Dream 17

I woke to an interesting dream this morning I will share with you in a little bit but first I want to reveal something about a previous dream I shared with you on this site almost 4 years ago and what God shared with me about that dream right after I woke up.

The dream is "Dream 10" and I posted it on Oct 2013 so you can look it up and see what I am talking about, as a matter of fact, it would be a good idea to reread it before continuing.

That dream was mostly about Obama setting up his CNSF and leaving to invade Israel and I understood that it was post Obama nuking Chicago but God caused me to realize that it is in progress RIGHT NOW.


Because Obama won't wait until after he stages his coup to set up his CNSF army of traitors. The part about him setting up his CNSF started even before he first became president.

Remember that he stated, only 3 months after he was first elected, that he already had 250,000 people in his CNSF? It gets better because remember in Dream 10 that the black part of his CNSF were dominant over the white part?

The part about Obama's CNSF is already in the process of being fulfilled JUST LIKE in the dream. JUST LIKE in the dream, Obama's CNSF is in two parts, the blacks and the whites. The blacks are the black Muslim organizations Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, and the all black Nation of Islam. The white part is Antifa and all of the other white activist organizations. The black part is already dominant over the white part with the blacks telling the whites what to do and the blacks have recently excluded ALL white activists from their meetings.

AND Obama is ALREADY commanding this army from Washington D.C. with Valerie and waging war against the US and its people. This prophesy is being fulfilled RIGHT NOW!

Light bulb time?

That part about Obama having his CNSF and it being divided between blacks and whites has already happened with some of it only happening last year. The only two parts that have not been fulfilled are Obama nuking Chicago as a false flag event and to kill the upper class to stage his coup and Obama leaving to invade Israel with his CNSF. Other than that, the rest of that prophesy has already been fulfilled.

But it gets better.

Remember at the end of the dream, after Obama left, and God told me to go to the front and then take the most prominent seat there to lead our new nation?

This morning I woke from a dream where God told me He wants me to run for president, a job I told Him decades ago and told you years ago, I don't want, but God's will be done. Now, for me to run for president, God has to physically heal me from my illness and heal my financial situation caused by my illness or I simply can't run AND Dream 10 told me that I can't run until after Obama nukes Chicago, seizes control of the US, and leaves to invade Israel. After and only after those things happen, can I run for president.

But it gets better.

I don't have to make any campaign promises because I have been telling you what should be done since 1999 and it is ALL in writing on this site with almost 1,200 essays explaining everything in detail. For years, you have seen me make more accurate predictions on economics than the x-spurts so you KNOW that I know economics. You also KNOW that I know more about how the military really works than almost any politician, I know a huge amount about history, science, and just about everything else that would matter for being president. I am a very well educated and experienced man, especially for the things which matter in life. I AM one of the people and not one of the upper class trash so you KNOW that I would run this nation for ALL of the good people and to protect good people, especially the middle and lower classes, from the bad people, especially the upper class trash, whom you know, I can't stand. I hate evil.

You KNOW I have turned down numerous opportunities to get rich at other people's expense and I won't take bribes from the upper class trash. If necessary, I will crowd fund my presidential campaign so I will only owe the people and God and not the corrupt upper class trash.

You KNOW there would be no corrupt crap like Obamacare or Ryancare because I would destroy those programs and fix Medicaid to take care of the poor with everyone else being permitted to purchase whatever healthcare they want. You KNOW that I would make government corruption an act of treason and capital crime, which will fix that problem. You KNOW that I would prosecute the media for fraud and even treason when they lie. You KNOW that I will purge Islam and Marxism out of the US with it being fraud to teach anything good about Marxism. You KNOW that I will also prosecute teaching Marxism as being good as conspiracy to steal from the people, because that is what Marxism really is. You KNOW that I will do away with public funded education so you can use your tax money to take your kids to any school you want or home school them so the educational institutions will be forces to compete for your business and actually educate your children instead of brainwashing them. You KNOW that I will do away with public funded science and media to prevent the government from using them for political purposes. You KNOW how I would fix all of the other major problems a president should be involved with because I have spent 18 years telling you what should be done and it is ALL in writing RIGHT HERE ON THIS SITE. You KNOW that I have learned from other people's mistakes and won't remake those mistakes because I didn't get the right degree from the right university, am not heavily inbred, don't use dope, and I think for myself under the guidance of God.

You KNOW that I was NOT born with a silver spoon in my mouth and was born into and grew up in poverty and dug my way out of poverty before my illness plunged me back into poverty. You KNOW that I know how to struggle and fight. You KNOW that, by the time I was 12, I knew how to use pick and shovel, two stroke 16 penny nails, caulk cast iron pipe, and do farm chores AND you KNOW that I have an MBA (but not from the right university, they actually taught common sense business management), I started and built my own racing program from scratch training up almost everyone in it from scratch to being very successful at the national and international level, I have managed other people's businesses, and my mother and step father owned a successful "mom and pop" business until he got sick and she sold it. You KNOW that I am trained to run major corporations, mom and pop businesses, and build a sports program from scratch for everything from high school to college, professional, and for sports governing bodies. You KNOW that I have studied all of the hard sciences and calculus. You KNOW that I have studied the basic history and anthropology for every continent on this planet, I have studied at least a little about all of the major religions so I know the truth, I know the lies of the lefties, and much, much more.

With all of that, you should also KNOW that I listen to others because God taught me a long time ago that I am not the only person who can think. It is just that God has given me a lot of knowledge and experience to use as tools in helping me make the right decisions. You KNOW that I LOVE to do my own homework and research and I am good at it.

All of this and much more is on this web site for everyone to read.

What should I have to tell you except that I am running and when I will be running?

And now, you already know that God doesn't want me to run until after Obama nukes Chicago and leaves to invade Israel with his CNSF, which he is already commanding out of Washington D.C., so now you know when and what to watch for, part of which is being fulfilled RIGHT NOW!

Did I tell you that I really didn't want that job but God made it known to me that, if I don't do it, someone else will just screw it up again?

That is the only reason I will take the job. I fought God for two to three years trying to get Him to give that job to someone else because I didn't want it before He just let me know that, if I don't take it, someone else will just screw it up for wealth and power. I see it as a huge responsibility to God and the people and not an opportunity to steal and enslave, like today's upper class trash.

Personally, I would much rather ride my bicycle and coach kids. It would be a lot more fun and I KNOW that me being president will be me leading this nation through our second civil war and we MUST win it for the people to be free. It's going to be very hard, the toughest job I will have ever had, require a lot of hard decisions, and it ain't going to be fun but some honest man of God has to do it and you KNOW that my integrity and commitment to God come before my bank account because you KNOW that I would rather live in poverty than lie, cheat, or steal.

You KNOW I will do my best to run this nation the best I can for the good people of this nation.

Imagine waking up to that dream. Oh boy, this is going to be tough. I will be glad when that job is over.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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