I Told You So 372


Remember that I have been telling you that masks don't and cannot work and that they are lying to you?

Watch this video to see just how bad they are lying to you. The study they talked about first was published this last spring, proving what I have been telling you but it was suppressed plus they talk about other previous studies (9 total) that all said the same thing, masks don't work and are the same as wearing nothing.

Yes, the lefties KNOW they are lying to you or they wouldn't be suppressing those studies proving they are lying to you.

If you are exposed wearing nothing, you will get infected and, if you are exposed wearing a mask, you will still get infected.

These commie/Nazi edicts about wearing masks, social distancing, and lockdowns have nothing to do with science and are only about power and control. They are working to slowly condition the people to subjugation, one edict at a time by gradually adding more and more edicts. This is called psychological warfare against the American people, you know, train the American people to be obedient little slaves.

How much more evidence do we have to have proving this is true before people realize it is true?

If you watch this video and still think the politicians and media are not lying to you, then you just don't think well.

I have explained the science as to why masks do not and cannot work and here is evidence that my science is good science and what I have told you is true.

When are the people going to say "enough", stand up, and take their nations back?

Increasing numbers are but I keep seeing far too many who are not.

They also point out the corruption I have told you about in the judicial system where you have to take back your courts to get your nation back. The bad judges have to go.


Remember that I have been telling you for months that these lockdowns are shutting down mom and pop businesses to increase the wealth and power of the major corporations?

Watch this video where they tell you the same thing. It is the upper class trash taking over absolutely everything to enslave everyone. You do what they say or they punish you. It is all about power and control and has nothing to do with science, medicine, or COVID 19. This COVID crap is nothing but a coup.

You think that all of this stuff that is going on by the left is not about power and control?

Watch this video. They keep proving me right, people.

All of this crap is a coup, planned and coordinated coup. This lockdown and the sudden return of mass shootings at Wisconsin are also meant to be a distraction from the election so the left can get the stupid people to believe that Trump staged a coup when he wins, which tells me that they know he is about to win in spite of what they keep telling you.

It is like I have been telling you, the lefty upper class trash are working to control every aspect of every person's life. You WILL be their obedient little slaves or else.

BTW, with this most recent lockdown, I am convinced that the upper class trash are sending out lefty activists to buy up things like TP to panic the stupid people. There is just no other reason for people across the US to just suddenly buy up all of the TP and other such things. This is no coincidence.

What? Didn't they learn the last time that buying up all of the TP and other such things didn't do them any good?

Also, the more I watch this, the more I become convinced that the left is 1) spreading the virus and 2) still inflating their COVID 19 numbers as part of a biological/psychological terrorist attack on the people to scare the stupid people into submission. "Hey, obey or the boogie man will get you!"

We already know that this virus is not very deadly but the lefties keep saying it is very deadly and the stupid people keep believing it and panicking.

European Royalty

Remember that I have been telling you that ALL of the European royals are one family with different branches or clans such as the "British Royal Family" and the "Spanish Royal Family"?

This video shows that in detail showing that all of the "royal families" were just one family that has been inbreeding for at least 800 years, according to this video, but he only went back about 800 years or it would have shown they have been the same family and inbreeding for about 3,000 years.

Note all of the "different" royal families for all of the different nations that this one lineage belonged to via marriage and birth. They and their families ruled every nation from Portugal to Russia. Note that a number of those royal lines inbred themselves infertile and into extinction, ending those family lines.

There is only one Euro-American royal family and, under different branches, they ruled the entire planet up to about 200 years ago and they want their planet and slaves back, which is what globalism is really all about.

Do you get the picture yet? Is that obvious enough for you?

And this video doesn't even begin to show all of the members and branches of that Euro-American royal family because, to do that, it would be a very long video showing all of the "commoners" that most of you know nothing about, you know, like Diana and Markel.

US Troops

You need to understand that these corrupt politicians resisting Trump bringing US troops back to the US are doing so in order that those troops will not be able to fight to stop the upper class trash coup for the US Government and this should be telling you which of our politicians are owned by the upper class trash. The traitors are now telling you who they are with their actions. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierat Party didn't give up slavery and just took it to other nations?

I got this from Breitbart by Lucas Nolan:

"Lobbyists for Silicon Valley tech giant Apple are reportedly attempting to weaken a new law aimed at preventing slave labor in China, the Washington Post revealed on Friday."

Now, why would Apple be lobbying to protect slavery in China if they were not financially benefiting from slavery?

God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Our problem is that, with us permitting these greedy upper class trash to increase their profits by using slaves in other nations, God is going to let these evil upper class trash at least temporarily turn many of you into slaves.

God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

You better repent of your sins, especially the sin of tolerance, turn back to God and pray your butts off. This ain't going to be purdy.

Please note that the people who are most likely to become the upper class trash slaves are the fool lefties living in the lefty run big cities and states, you know, those lefty run blue zones. Hey, you keep voting them into power, the human demons will keep turning you into slaves. Them obedient lefty sheeple are already making really good, obedient little slaves. Dem just does whatever der massers say without question.

Plus, people, instead of using chains and whips this time, the upper class trash are going to use drugs because, with drugs, if you run away from the plantation, you will run back for more drugs when you go into withdrawals. You won't run away more than once or twice and then you will give up and stay on the plantation for dem drugs, baby. That is why the left is legalizing drugs, stupid lefties. Hello!!!

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Commie Fifth Column

Remember that I told you that the left is using Biden to set up a commie fifth column government for taking over the US Government, they are telling people that Biden has won and is already president, and, when Trump wins, they will say that Trump staged a coup to justify the left staging their coup with their commie fifth column government?

Watch in this video how Tim says that Biden has already won and the left is "saying over and over again that Trump is trying to subvert the election", you know, like Trump is staging a coup just like I said they would say. Note that Tim also says that the behavior of the lefty media is telling him that Trump might be winning and the lefty media know it.

Know that the lefty media lying about Trump dropping law suits is for them to convince the stupid people that Trump staged a coup, after he won because, after all, he dropped the law suits and, therefore, could not have won.

Also note the comments Tim is getting from lefties showing they are buying the lies and it is these same traitors who will believe that Biden really won and Trump staged a coup when Trump wins and, therefore, it justifies the commie fifth column government overthrowing Trump in a coup. The lefties are already telling you they are already drinking that Koolaid. People, this is happening RIGHT NOW!!!

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

I was wondering how the left was going to finance their Marxist fifth column government until they seize control of the US Government without them being able to use tax dollars. I figured they would use taxes from the blue zones.

I got this from Breitbart by Haris Alic:

Headline: "Biden Crowdsourcing Money for Transition as Standoff with Trump Continues"

Yep, they are using crowfunding instead of taxes and their stupid commies and sheeple are paying to support the upper class trash lefty fifth column commie government that will eventually make them all Marxist slaves. "Here is my down payment on my chains."

Keep an eye on this.

So, where do you think they will headquarters their Marxist fifth column government until they can seize power?

My guess is Chicago because of what God has shown me in my dreams plus it is one of the 3 biggest and richest cities in the US, is closer to the center of the nation east to west than LA or New York and it is close enough to commie Canada that Trudeau can help smuggle weapons (planes and tanks), munitions and troops in from just across the lake. When all things are considered, it is a very good location for their commie government to stage a coup of the US Government not too far to the east from Chicago, you know, where the other lefty leaders like Cuomo will bring in other upper class trash troops from places like Europe and China via the Atlantic Ocean.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that Trump and the rest of the conservative leaders will be forced to flee to White Sands Missile Range.

Remember that I told you that we could end up with 2 presidents ruling the different parts of the nation, the red and blue zones because Biden will not concede, will insist that he won and is the president and the lefty media will back him up?

I got this from Breitbart by Joel B. Pollak:

"Blue State Blues: Two Presidents, Two Countries"


"President Donald Trump continues running the country as if there were no doubt that he had won the election and will stay in office for a second term. Former Vice President Joe Biden, having declared himself President-elect, is doing the best he can to show that he is assuming the responsibilities of the presidency."

And Obama is right in the middle of this. Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that I told you the US Military knew this crap was going to happen and has been planning for it? Remember that I told you that the Euro-American royalty are the globalists trying to take back "their planet and slaves"?

This is an interesting video. He tells you about the US Military plans for stopping this crap (they know that they must now open people's eyes before it is too late), from what he says, he is actually working with members of the military who want him to put this intel out there for you, he points out just how desperate these globalists are just like I have been telling you (they are fighting for their lives and know it), he mentions the European Royalty several times (the Rothschilds married into that family a few hundred years ago), he told you that Obama set this up and Hillary was to finish it off like I told you years ago, he shows you how complex this entire criminal operation is like I have been telling you for years, he points out that the lefties have infiltrated the US Military like I have been telling you, he points out that the US Military knows everyone who is involved in this coup of our planet just like I told you, he tells you about their satanic child sacrifices like I told you about years ago, he tells you how evil these human demons are, just like I have been telling you, he tells you the war is going on just like I have been telling you, he tells you that the fecal matter is about to deluge the proverbial fan like I have been telling you, and he proves that I am not the only person on this planet who knows this stuff, is teaching it to open eyes, and is trying to prepare you for what is coming.

Believe me yet?

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the military knows what is going on but must wait until enough of you get mad enough to stand up to this coup and then the military can come to your aid. The military cannot permit the lefty commie traitors to be able to make it look like the military is the one staging the coup but is coming to your aid in stopping the lefty coup.

The military is letting you find out what it will be like to live under the tyrannical rule of the left so you will turn on the left so the military can come to your aid.

BTW, this video shows what God told me about me not being His only messenger teaching people about these things and that He has an army of us working to open eyes and prepare you for what is coming just like God showed me years ago.

You will believe me soon, very soon. The fecal matter is hitting the fan, baby.

Remember that I have told you that this is a war between God and Satan?

Notice in this video what this former Marine is saying about Christ and God's will in life.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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