth.

Why do you think they are using modern technology and robots to replace as many people as possible?

So they can murder more people to steal what those people have to increase their own wealth.

Why do you think they have convinced the idiot lefty college professors and school teaches to believe and teach that knowledge should be free and are using the Internet to make that knowledge free?

So they won't need college professors and school teaches and can use computer programs to educate the few people who will be left so they can murder all educators and steal what those educators have to increase their own wealth.

See how stupid all lefty educators are?

Why do you think they are increasingly using animation for movies and TV shows instead of live people?

To condition people to prefer animation over live people so they can murder everyone in Hollywood and on TV, you know, like idiot lefty journalists, to steal what those people have to increase their own wealth.

Think not?

I have two grandkids who prefer to watch animation over watching live people in movies and shows. They think real people are too boring to watch.

See how stupid the lefty media are?

Why do you think they are increasingly using computers to write computer programs?

So they can murder off all computer programmers and steal their wealth.


Because, just like I have been telling you, greedy, power mad, corrupt people can never be satiated and they will always want more. You can bet the top level of elites have secret plans to murder off most of the other elites so they can steal what they have.

Now, do you understand just how evil these people are and how stupid their minions are?

You have to be an idiot to knowingly crawl in bed with a viper. It will eventually kill you because it will eventually kill you. It is the nature of the beast and corrupt people are beasts who will eventually kill you. Get it straight that evil pagans only care about themselves.

You think I am wrong?

Just watch how fast and easily they keep throwing each other under the bus.

What, don't they even care about each other?

Nope, obviously not. Hey, when you are not needed anymore, you are out of here.

Common sense would ask, if you only care about yourself, why would you crawl in bed with other people who only care about themselves and don't care about you?

That is how stupid these lefty people are because they don't have any common sense.

Intelligent people will care about other good people and side with other people who care about other people, including themselves.

Are you ready for some true Biblical Christianity yet or do you still love your sins too much to use common sense?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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