Remember that I have been telling you that the real criminals in all of this are the corrupt mega wealthy upper class I call the upper class trash trying to set up their global dictatorship?

I got this from Breitbart by John Binder:

"Executives from Fortune 500 corporations say they are planning to intervene if Democrat Joe Biden is not inaugurated into office by January 20, 2021.

A report by CBS News states that in a conference call late last week, Fortune 500 executives were planning to step in on behalf of Biden to pressure Republican lawmakers if President Trump holds up the former vice president's transition."

These are the evil people causing all of this mess, who cause better than 90% of this world's problems, and who are planning to commit genocide by murdering more than 7 billion people globally so they don't have to share their planet with you. They are the wealthy and corrupt, power mad upper class trash members of the Euro-American royal family referred to as "commoners". They own and finance such evil creatures as Soros, our corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, judges, DAs, lefty media, lefty college professors, lefty Hollywood, and the rest of the lefty human sewer.

Get the picture yet?

Obviously, they are afraid Trump will win the court cases and continue to be president and they are now openly stating that, if their coup against this nation, its people, and the US Constitution doesn't succeed, they are now willing to personally intervene to make sure the coup does work and they get their power and control of the US and the world in spite of the will of the people, you know, their future slaves.

This is extortion, people. Either they get what they want or you will pay for it. Personally, I think we should give them all a free necktie party.

When you start your fighting, these are the evil people you have to kill first. Get to know them because they are now coming out of their evil closet to steal your nations and murder your people. God is using this to open your eyes. You are now starting to see what God has been showing me for half a century.

Do you believe me yet that these human demons are evil?

I have been quietly watching these very evil people work for more than half a century and they are getting impatient. They want "their planet" and you as their slaves RIGHT NOW!!! They are also behind the lockdowns to destroy all of the mom and pop businesses to eliminate all of their competition so they can completely control the market. You will either do as they say or they won't hire you or sell you anything you need, such as food.

The corrupt lefty politicians and RINOs are just very evil puppets and fronts for the upper class trash who just made themselves known to you. These monsters own the US deep state.

BTW, Trump has lost a few court cases already telling us who the corrupt judges are taking bribes from the upper class trash. Trump will have to take these cases to the US Supreme Court while the lying lefty media tell you these cases are dead and are going no where.

The question now is, "How many of the judges on the US Supreme Court are owned by the upper class trash?" We will soon find out.

BTW, these corrupt judges are the bad judges I have told you about and you need to get rid of to get your nation back. I have been watching them for more than half a century too.


I have been watching this bogus election and thinking. I believe the commies have a double barrel strategy.

First, I think they thought that their vote rigging would not work but, if it did, great.

The proof for this is that they were too obvious and careless with their vote rigging. Anyone who was paying a attention saw the vote rigging. If they had thought it would work, they would have tried to hide it better.

So why the vote rigging if you are not going to at least try to cover it up better?

They knew Trump already knew about the vote rigging, would fight it in court and probably win. To the upper class trash, it was just a desperate shot in the dark. They also knew the lefty commie activists, who hate the US and want to see the republic destroyed and replaced with a commie dictatorship, want the vote rigging to get what they want and it would take time for Trump to beat their vote rigging in court giving the lefty commie traitors time to use psychological warfare to convince the stupid people that Biden won the election and is the real president and it was Trump staging a coup and not them.

The lefty commie traitors, especially the lefty media, have been largely doing this by first calling Biden the "president elect", which neither of them can be until either one of them concedes or December 14, and now calling Biden "the president", which neither can be until they are sworn in on January 20, 2021, and the stupid people are buying it big time just like the lefty commie traitors knew the stupid people would.

If Trump wins and the left gets enough stupid people to believe Biden is really the president and Trump is staging the coup along with the support of their commie base, it will justify the left using Biden to setup a commie "fifth column" government in one of the major commie cities like LA, NY, or Chicago to be able to move right in and take over the US Government as soon as they can depose Trump. They are already setting up this fifth column government with Biden hiring radical lefties to various top positions in his commie government.

What I expect is that, when Trump wins, the lefty media will sell all of the commies and the stupid people on believing that Trump just staged a coup and that Biden will be setting up "the real government" with plans to depose the "traitor Trump". When that happens, I expect the lefty commie traitor members of the swamp or deep state hiding within our government and the Pentagon to leave our government to "support Biden in taking control of the government from traitor Trump" by helping form their own government before they stage their violent coup.

To do this, they will assume rule of the blue areas for staging their coup on a national level with violence taking place at the same time throughout the nation. You better secure your red zones.

You have to understand that, when the deep state suddenly leaves our government in mass, it will massively disrupt our government causing confusion and chaos until Trump can restructure and reorganize all of the many departments within the government, including the Pentagon. This government chaos will prevent Trump from taking any actions against this fifth column government until Trump has reorganized the entire US Government, which can take up to a year or more.

This will buy the commies plenty of time to organize their government they have already been planning and organizing (much of which is already organized within the US Government) to create an army from their thugs to stage their coup.

Where will they get troops for their military?

It should be obvious by now that lefties have infiltrated the US Military because Trump just got rid of some of them at the top of the Pentagon. Also remember that God told me years ago that the US Military, FBI, CIA, law enforcement, and others are about 20% traitors and 80% good guys and, based on what we have recently seen, quite a few of these traitors are upper level officers including generals and admirals.

There are 1.3 million members in the US Military plus about 800 thousand members in the reserves and 450 thousand in the National Guard and 20% of that 2.5 million would be about 500 thousand trained troops for the fifth column military, leaving the US Military with a total force of about 2 million with many of them scattered around the planet and that many troops suddenly leaving would disrupt the US Military and compromise most of their secret information.

Then we don't know how many other trained US Government officials will join this arm from organizations such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, law enforcement at all levels from city to federal and others, such as Antifa and BLM.

There are also 17 million US veterans in the US and, if 20% of them are also traitors, that would be 3.4 million more trained and experienced soldiers for the left, which would bring their total military and veteran force up to about 4+ million.

Also remember that all black gangs in the US are black Muslim under the ultimate control of Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. There are about 1.4 million gang members in the US and about one third of them are black gang members or about 500 thousand. Note that does not include any other gangs or criminals released from prisons that would probably join the lefty army.

Also, did you notice that about 80% of the illegal aliens brought into the US by the left are young military age men?

There are about 10 to 12 million illegal aliens in the US with about 8 to 9 million being young military age men. If just half of those young men joined the lefty army, that would give the lefty army another 4 to 5 million soldiers, many of whom are trained in some capacity such as soldiers from other nations or terrorists.

That should tell you that the lefties could easily raise an army of 10 to 20 million and they are probably already raising and organizing that army.

Some of these will probably be able to obtain weapons from the US Military and other government agencies including things like planes and tanks with even entire bases being taken over, especially National Guard bases. These troops will be quickly scattered throughout the US in blue zones.

Remember that Biden is already in talks with other nations who want to destroy the US to set up their global dictatorship so don't be surprised to see them quickly bring arms to bear against the US on the Canadian/US and Mexican/US borders along with other forces positioning in blue zones on the US east and west coasts, you know, like Commiefornia, Oregon, and Washington.

Mean while, Trump will be forced on the defensive just in case the lefties stage their violent coup soon and to do damage control to reorganize and quickly assess what intelligence and other things have been compromised, which pose a threat to the US. At the same time, Trump will be forced to begin quickly bringing as many of our troops stationed outside the US to back within the US with about 20% of those quickly deserting to join the lefty army. It is going to be one huge mess but will clean out the swamp rats, which will be a good thing.

The US military will have to quickly reorganize by incorporating the reserve and National Guard units that were not taken over by the left along with most militias and recalling most veterans, while doing a quick damage control and an inventory of remaining assets. Of course, this will take time.

Until this current mess started and things began moving in this direction, I used to wonder how God was going to separate out the good guys from the bag guys in our government, but especially in the US Military, after Obama seized control of our government. After all, if Obama suddenly gained control of the US Government and military, it would require the good guys in the military to quickly separate good forces from bad forces and many good guys caught in bad forces having to quickly desert to the good forces.

But it looks like God is going to cause this separation before Obama's violent coup by causing the bad guys to leave the government and military to form their own fifth column government and military to stage a commie coup of the US Government, forcing the good guys to quickly regroup, reorganize, and do damage control, which will buy the fifth column time to get their act together.

This means it is looking like Obama will not seize control of the US Government like I had thought but of the commie fifth column government. We will see.

This would actually be very easy for Obama and Farrakhan to do because remember that I told you about how Farrakhan has been building his own US trained government for the Nation of Islam including their own military, FBI, CIA, and other organizations. All they would have to do is kill the top leaders in the Commierat fifth column government and quickly place the Nation of Islam already existing government in control of the Commierat government, which would explain my dream about the white lefties being subservient to the black Muslims.

If the commies put their government in downtown Chicago, Obama throws a formal ball in the Sears Tower for all of the commie leaders scattered across the US to celebrate their new government, and then nukes Chicago like God said Obama would do, killing all of the Commierat leaders, the Nation of Islam has gang leaders all across the US who could quickly move into those vacated Commierat governments to take control while the Commierats are still in a state of shock and Obama is telling everyone that Trump, Israel, and the conservatives nuked Chicago to get rid of the new Commierat fifth column government. The US hating commies and the stupid people would buy it and support Obama for invading Israel for retribution, while the ones staying behind hold down the fort until Obama returns from wiping out Israel with an army of a few hundred million Muslims.

Now, when Obama nukes Chicago, the US Military will very quickly move Trump and what is left of Congress and the Supreme Court to the nuke proof facilities at White Sands Missile Range like God said would happen just in case Obama has another nuke he plans to use on Trump and company while trying to find out if Obama has any more nukes anywhere else in the US before the US Military will try to take back the blue zones. That will definitely cause the Mexican standoff God told me about.

That also explains why Obama would hold the formal ball in the top of the Sears Tower on a Monday that is not a holiday but is a normal work day during normal work hours; to destroy the Commierat government at the same time as he kills the lefty racist commie leaders so he and Farrakhan can replace the entire Commierat government with the Nation of Islam government, you know, the kill two birds with one stone thingy.

For years after Obama left office as US president, I have been wondering how Obama was going to justify him seizing control of the US Government because we have a number of fail safes built into our system that would have made it very difficult for Obama to just grab power but, for him to seize control of such a commie fifth column government would be easy, especially with the remaining US Government still in disarray. All he would have to do is kill all of the other leaders and replace them with Farrakhan's already existing Nation of Islam government.

I also wondered how they would get that private plane with the nuke in the nose in close enough to kill everyone in the Sears Tower with the US Air Force controlling the air space around the president the way they do. The US Air Force won't be controlling the air space around the Commierat fifth column government to protect it so it will be very easy for Obama and Farrakhan to get that plane to within about a quarter to half mile east of the Sears Tower. Man, this explains a lot of things I have been wondering about for years.

That is what it now looks like is probably going to happen and soon, if Trump wins. Probably this coming spring. Stick around and we will find out. Remember, this is where you get tomorrow's news today. As we get closer, it gets clearer.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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