I Told You So 197


Remember that I told you that God would eventually hold Zuckerberg accountable for his actions?

It has started and will only get worse. First, because people found out that Zuckerberg has been secretly data mining their personal information, causing the stock shares to plummet, FB is being sued by share holders for their losses.

Second, the people are starting a move to delete FB accounts.

Third, even the lefties are turning against FB and Zuckerberg.

Just like I have been telling you, this will open the door for someone else to steal market share and could bring the end to FB or, at the very least, cost FB and its share holders very significant losses.

Just like I told you, don't be surprised to someday walk by an ally and find Zuckerberg living in a cardboard box, you know, next to Jimmy Kimmel.

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Elon Musk cut the Facebook pages for Tesla Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX), hopping on the #DeleteFacebook digital bandwagon.

The chief executive officer tweeted Friday that he wasn't aware there was a Facebook page for his rocket company. After being asked by a Twitter user to delete it, he responded 'will do.'

Musk wrote back to another user who shared a photo of Tesla's official page on Facebook and asked if it, too, should be deleted: 'Definitely. Looks lame anyway.' Tesla's and SpaceX's Facebook pages vanished soon after.

Musk is the highest-profile tech figure to join people who are expunging Facebook from their lives after it was revealed a firm that worked for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign had kept data from 50 million Facebook users even after telling the company it had destroyed the information. Facebook Inc. shares fell 1.1 percent to $163.10 at 1:31 p.m. Friday in New York and have slumped almost 12 percent since the revelation, and lawmakers are calling on Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to testify in front of Congress."

Hmmm, I wonder if Zuckerberg will be shopping for a very large box to live in soon?

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Remember that no one wins a war against God's Christians because no one can beat God, who fights for His Christians. Zuckerberg started a war against conservative Christians and is losing big time.

US Military

Remember that I have told you that Trump and the Pentagon are looking for ways to increase and improve our military more quickly while saving money?

I got this from SOFREP By Alex Hollings:

"The United States Navy is looking into its old bag of tricks to try to reduce the anticipated costs of growing its fleet of aircraft carriers, while expediting the construction of the new ships.

The Navy is expected to act soon to award the contract for the construction of the forthcoming CVN-80 USS Enterprise, the next in a series of Ford Class carriers that have been accounted for the Navy's fleet expansion plans. However, with fresh memories of the cost overruns and delays associated with the construction of the first ship in the class, the Navy is considering using a tactic last seen during the heyday of the Nimitz class carrier construction: ordering two of the massive ships at once.

'This opportunity for a two-ship contract is dependent on significant savings that the shipbuilding industry and government must demonstrate,' Navy procurement executive James F. Geurts, assistant secretary of the Navy, Research Development and Acquisition, said in a written statement."


"The cost saving would come, in large part because it would require fewer total employees fewer total hours to build both ships at once, than it would to build one through completion before beginning the next five years later. An added bonus, however, would be the rapid deployment of not just one more Ford class carrier, but a second at a much shorter interval than previous expectations.

'It would allow us to get 81 quicker, so it would allow us to get to 12 carriers quicker than we would today,' Moore explained.

'We'll see how it goes with the budgeting process, but the Navy has made I think a pretty compelling case why that would be good for us, and again both the [chief of naval operations] and the secretary of the Navy have said they are all for it, so that's good enough for me.' He said."

Basically, they would get the second carrier five years earlier and save money on both carriers at the same time. They are working hard to undo Obama's damage to the US military as quickly as possible.

Question: Is Trump talking about sending colonies to Mars and Alpha Centaury to get Putin and China to spend a lot of their military money on very, very expensive space stuff, you know, going to the moon and Mars, so they will have much less to spend on weapons systems so the US can gain ground on both more quickly?

I wouldn't put it past him and Reagan did this to the Soviet Union with his Star Wars thingy with Trump and Reagan being buds. Keep an eye on it.

Remember that I have been warning you that Trump is trying to rebuild the US military Obama and company tore down before China, Russia, and the rest of our enemies can attack us AND that those enemies KNOW they must start the war before the US gets its military rebuilt? Remember that I also told you that the US enemies are working to spread out the very limited US forces on enough fronts so the US can't defend against that many fronts and will be even easier to defeat? Remember that I have been telling you that India is also trying to quickly build up its military to prepare for a war against China and Pakistan, therefore, China will want to attack before either India or the US can increase their military strength?

I am seeing shadows moving in the background telling me that war just might be about to start and this war won't just be between the US and those enemies; this war will be much more complex than that and will involve our allies.

First, China has removed the civilians from its border with India in an area where China is most likely to attack and has suddenly started to rapidly build up its forces in that area. A very large number of Chinese troops, artillery, armored vehicles, and a variety of aircraft were just suddenly moved into the area, they are quickly building fighting facilities including aircraft bases, are quickly building ground fortifications for fighting, and they just drafted the border guards there into the Chinese military.

Second, China is building up its naval presence around India to cut off India from the rest of the world to decrease the ability for India to get help from other nations.

Third, China is working with Pakistan by increasing bases and troop presence in Pakistan to stage a two front war against India probably so China can use more of her troops in other places to spread out the US forces as much as possible.

Fourth, I have been hearing that China is increasing its forces in the areas required for invading Taiwan.

Fifth, China is building up its forces for invading the Senkaku Islands controlled by Japan.

Sixth, China has stationed a large number of troops just across the border with North Korea "to prevent people fleeing North Korea into China" but are those troops really there to provide immediate assistance for North Korea to invade South Korea?

Seventh, China is quickly accelerating the building of its forces and weapons in the South China Sea.

Eighth, Trump is rapidly working to rebuild the US military and working to get everything he can out of every dime he spends and do it as quickly as possible like the above statement about ordering two super carriers instead of just one to get the second super carrier five years earlier for less money.

Ninth, Trump just changed his mind about signing the corrupt budget he was given by our corrupt Congress and stated that the reason was because he has to fund the US military, you know, urgently, which tells me that he may have just gotten intel about China planning to start this war very soon, maybe even sooner than previously expected.

Tenth, Iran and Hezbollah are working to build bases and forces to invade Israel just as soon as the fighting in Syria has either died down enough or is over.

Eleventh, I just found out from Fox News that increasing numbers of the US bureaucrats in Washington DC, especially in intelligence organizations, are beating it out to survival camps outside of Washington DC run by former military people to help people survive things like wars.

That is an awful lot of coincidences and there are other signs I am watching so keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have told you that Sweden is lost because of the Muslims?

I have heard that increasing numbers of Swedish citizens are fleeing Sweden because it is not safe in Sweden and attacks by Muslims are quickly increasing. They say that, if you call the police, the police refuse to come to help you. The police tell you that the Muslims are coming from a war torn country, are not mentally healthy, and the Swedish people are to "understand" the Muslims and let them commit their crimes against the Swedish citizens. The Swedes who leave Sweden are saying, "The Muslims have won."

The nation of Sweden is lost.

Now, what you will see is the Muslims gaining control of the Swedish government and purging out all of those idiot lefty politicians and bureaucrats to either enslave or kill them. If you have been paying any attention at all, you KNOW those stupid lefty politicians and bureaucrats are going to die. That is an easy prediction.


Remember that I have been telling you that, as soon as the Muslims take over they will purge the stupid lefties helping the Muslims to take over?

Monday, a Muslim woman from a radical Muslim mosque, possibly the same mosque the Broward County Sheriff's Office has been teaching to use guns and to arm themselves, drove a car loaded with full propane tanks (commonly used by ISIS and other Muslim terrorists in Iraq and Syria as car bombs) into the main office for the Broward County Sheriff's Office building and tried to detonate her "car bomb" but all it did was catch on fire and she was the only one injured.

Hey, the Muslims are not even waiting to get into power before purging their stupid lefty pals who are helping them to get into power.

Do you think the stupid lefties will learn?

Of course not, lefties are too stupid to learn.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."


With the midterm Congressional elections rapidly approaching, I am seeing a huge increase in propaganda being put out by the left against Trump and everything I am seeing so far is lies. Expect this to get worse as we get closer to the midterm election.

I am also seeing increasing censorship of conservative sites and information by the big Internet powers of FB, Twitter, Google, and others. This will only get worse as we get closer to November.

BTW, Trump just got torpedoed by the RINOs in Congress with the "Omnibus Bill".

With the corrupt bill the RINOs in Congress just handed Trump, expect to see Republicans lose their seats but, unfortunately, it probably won't be the right ones so that the worst of the criminals will probably remain to work against Trump reforming our government.


Erdogan really weakened his military when he arrested so many of his officers following the coup against him. For example, he arrested about 400 F-16 pilots, which means he doesn't have enough pilots to fly all of his planes, and now doesn't have much of a defense against enemy aircraft and missiles. That is one of the reasons Erdogan is buying the Russian made S-400 to shoot down aircraft and a European or US anti-missile system to shoot down missiles.

Now that the S-400 deal has been signed between Turkey and Russia, Turkey is trying to get a deal for the US Patriot missile system, which would mean that Ruskies operating the S-400 for Turkey will be getting intel directly from the Patriot missile systems in order to coordinate those systems the Ruskies can send home to Papa Putin to use against the US Patriot systems in a war.

Just whose side is Erdogan on?

Oh yeah, his own.

BTW, by the strangest of coincidences, this land grabbing by Turkey will make it possible for Erdogan and his family to increase their wealth by selling more natural gas...they are stealing from Syria. Gee, what a coincidence.

Upper Class Trash

All of the upper class trash things like Antifa, the feminist thingy, and others have failed so they regrouped again, reorganized again, and have started over again with national protests by teenagers to disarm US citizens so the upper class trash can stage a coup without the fear of being shot by the US citizens. The left is really escalating this and building on it.

Their strategy is to brow beat anyone who dares speak out against the sweet widdle lefty kiddies as being a bully. They are just the upper class trash's new Antifa...and have already caused damage during their "protests".

The lefties are driving very hard to seize everyone's guns so they can stage a violent coup against Trump, seize control of the US without having to worry about being shot, and set up their commie dictatorship as quickly as possible. They know they have to get rid of Trump soon or their commie dictatorship is doomed.

This has to be the most intense and desperate effort to seize guns the left has ever made and this is their coup attempt right now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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