Remember that I told you that the statement that "most" of the people who die or just get really sick from COVID 19 are the elderly is misleading because most doesn't mean all?

In this video the expert said that 40% of the people hospitalized are under the age of 40. This proves what I said that most does not mean all, it just means more than half.

Also, I need to share some things with you about this infection in relation to how your body works. Time for a little more bio-math.

First, you have to understand that COVID 19 is a cold/flu virus and attacks you through your lungs where as the virus I got from my ex-wife is an STD and you know where that attacks you. The way COVID 19 kills is by inflaming your lung tissue and filling your lungs with enough fluid so enough oxygen cannot get into your blood, which causes you to go hypoxic and, for most people, you will probably die from a heart attack or cardiac arrest, especially if your heart is not very healthy.

Then you have to understand the science about how respiration or breathing works. You get oxygen into your blood inside your lungs based on two principles. The first is diffusion, which says that molecules will diffuse or move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration to achieve equilibrium or the same quantity in all areas. The second is atmospheric pressure.

When you breath air into your lungs, you are increasing the amount of air, especially oxygen, inside your lungs and increasing the atmospheric pressure inside your lungs. This "force diffuses" oxygen from your lungs into your blood. The greater the concentration and atmospheric pressure, the faster and easier oxygen will move from your lungs into your blood.

If you have lung damage from an illness, smoking ANYTHING, like tobacco, pot, crack, or vaping, cancer, or anything, it inflames the lung tissue and usually increases fluid in your lungs, both of which resist oxygen passing from your lungs into your blood. The healthier and more fit your lungs are, the easier and faster oxygen will diffuse into your blood.

Therefore, it is critical to maintain the proper health for your lungs by not smoking ANYTHING and being as aerobically fit as possible. If you are smoking ANYTHING, including expensive cigars to impress other stupid people, QUIT.

People, smoking expensive cigars does not impress me, it just tells you will die from lung complications and die poor because you wasted all of your money on those expensive cigars. Intelligent people don't do that, only stupid rich people do that.

If you have healthy lungs, a strong cardiovascular system, and strong immune system, you will probably survive COVID 19, especially with a mortality rate of less than 4%.

The best way to increase the health and fitness or elasticity of your lungs is by aerobic exercise and the best exercises for improving your health are marathon sports like bicycle riding, running, cross country skiing, swimming, and such. The very best exercises for lung fitness and volume development are riding a bicycle long distances, swimming, and (you will love this) singing. Yep, belching tunes out in ye ole shower does wonders for your lungs, it increases the elasticity and volume. Just be sure to crank up ye ole radio loud enough no one else can hear you.

People of all ages who have healthier lungs are more likely to survive COVID 19 and people who have respiratory problems, especially from smoking, are more likely to die, regardless of age.

Did you know that from 51% to better than 60% of the people dying from COVID 19 are men and that is because men smoke more than women?

Gee, what a coincidence the lefties legalized pot just before they turned COVID 19 loose on us.

You don't think that maybe the upper class trash are getting rid of the lefty voters they won't need after the lefties stage their coup, do you?

Remember that I told you that, after years of illness with the virus I already have, I was tested to see how healthy my cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems were and they told me that both my cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems were healthier than better than 90% of Americans because of the bicycle road racing I did in college half a century ago?

That should tell you that, even as sick as I am, I am more likely to survive an infection by COVID 19 than better than 90% of you. In other words, there is a less than 1% chance it would kill me. I am one of those people who might not even feel it.

Think not?

When I got the H1N1 flu virus during the Obama administration, they tested me at the hospital, gave me a prescription, sent me home, and I didn't spend one day in bed but more than 16,000 people died from it and hundreds of thousands were hospitalized in critical condition that year.

Am I bullet proof?

No, but God has made me very bullet resistant by causing me to 1) study biology, the sports sciences, and sports medicine, and 2) get involved in bicycle road racing to develop massive cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems with a resting HR of 37.5 bpm.

See, the right kind of exercise does matter and can save your life contrary to what lefties tell you. Those ignorant people who tell you that exercise is insignificant for health are at least 10 to 20 times more likely to die from COVID 19 than I am.

Get your butt in shape, don't use recreational drugs, and use common sense and, if you do get COVID 19, so what?

Remember that I told you that, if you get COVID 19 and a doctor says you need to be on a ventilator to survive and there are not enough ventilators for you, that you should use a CPAP machine?

What does a ventilator do?

It blows air into your lungs to increase the air density and pressure to "force diffuse" oxygen into your blood through inflamed lung tissue and fluid in your lungs.

What does a CPAP machine do?

It is used to blow air down your throat into your lungs to keep your throat open so you can get oxygen into your lungs and greatly increases the density and pressure inside your lungs so it will ALSO force diffuse oxygen into your blood, you know, just like a ventilator.

Get the picture?

If you need a ventilator and can't get one, use a CPAP machine, there are millions of those in this nation. Think, adapt, survive. Use your head to save your butt.

Remember that I told you that the lefties are intentionally spreading this disease and kept extending the time required for lock down, first from 1 to 2 weeks, then to 45 days, then to 3 months, then they are now saying it "may" last 18 months, to justify them locking down and destroying our economy longer.

You better know that, for it to last that long, they have people spreading the disease, you know, murdering people with a horrendous crime against humanity, and they are also saying that to continue the panic buying longer to continue the fear and panic.

BTW, you better bet that this panic buying is the upper class trash giving money to their minions to buy out certain products to create a shortage to instill fear and cause panic.

You think not?

Then why did they suddenly create shortages in toilet paper and water across the US at the same time for a respiratory ailment? Don't you think that is just a wee bit too much of a coincidence?

And now the upper class trash are clearly giving their minions more money to buy out more stuff to create more shortages to continue the fear and panic so the upper class trash can control the people. People, these minions are even hording cookies and chips for a respiratory ailment.

BTW, remember that I also told you this COVID 19 quarantine is backfiring on the lefties?

It seems that many are backing away and many are even praising Trump for saving their butts. Well, it seems like it but that may be a smoke screen.


Think about this, when the corrupt, power mad politicians and deep state bureaucrats shut down mom and pop businesses with their quarantines, putting tens of millions of people out of work, what will happen?

Suddenly the state and federal governments' tax revenues drop through the floor because the income, sales, and other taxes take a massive hit, meaning, those governments won't have enough money to pay themselves and cover their luxurious life styles. If you ain't working, you ain't paying no income taxes and have less money to buy stuff so sales taxes also take a big hit along with many other taxes those corrupt politicians and bureaucrats need to stay employed. Oops!

I have seen pictures of gas prices as low as 99 cents per gallon and, since most gas taxes are based on a percentage of the price and they are selling that little gasoline to get the price that low, the governments are suddenly not making much money on gas taxes.

By having these quarantines and shutting down all of those businesses, they are shooting themselves in the foot and huge numbers of government employees will have to be laid off, you know, those deep state lefty commie traitor bureaucrats. These all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, intellectually superior, natural elite smarty pants upper class trash ain't so smart after all because they outsmarted themselves...again.

Now they are not only having to back track on what they are doing and saying but are even having to praise Trump so Trump will save their butts from their own stupidity.

Do you believe me yet that they are the stupidest people on the planet? Believe me yet that most of them went into politics and government because they are too stupid to earn half as much legally?

"Yeah, we'll learn Trump! Oops...again"

The idiots didn't know that the government is as dependent on the economy as are businesses and, if the government destroys the economy, the government is destroying itself. That is the biggest reason all Marxist governments eventually fail, because they ALWAYS destroy the economy.

Then why are most of them increasing their lock downs on cities and states?

Because, they couldn't stop Trump from stopping their coup at the national level so the lefties are now trying to seize control of this nation at the local level, one city and one state at a time to keep the people from realizing the coup is being staged right now. In other words, they are RIGHT NOW trying to seize control of the US government to set up their dictatorship or stage a commie coup. You are witnessing a slow motion soft coup.

Remember that I have been telling you that the evil, human demon, spawn of Satan lefty commie traitors can only be stopped by death? Believe me yet?

Commiefornia just did a state wide lock down of 40 million people. That is 13% of the people in the nation on lock down in just one state, people.

More cities and states are also locking down their people, driving them out of work, impoverishing them, and offering to buy weapons from them, you know, so the people can buy food for their families because they are quickly going broke.

They are also increasingly turning criminals loose on the people to cause chaos and fear so the people will beg the upper class trash to save them and to distract the people from the lefty coup.

Have you noticed that the lefties have turned loose COVID 19 on ALL Americans and not just conservatives? Have you noticed that the lefties are impoverishing ALL Americans and not just conservatives? Have you noticed that the lefties are turning criminals loose on ALL Americans and not just conservatives? Gee, you don't think the lefty upper class trash are shoving their lefty minions' butts under ye ole lefty commie traitor bus, do you? Gee, who would have guessed that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor?

The lefties are doing everything they can to gain complete control of as many people as they can and get their guns before the lefties finish staging their coup. They will be able to gain control of quite a few of the larger cities and more populous areas like Commiefornia and New York but there are also plenty of other areas that they will not be able to gain control of. Once the lefties get control of as much of America as possible, they will then have to murder Trump and Pence to finish staging their coup and the lefties really do have to murder Trump and Pence because this "pandemic" is just increasing Trump's popularity. His popularity just rose to between 53% and 56% meaning that from 55% to better than 60% will certainly vote for him this November because this COVID 19 thingy is backfiring on the left just like everything else they have tried in the last three years.

Have you figured out yet that God is using Trump to defeat the evil, vile lefty commie traitor human demons and spawn of Satan?

I believe that at least one of the reasons some of the lefties are now "working with" and complimenting Trump is so that, after they have murdered Trump and Pence, they will be able to use the excuse that they couldn't have murdered Trump because they were working with him and complimenting him. It is a sucker punch.

I believe that the lefties will briefly succeed with this coup because they are taking most people by surprise with their sucker punch but it will eventually turn into a shooting war.

Don't believe me?

Study history.

I am really getting ticked because I am seeing doctors on the news answering questions about COVID 19 and, if I watch just a little, I see they are more interesting in promoting themselves, nutrients they are selling in health food stores, or their medical business or app.

People, doctors are human and not all are good humans. A college degree don't make you a saint, baby. Pay close attention to this crap because, if they are putting themselves, their products, or their businesses before your health, then they are more concerned with their bank account than they are with your health and their recommendations will be to get you to put more money into their bank accounts instead of taking care of your health and, professionally, that is a conflict of interest. Most of the doctors I am seeing on the news are doing this. Jesus said to be discerning.

For example, one doctor recommended some supplements he just happens to be selling via health food stores and said he is taking them himself, of course he is. Nothing like a little free national PR under the guise of helping you.

Listen, if you don't want to use my book, find some way to get fit using science from somewhere else but get fit to improve your immune system. DO NOT follow fitness fads for fitness development because they never work. Use a fitness program that is based on the sports sciences because that will give you the best results the fastest. I only point you towards my book to help you, which is why I originally wrote that book.

For diet, the most serious thing you need to be concerned about is dehydration and loss of salts caused by a temperature, which dehydrates the body, causing it to lose salts, so hydrate and ingest salts with something like Gatorade and even put a little extra table salt on your food. Eat a good balanced diet and stay away from health food fads that just make the book writers and product companies rich.

Remember that recent research has shown that the average health food nut lives 16.4 years less than the average American, which isn't too good either.

Don't commit adultery and risk getting STDs or other diseases that will weaken your immune system because God said, "Your sins will find you out".

Stay away from all recreational drugs, including tobacco, pot, and alcohol, especially smoking because all forms of smoking weaken the lungs and this is a pneumonic disease that attacks the lungs.

Avoid crowds of people, especially party people, who will be more likely to already be infected.

Basically, live by God's Laws to protect yourself, including get plenty of rest and exercise. Remember that God told us to work (exercise) 6 days a week and rest one day a week so we get plenty of rest and exercise. Both are important.

Do the best you can with what you know and put your faith in God to help keep you calm because we know stress weakens the immune system. Prayer and faith will definitely help with the stress.

I really wish everyone could know what I know about biology, the sports sciences, and other sciences I know so you could take better care of yourselves and know bad advice when you hear it. Listen, what I know about science is one of the most important reasons I didn't die 12 to 15 years ago so I wish you could all know those things for your own good. Knowledge really helps.


People, those masks don't do you any good.


Because, if you go anywhere and get the virus on any part of you, including on your mask, do you go through a decontamination site to get rid of that virus before you go to your car?

No, you take that virus into your car, contaminating the car. Then you drive that virus home and carry it into your home, contaminate your home. Then, when you take your mask off inside your contaminated home, you get contaminated. Wow, that worked well.

If anything, them wearing masks can cause them to get over confident and make mistakes that will get them it tells me who the ignorant people are.

The ONLY time I would wear a mask to town or anywhere would be if I had the virus and was trying to keep from giving it to others.

So, if you see me coming with a mask on, run!

Those masks work for doctors because doctors decontaminate before going anywhere or removing the mask and a big reason doctors wear those masks is to keep patients they are doing surgery on from getting an infection from the doctor.


Have you noticed that God is using COVID 19 to shut down all of the sinful and evil things pagans love to do and are against God's Laws? And, if they don't shut them down, they die?

Gee, what a coincidence. God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

God is using all of these evil things the lefties keep doing to clean the lefty house. Even when they finally succeed with their evil coup and destroy the US, God will use that to wipe out those lefty upper class trash and most of their leaders so you can defeat the rest of them to take your nation back because God is using their own coup to expose who the evil people doing all of this are so you can take your nation back.


Remember that I told you that it looks like the Queen of England is sending Meghan to the US to become president and return "The Colonies" to being under the rule of the English Royal Family so they can use the power of the US to set up their global dictatorship? Have you noticed that Harry and Meghan keep being in the news without their kid and with them doing public things?

Think about this. Remember that I told you that all European Royals belong to the same royal family and most of them are not even publically recognized as being royals but as "commoners" to deceive you so you won't realize what the royals are doing?

If you study history, you will find that the European Royal Family ruled the entire planet just a few hundred years ago. Different clans within that family ruled different parts so they made it look like the family didn't rule the world. They ruled all of Europe, all of Africa, all of the Americas, all of Asia, and all of the Pacific Ocean.

The truth about globalism is that it is just the European Royals wanting "THEIR" planet back. Think about that.

Remember that I told you that, except for Reagan and Trump, every president from Johnston to Obama were distant members of the European Royal Family, most from the British Royal Family? Remember that I told you that Hillary is a distant member of the British Royal Family, was supposed to get elected as US president, was supposed to finish seizing control of the US and returning it to the rule of the British Royal Family but Trump screwed that treason up?

Now that a member of the Royal Family, Hillary, failed, why would you not believe that the Queen would send ANOTHER member of the Royal Family to do the same thing, especially after sending 8 members of the family before Hillary to gradually set the nation up for take over?

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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