Court Case

I have to go to court in a few weeks in Alamogordo, New Mexico and was working on my court case but I was struggling with getting it organized when God showed me something I need to share with you. I will share the details of the case with you and, then at the end, I will share what God showed me about what will trigger this rebellion by the people. This will be a real eye opener because it is not going to happen the way most people think it will happen.

I am hoping this will help some of you.

Note that, when I started writing this as part of my blog, it came together much faster and easier so I guess God wanted me to share it with you.

Remember that the US Constitution is a contract between the people and the government to protect the people from abuses of power against the people by the government and most of our governments are right now in breach of contract. I am fighting this in court in an attempt to get the court to force the government back into compliance with our contract in order to protect the people from government abuses.

You have to understand that a government cannot write just any laws, codes, ordinances, or mandates they want and impose them on the people. ALL such mandates and laws must be compliant with the US Constitution or they cannot be forced on the people and, for a government to force unconstitutional mandates on the people is unconstitutional and a federal felony. That is right, the government is not above the law and must abide by the US Constitution.

The government CANNOT live by Satan's one law of "do as you will," though too many of them want to.

I decided that, since they are calling me into court, instead of just fighting for myself, I would fight for my people too. At 2 pm on February 2, 1972 I swore an oath that has no expiration date to defend and uphold the US Constitution and protect the people against both external and internal threats. I will be fighting to keep that oath to protect my people against an internal threat, the local upper class trash.

For almost 25 years, I have heard from everyone in this town I have discussed this with that they all know our local government is a very corrupt government. They regularly told me tales about its corruption. Their corruption is that obvious. They are so obvious with their corruption that the FBI probably wouldn't even have to have someone go undercover and it would probably only take them a year or less to put a number of our upper class trash in prison. (Remember that I call the corrupt rich people upper class trash and there are good rich people, who are not upper class trash.)

In doing this, I will also be exercising my Constitutional right to free speech in accordance with the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

What this case is about is city codes concerning the appearance of property.

You have to understand that the government does not have the right to dictate to you what your property can or cannot look like because the appearance of you property is completely subjective and has nothing to do with science so that the government dictating what it can or cannot look like will be based entirely on what one or more people like and dislike and/or government corruption.

This means that even home owner's associations are unconstitutional because they are just small dictatorships where a small group of people dictate what other people's properties can and cannot look like and how those people can live. They are just mini dictatorships, which are unconstitutional in the Republic of the US.

I have to admit that, once I got the written complaint by the city government, I intentionally did not do what I was ordered to do concerning the part which posed no threat to anyone and was just about the appearance of my property in order to cause the government to bring it to court to punish me so I could fight it in court and stop their unconstitutional behaviors against the people.

You see, not only is this program unconstitutional but they have been getting much worse lately, making life harder on the people, and I realized someone had to do something to stop this before it gets any worse and I am someone. Most of the people they are bullying and terrorizing don't know enough about law and science to fight back but I do so I realized this had to be my fight for the people. So this is my sucker punch for a corrupt government.

One thing I want to teach you with this essay is how to stand up and fight back against a corrupt government.

First, you have to understand the science behind a desert and why it is a desert. A desert is a desert because it doesn't have enough water to grow enough vegetation to keep enough sunlight from hitting the ground, being absorbed by the ground and turned into heat, and then the ground radiating that heat into the area and heating and drying the air so that, as the air moves around in the area, it further heats and dries the area. If this is severe enough, the vegetation growth will not increase enough to cause the area to stop being a desert.

You also have to understand that the darker the surface, the more sunlight it will absorb and the more heat it will generate, making the desert worse.

You also have to understand that, when sunlight hits vegetation, it causes a process call "photosynthesis", which does not create heat but does create nutrients for plant growth so the plants can grow larger and provide more ground cover, decreasing the heating effect for the area.

This should tell you that the best way to live in the desert is to grow enough plants on your property to provide enough ground cover to decrease the amount of sunlight hitting the ground and turning to heat in order to keep the heat down around your home and around your neighbors' homes in order to keep everyone's cooling bills down and your home habitable.

But the person living across the street from me purchased 3 lots and paved over almost two of those lots with black asphalt, which absorbs the most possible light and generates the greatest amount of heat. If you put that yard anywhere in this desert, it will be one of the hottest spots in the desert making the desert worse but that home is code compliant in spite of the fact that it increased the heating effect on their home, driving up their summer cooling costs to $400 per month, and increased the heating effect on the surrounding homes, driving up our cooling bills too.

Why is it code compliant?

Probably because some oligarch made money paving that land. I have learned that one rule of thumb is that, if it makes oligarchs money, it is code compliant but, if it does not make oligarchs money, it is in violation of code.

Think not?

The people on the opposite side of me across the alley from me purchased two lots and covered more than half of them with grey gravel, which is only a little better than black asphalt. I conservatively estimate that their cooling bill has to be at least $200 to $300 per month during the summer. Their property would also be one of the hottest spots in the desert and heats up their home, my home, and the area, also making it worse here but it is also code compliant.

People, because of my prolonged illness having plunged me into poverty and me presently only making $861 per month on Social Security, there is no way I could afford to pay a monthly cooling bill of $200 to more than $400. I would have to live under my trailer to survive here, much less being able to pay for the asphalt or gravel.

Those two examples should also tell you that this has nothing to do with the lie they tell about "beautifying Alamogordo" unless you think black asphalt and grey gravel are beautiful.

Second, because a desert has a limited amount of water, it is important to practice good water management or to conserve water. During the summer the city even forces us to conserve water by only allowing us to water our yards 3 days a week and only on certain times of those days.

So now we need to look at their policies concerning vegetation for ground cover to keep homes and neighborhoods cooler.

Third, the government does not have the right to determine definitions for vegetation that are not based on science such as deciding that certain vegetation is weeds because they said so.

For example, they just call any plants they don't want you growing on your property weeds in spite of the fact that the biological definition of a weed is "any plant growing on MY property that I and only I do not want growing on MY property". It could be a rose, tulip, hydrangea or anything else. If I do not want it there, it is a weed, anyone else not wanting it on my property does not make it weed, and, if I want it there, it is not a weed.

Don't believe me?

Go study biology.

No one else can decide that any plant growing on my property is a weed, only I can decide that showing that their codes have nothing to do with science but is about ignorant opinions. Their codes even contradict sciences as I have already shown with the asphalt and gravel covered yards.

You see, they are pulling a little trick to where they call indigenous vegetation "weeds" and tell you that you cannot grow weeds on your land, which is in violation of their code, they said so, so they can dictate to you what vegetation you can and cannot grow on your land, which is unconstitutional, and to cover up what they are really doing.

By hiding that the vegetation they say you cannot grow on your land is indigenous vegetation, they are also hiding that the only vegetation you can grow on your land that is code compliant is "invasive species" (which is not biologically sound) and you have to buy from the businesses owned by the oligarchs making them more money, much more money as you will soon see.


Because the oligarchs make money selling you invasive species but don't make money from you growing indigenous vegetation that grows naturally in your biosystems. Therefore, the invasive species is "code compliant" and the indigenous vegetation is in "violation of code". It is all about the money, baby.

Now we have to get into some science that I am certain no one in this city government knows; their codes tell me they don't know it.

When I was studying science in college I was trained that it is a professional courtesy to tell people what you have studied pertaining to your subject to let them know who they are dealing with and this is not considered to be bragging in science.

Therefore, it is only a professional courtesy to inform you that, at 73 years of age, I studied all of the hard sciences including biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, geography, physics, nuclear physics, calculus, solar engineering, electronics, some mechanical engineering, all of the sports sciences, sports medicine, and, for fun, as a hobby, astrophysics. I am trained to do both laboratory and field research. I also have a masters in business administration and studied law.

I am easily one of the best educated people in this state because most college professors don't know as much as I know but, with my prolonged illness and advanced age, all of that and $5 will buy me a large soda at Sonic. I am hoping to use all of that to fight to free my people from this unconstitutional government program and bring the government back into compliance with our contract, the US Constitution.

When I moved back here in 1998, I began to study the biology, geology, and meteorology for the very large Tularosa Basin. It has been a very interesting and complex study. I should share some about that in the future for fun.

I have identified at least three significantly different biosystems in just the City of Alamogordo, which is very important because you can't grow the same vegetation the same way in all of them but ye ole code enforcement clearly doesn't know that.

To keep this short, I will use two examples.

First, the land east of the railroad tracks is in the foothills to the mountains where there is much more sand and biomatter in the soil, it gets much more precipitation, much more shade, and is an average of 8 degrees F cooler than the area west of it between highway 54 on the east, the railroad tracks on the north, about half a mile west of the Airport Road on the west, and the airport on the south. Part of that is referred to as "Walker Town", where I live.

The foot hills area grows different types of indigenous vegetation, a greater variety of vegetation, and more dense vegetation that does not grow in Walker Town.

That latter area was a flood plain for thousands of years until Alamogordo completed their flood control system sometime in the 1960s. My mother purchased that land in 1958 and moved our trailer out there. Whenever it rained in the foothills to the east, that land was covered with a sheet of about 1 to 2 inches of water and not water running through gulleys but a sheet of water covering the entire area until it quit raining.

What that kind of flooding does to the land is it washes out the sand and biomatter (plant food) and carries it off leaving behind 2 to 3 feet of hard packed clay (called adobe building material) on top of 2 to 3 feet of harder packed caliche (called natural cement).

Before I moved into this trailer, after I returned, my brother and his wife lived here and, being ignorant, she thought all they had to do to get invasive species to grow here was to thoroughly soak the ground so she had my brother use 3 commercial sprinklers during the spring running for 72 hours without stopping to soak the ground but I knew better.

When he turned off the water, I walked to the edge of where he had just finished watering, put my left foot about 2 to 3 feet into the area he had just watered, lifted my foot up, and it picked up about 3 to 4 inches of wet clay with the ground beneath it bone dry.

This clay is so hard packed that even soaking it for 72 hours straight, the water will not soak down into the soil more than about 3 to 4 inches.

I already knew that, before you can grow anything here, you have to "reconstitute the soil" or no invasive species will grow here. As a matter of fact, only limited indigenous vegetation will grow on this land unless you reconstitute the soil.

Shortly after they left, I moved into this trailer and that is when I started using science to make things better, while having to deal with our ignorant code enforcement.

At that time, I was trying to find out what is killing me, while struggling to survive on about $400 to $600 a month (one month I only made $150), and dealing with other problems. I did not have the money or health to do what the oligarchs wanted me to do the way they wanted me to do it so I had to improvise.

Their way was that I had to rent or buy one of their rototillers, buy soil replacements like sand, peat moss, vermiculite, gardening soil, or potting soil along with fertilizers and plant food from them along with enough plants to provide enough ground cover to keep my home habitable. That would have cost me at least thousands of dollars in just the first year with no guarantee it would work, especially with me not knowing what would grow well here. Plus, after I got all of that and got those plants planted, I would have had to dump tons of water on the invasive species because they don't do well without tons of water in this dry heat. You see, the hot, dry air literally sucks the water out of invasive species so you have to put a lot more water into them to keep them alive.

Now, does this city want us to conserve water or waste water?

Their codes and requirements conflict concerning water conservation AND they discriminate against the poor which is unconstitutional. No poor person can afford to buy all of that to do to their yard what the oligarchs require.

I started doing about three things at the same time.

First, I was doing biology field research for about 6 to 8 years on what types of invasive species would grow here and under what conditions and with what soils because code enforcement was making it very clear that it had to be invasive species bought from the oligarchs.

To save money, I bought most of the plants as seed and only grew enough to test certain soils, fertilizers, and the amount of water required under different conditions. It regularly got to 110 to 115 degrees F in the shade during the summer with 5% to 15% humidity and average rain fall here was about 6 inches per year with hot, dry winds regularly blowing out of Mexico. It was just a wee bit of a challenge. At about 100 degrees F, most invasive species, especially crop plants, are traumatized, go into shock, and scale back some to survive until it drops below 100 degrees F.

I also took transplants or grew seedlings for some indigenous species from the foothills with only a little better results. The growing conditions here suck.

While that was going on, I used it as cover of it being a project in the works so I could do a couple of more things using indigenous species.

The first was using indigenous annual vegetation to begin reconstituting the soil and the other was starting the early stages of developing ground cover to keep my cooling bill down.

I had three medium size shade trees in the front and around the cooler edges of the shade and in any other shady parts of the land; indigenous annuals would grow in the first one to two feet into the sunny areas. When the plants would come up, I would just let them grow in spite of the fact that city code said that indigenous vegetation could not be allowed to grow over 6 inches high because the taller and wider the plant got, the more roots it grew, and the faster it reconstituted the soil. Their 6 inch code was clearly meant to kill of the indigenous vegetation I needed to reconstitute my soil.

I used my invasive species project to distract them so I could use science and indigenous vegetation to reconstitute my soil and increase ground cover.

The way it worked is I let the plants grow to full height and go to seed so they would die and decompose back down to the ground creating biomatter on top of the soil, with the roots also decomposing into biomatter inside the soil. When it rained, the water would carry biomatter into the soil, especially where the plants came out of the soil and would flow down through the biomatter from the roots further increasing the biomatter in the soil along with water penetration.

From one year to the next, the plants would grow further and further from the shade, telling me how much of the soil had been reconstituted, until they could finally grow throughout the yard and it didn't cost me a dime, just some patience and knowledge.

BTW, the cycle for annual indigenous vegetation here is 7 years. That means that plant A will grow abundantly in year one, changing the soil chemistry so it won't grow abundantly in year two but plant B will grow abundantly in year two. It takes seven years of different annuals growing and changing the chemistry of the soil before plant A will grow abundantly again.

You have to understand that the chemistry of the soil in conjunction with water will tell seeds whether the soil is right for that plant to grow and, if it is, it will trigger those seeds to germinate and grow into plants. So, when each annual changes the soil chemistry, it causes another annual to grow the next year.

This does two important things. First, it increases the rate at which the soil reconstitutes and it provides you with a variety of annuals from one year to the next, which is fun.

Now sage brush and mesquite are perennials, meaning they keep growing year to year. Sage brush doesn't drop its leaves during the winter and grows nice and fat and tall to provide maximum ground cover and helps slow and deflect the wind to keep my house cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter while helping keep the dirt from blowing.

I grew a sage brush hedge along my westerly fence line. If you prune it right, it grows to about 4 to 6 feet high and provides good privacy while blocking the hot winds during the summer and cold winds during the winter plus blocking the blowing dirt.

I had several mesquite bushes pop up in the back yard on the south side of the trailer so I pruned them both to grow up to become 15 to 20 foot tall mesquite trees to provide quite a bit of shade in my back yard and on the sunny side of my trailer and blocking hot winds out of Mexico keeping my home cooler during the summer. It is deciduous vegetation so it drops its leaves during the winter so the sun can warm the yard and my house during the winter to keep the winter heating bills lower.

Isn't science fun?

You can do all kinds of stuff with science and little or no money.

So I am using science and indigenous vegetation to keep my home and the neighbor's homes cooler during the summer, conserve electricity, conserve gas, keep the dirt from blowing so much, and I didn't have to water a bit of it so I was super conserving water just like the city said they wanted us to. I am being a good, responsible citizen. I am probably being a more responsible citizen than anyone in the government, you know, the people who want to dictate to me how and I can and cannot live.

Oh yeah, the highest cooling bill I have had this year, even with inflation and my neighbors heating my home, has been less than $130. That saved me hundreds of dollars just in my cooling bills not including water, gas, plants, soils, fertilizers, and other stuff the code enforcement wants me to buy. Hey, maybe my MBA does work, baby.

Then we need to deal with the yard Nazis because they are a very serious problem being made worse by code enforcement and other parts of the government.

You have to understand that if you study the history of how dictatorships have always functioned, they always used bad people that are called "snitches". These are pathetic bad people who inform on good people to get them in trouble and the dictators use these disgusting things to control and brutalize the people with the snitches power tripping on being able to abuse the power of government to cause trouble for people. They are nuts.

These yard Nazis here in Alamogordo spend hours driving up and down streets they don't even live on at 4 to 5 mph inspecting everyone's yards (why I call them yard Nazis), which is legally harassment and stalking. They are looking for anything they can go whining to code enforcement about to cause trouble for people and code enforcement encourages them by causing trouble for the people the yard Nazis whine about, called greasing the squeaky wheels.

Years ago they even formed an organization to have regular meetings to increase their ability to cause trouble for more people because they don't like the way those people's property looks. They whine to code enforcement to get code enforcement to bully and terrorize you to make your property look the way they want your property to look, which is unconstitutional.

But much worse than that is that the government encouraging these yard Nazis causes them to become more and more aggressive until they become violent. The local yard Nazis began committing violent acts against people a few years ago by burning their property to terrorize them into making them make their property look the way the yard Nazis want their property to look so that they are terrorists and the government is aiding and abettng terrorists.

They have also begun working with a Mexican gang to commit their crimes so that their crimes are international crimes.

Those two things are federal felonies and fall under the jurisprudence of the FBI.

About a year ago, one of them burned part of my sage brush hedge down, which caught on fire and burned down a shed by that hedge in which I had thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment I cannot afford to replace.

What I had been preparing that shed for was, as soon as my health was recovered enough, I was going to use it for a small neighborhood "Pop's Bicycle Shop" to teach the kids in this poor neighborhood how to fix their bicycles and be a father figure for them to help them be better kids and adults.

When I was in Los Angeles, I used my LART (Los Angeles Racing Team) junior racing program to keep kids out of gangs, drugs, crime, and prison. On 4 different occasions LAPD officers joined LART telling me that the reason they had driven by dozens of racing programs to join LART was "because it was well known in the LAPD the work I did in keeping kids out of gangs, drugs, and crime".

Out of all of my hundreds of wins and placings in bicycle racing, my favorite trophy is a proclamation from Los Angeles Country for the work I did in keeping kids out of gangs, drugs, and crime and it hangs on the wall a few feet from my computer. I saved kids lives. I have spent my life helping people whenever I could.

I did it there and was getting ready to do it here too when that yard Nazi burned down Pop's Bicycle Shop. Now I don't know what to do because I can't figure out anything else I can do with what little I have.

These yard Nazis need to be stopped before they murder someone. All they do is destroy and cause people harm.

I gave the local Fire Department a chance to solve that crime but they just don't have the resources in this small town to investigate such a crime.

If the yard Nazis mess with me again because of their insane obsession about my indigenous vegetation, I will bring the FBI in here to put their butts in prison. The FBI owes me because I worked with them before as a civilian to put people in prison and I can do it again.

Then we have to look at the differences in how lower class has to live as compared to middle and upper classes because their codes discriminate heavily against the lower class or poor people, of which I am one. Darn virus. That is unconstitutional.

You middle and upper class really need to pay attention to this because of the way the lefty upper class trash are right now destroying this nation and its economy. Any of you can become poor in the not too distant future so you might want to learn from the poor who already know how to survive in poverty.

Remember that this is coming from a man with an MBA who studied finance and has spent the last 20+ year studying surviving in poverty up close and personal.

You have to understand that, to a rich man, $20 is change, to a middle class man, $20 is pocket money, and to a poor man, $20 means being able to eat for a while. It is all a matter of perspective.

At this time, the middle and upper classes are spoiled with enough disposable income they can pretty easily afford to just throw away anything that breaks, wears out, or is damaged to fill up ye ole land fill faster and go buy a new replacement but this is changing pretty fast as the upper class trash continue to destroy our national economy.

The poor can't afford to just throw stuff away like the middle and upper classes. They have to be able to fix the same stuff to save money for food and bills. They have to be more financially responsible and frugal.

The best way to do that is to save stuff the middle and upper classes arrogantly and ignorantly call "junk" and "debris" because, to the poor, that stuff is valuable resources to repair and build stuff without spending money making the oligarchs richer and you better learn to do that too. It wasn't that long ago that almost all of your parents or grandparents saved "junk" and "debris" to fix stuff.

But, you know the oligarchs really hate that. All they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

You see, it saves the the poor more money to save that "junk" and "eye sore" than even to run to the store to buy parts, much less buy a new replacement and the oligarchs have rigged code enforcement to discriminate against the poor so they are forced to buy new stuff.

You see the oligarchs write the codes forbidding the poor from storing their resources in the open on their own land because it is an "eye sore" so that they have to either throw their resources away, buy a very expensive block fence or buy an expensive shed from the oligarchs so the poor darling neighbors can't see it to prevent eye injury. The problem is that the fence and shed will cost the poor more than they can save using their repair and building resources so they have to just throw those resources away and go buy new replacement stuff making the oligarchs more wealthy and the poor less wealthy.

Nothing like a little socio-economics, huh?

One day about 6 or 8 years ago, I was in my back yard when I saw that a neighbor across the alley had thrown away a nice rotating fan in their dumpster. I thought, "All it is is a motor and a switch and I have fixed B-52s, F-4s, F-105 Wild Weasels, and A-7Ds so I should be able to fix that and have a free fan to keep my house cooler." They were throwing it away so they didn't need it.

I got it, took it home, plugged it in to see what was wrong with it, it worked fine because they just didn't want it anymore, and I have had that fan keeping my bedroom cooler during the summer nights so I can sleep better for at least 6 or 8 years for free because I learned to live like the poor, saving money.

Last year, one of the yard Nazis (the Fire Department knows who did it but can't prove it in a court so I can't litigate for damages), who didn't like my indigenous vegetation burned down part of my sage brush hedge and a small shed I had tools and stuff in that would cost me thousands of dollars to replace that I can't afford.

One of the reasons I have to go to court is because the "debris" from that fire is still in my back yard and is now visible because the yard Nazi burned down that part of the hedge. You know, they want to punish me because someone else destroyed part of my property and I can't afford to do what they want me to do.

What they are calling debris is a resource to me, a poor person. I am trying to regrow that hedge but that will take a few years and they want me to just throw away what is left there but I am using it to repair the ground that was burned, destroying the soil.

The arrogant spoiled rich fools don't realize that the ash and burned wood are plant matter that can be composted back into the soil to replace the biomatter the fire destroyed and increase plant growth to break up the baked soil.

While writing this essay, I realized I should put some of that ash where the hedge used to be to compost it into that soil to help my new hedge grow back faster.

I spread the ash across the worst of the burned area to begin composting it into the soil, while permitting indigenous vegetation growth to break up the baked soil. It is a work in progress but is working faster than I expected but ye ole ignorant code enforcement can't understand what this poor genius is doing. (Hey, Tesla died poor too so I have good company.) BTW, if you can pass junior and senior level hard science courses, you are a genius. I took courses that are considered to be some of the toughest courses on any college campus and I thought they were easy, you know, like Endocrinology.

I am keeping the burned wood and other stuff by the burned area so that, after those plants die back this fall, I can put the burned wood and other stuff over the ash to keep it warmer and more moist during the winter to encourage bacterial growth in the ash to compost the ash down into biomatter faster to reconstitute the soil faster. You know, the stuff they want me to throw away because it is "debris".

But the ignorant lunatics are screaming it is an eye sore, of course. You see, poor people have to learn to use stuff to fix stuff that the spoiled middle and upper class just throw away but they will soon learn to live more responsibly and respectfully or pay for it. The upper class trash will make sure of that.

This unconstitutional discrimination against the poor is one very important reason why the government should not be allowed to dictate the appearance of people's property, which, in of itself, is unconstitutional, so the poor can save that stuff to repair or build things in a way that will save them money they need elsewhere.

A lot of people are afraid of poverty but they don't need to be because all poverty means is that you just have less money than most people. The way you learn to survive poverty is to learn innovative ways to live with less money and you should learn those ways from the poor because many of you will soon become poor with less money.

What I am supposed to share with you is this:

"What is going to trigger the rebelling in this country?"

The lefty upper class trash are driving everyone into poverty with their inflation. They are telling you that the inflation rate is only 8.6% but I have taught you before that is bull crap.

I went to the store for groceries this last Tuesday. I bought less food and stuff than normal for almost twice the price as I did 1.5 years ago. For almost $70 I didn't even come close to filling up one of those small grocery carts and I used to spend $30 to $40 for a full cart, pending what I bought.

Remember that I told you that recent research showed that better than 60% of Americans cannot pay a $400 debt off. People are hurting and it is getting worse.

The lefty inflation is devastating everyone so they are getting to where they can barely feed their families. increasing numbers of them will soon have a choice; either buy food for their family or buy expensive stuff from the oligarchs to make their property look the way the city or county dictates it must look.

You see, the catalyst that will start the shooting in this war or rebellion will be corruption as the local level, you know, the city or county government, then it will spread to the state level and then to the national level.

You see, God wanted me to show you some of the unconstitutional corruption at the city level and then tell you that, after the corruption at the state and national level has impoverished people to where they have nothing left to lose and only to gain with a rebellion and then a corrupt city government will get in their faces about something really stupid like how their land looks and those extremely angry people will lose it and go after the criminals who are closest to them and storm their castles first, using them for tree decorations.

When you people get poor enough, you won't care how your land looks but only about feeding your families. When you are fighting to survive, wasting your money on how your land looks will be a breaking point. Keep an eye on this because this is an easy prediction. That is what God has taught me with this court case. I could be saving some government people's lives with this court case.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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