I Told You So 335


Remember that I have been telling you that it is only a matter of time until the Chinese military and/or people bring down the communist government of China?

Watch this video and he tells you why at the end of it.

Why do you think the Chinese government staged the release of COVID 19 to regain control of the people? Gee, you don't think it might be because the communist party thought they were about to be toppled, do you?


One thing I am watching is whether the lefties also started this disease outbreak to get rid of the homeless because of the bad press the left has been getting because the homeless problem they have created and are using to launder money into their pockets because it has become too much of a hot potato for them.

"Hey, kill them all off, baby, what homeless?"

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I told you that the wild, partying lefties will be the ones most likely to get infected by COVID 19?

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Neal Colgrass:

"Spring breakers partied hard in Florida last week despite the coronavirus pandemic and now, well, some bad news: Five from the University of Tampa have tested positive for COVID-19, WKBN reports.

The school says they were "traveling together with other UT students during spring break" and "are self-isolating," four of them on campus. None have been sent to the hospital.

The Tampa Bay Times adds that 10 students and one employee have tested positive at the University of Florida in Gainesville, while an employee at USF Tampa tested positive after interacting with 13 students.

Another Times article notes that the employee-who's now self-isolating at home-was on campus twice during the week of March 9 before testing positive. 'We understand that these are uncertain times, and the rapidly shifting news is unsettling for us all,' says USF President Steve Currall."

You should know this is going to get much worse.

God is right now using the selfishness and irresponsibility those lefty college professors have been teaching those lefty students to shut down the lefty universities because no one is going to want to go anywhere near those college campuses, which means that those lefty college professors will no longer be needed by the lefty upper class trash and will go under ye ole lefty bus. All of their lies, misinformation, and brainwashing are coming back to haunt them because God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

With their "stay at home" bull crap and fake pandemic the lefties have already shut down their public school brainwashing system and now the rest of the brainwashing...uh...I mean lefty educational system just got shut down for home schooling and vocational schools. I keep seeing that increasing numbers of parents who now have their kids at home are home schooling and, since their parents are both out of work, they can be home and home school their kids. Gee, that great sounding, stupid lefty idea worked well...for us.

When these people finally get back to work, watch a lot of spouses, mostly women but some men, stay home with their kids to home school their kids to protect the entire family and better school the kids, you know, God destroying the lefty brainwashing machine by using the lefty tactics against the lefties.

Man plans, God laughs.

And you think the lefties are smarter than you because they have stolen more money than you have earned? Really? Why? Because they said so?

Hey, they lied, again.

Now, remember the rest of what I told you about who is more likely to die with COVID 19, you know, people using drugs, especially smoking or vaping ANYTHING, and having STDs, which you know those wild partying lefty college students will have plenty?

You just watch how fast these young people start croaking, telling the rest of them that everything they were taught by the lefty teachers, college professors, and media is wrong.

Do you see God undoing everything what Satan and his evil human demon spawn built to stage this coup to set up their evil satanic global dictatorship by using what Satan and his evil human demon spawn are doing against them?

God is causing what Satan and his evil human demon spawn are doing to return us back to a more normal, conservative Christian culture from the satanic culture they created. God is using their own evil tactics against them to defeat them just like I told you. More and more I am seeing conservatives, especially Christians learning to use Satan's tactics against Satan and his spawn, you know, just like Jesus.

Hey, be more Christ like, baby.

He won't get all of Satan's evil spawn back to His side and we now know who the rest are so it will end up in a shooting war for us to finally get our nations back and return to sanity.

BTW, I am not buying into all of these lefty celebrities having been infected with COVID 19 and feeling no ill effects.

None of these evil things have died or are even feeling sick, really?

If these evil beasts were not feeling ill, why did so many of them get themselves tested, using up limited and valuable resources that should be reserved for you, if you get sick? Are they really that selfish, inconsiderate and irresponsible?

Yes, we know they are selfish, inconsiderate, and irresponsible but most likely either they are lying about being tested and positive because they were paid to lie or they have all had the vaccine I told you they probably had before they turned COVID 19 loose on the rest of us and they are not sharing with you. One way or another they are inadvertently admitting they are evil scum and God has opened enough eyes so that I am seeing increasing numbers of people asking these and other such questions on the Internet.

Another thing I am seeing is that young lefties are either just ignoring keeping their distance, increasing their risk of being infected, or getting themselves tested and ignorantly believing that, if they don't show up positive for COVID 19, they are bullet proof and get careless, increasing their risk of being infected. That will definitely depopulate the young lefty Marxists and is also turning other young lefties against them because they realize those young lefties are being stupid.

Are you learning how God works?

Hey, keep people ignorant and brainwash them and they will believe and do some incredibly stupid stuff.

Christian Testimony

Let me share with you more about how God works so you can better understand God and see His hand moving in all things, especially your lives.

Remember that I told you that, after the first attempt to murder me, God said He will give me enough money that, after taxes and paying off my school loans, I will have "over $2 million"? Remember that I had spent years designing a bunch of things to try and find something I could use to start a business to make a living from and then forgot about most of them because of my increasing illness?

Naturally, being human, I have been wondering how much more than $2 million and I still am. It wasn't enough to build the velodrome I had always dreamed of so all I could think of was building a nice house for much less than $1 million and couldn't figure out what else to spend the rest of that money on.

Hey, maybe God wanted me to just invest the rest of it?

That lack of information has naturally caused me to have a tendency to be concerned about some of the things God has instructed me to do, you know, God testing and building my faith.

Then God reminded me about the $2 million dollar sailboat or yacht, 32 Ford Roadster, and hot rodding my 71 VW Bus I designed and forgot about.

Remember that God told me how I must spend that money and that I must spend it the way He told me to spend it? Remember that He told me that I must spend that money on the $2 million sailboat or yacht, 32 Ford Roadster, and hot rodding my 71 VW Bus, which had me questioning, "How much more than $2 million to buy a $2 million yacht and more?"

After all, we are talking about almost $2.25 million just in purchase price for those toys WHEN I designed them more than a decade ago and they have to cost more today. FORGET about any cost of ownership!

BUT, I knew I had to just believe God, put my faith in God that He knows best, and obey God so I (finally, after a few weeks of wondering) trusted and obeyed God, putting my faith in Him that He will take care of it. Know that God rewards such faith so He also tests and uses testing to build that faith, which is what He was using this for.

Then, sometime later, I think it was a few years, God reminded me that, when I was designing that yacht, I had found out about a market within the tourist industry where tourist businesses lease space on such yachts for thousands of dollars per week per person, I did the math, and found out that, using a conservative price, it barely covered cost of ownership but I also knew that God may have other things planned for that and He was just letting me know not to worry because He has it covered.

BTW, I had designed that yacht to accommodate the large family God had told me I was going to have so it would accommodate more people by normally sleeping 10 adults. Those yachts normally only sleep 4 to 8 adults but I squeezed in a few extra births.

Mean while I am still occasionally wondering about how much over $2 million because that is still cutting it pretty close. That was probably the M.B.A. in me. Sometimes we humans can be too smart of our own good.

Then, a few months ago, God reminded me of a really neat (and expensive) restaurant I designed and I am supposed to also build that with the $2+ million and, of course, my first thought was again, "How much over $2 million is that going to be?" That thing is going to cost me at least one or two hundred thousand dollars. We are now up to at least $2.5 million in just costs based on more than a decade ago.

By now I have learned to just believe and trust God because He will take care of it so I did.

Then God began to reveal some other things to me about how He works. You see, God had me design that restaurant for my soon coming wedding and reception because I designed it for a WWI theme with replica WWI fighter aircraft that actually fly, interior WWI wooden decor, and dance floor with era music, which, for the US, was mostly jazz music because during WWI, the US was transitioning from "Rag Time" music to jazz music, with it being mostly jazz.

You'll love this. My God given fiancee began dancing ballet when she was 4 and started dancing competitively at 8 and until 19 to...wait for it...Jazz, her favorite music.

God had me design that restaurant with two floors inside of a steel building (half of the steel building as a WWI aircraft hanger) with the bottom floor being the dining area, a dance floor, and the commercial kitchen and the second floor was a small office space and two conference rooms for things like conferences, meetings, reunions, and...wait for it...weddings, you know, like my soon coming wedding and reception.

I didn't think of any of this when I was designing the thing, I was just looking for a good business to get my butt out of poverty but, don't worry, God thought of it and recently revealed that to me.

So, now I am believing in God that I am supposed to build a $2 million yacht, 32 Ford Roadster kit (I had always dreamed of building a 32 Ford Roadster when I was a kid in the 1950s), hot rodding a 71 VW Bus (which I had been wanting to rebuild since I bought it in 1988), AND building an expensive restaurant for my wedding and reception with a little over $2 million and, of course, I am now really wondering how much over.

"Does a little over $2 million mean $3 or $4 million?"

Then, yesterday, God turned on a light that let me see further down His road and it was a real eye opener into how God works.

Remember that, because the lefties started this "pandemic" and used it to panic everyone, they have been able to start illegally shutting down businesses and causing people to lose their jobs to end up in poverty with Trump trying to counter this by providing financial relief to the most vulnerable of those small businesses and people.

What is going to happen during this financial crisis manufactured by the left to get rid of Trump?

During a strong economy, business owners naturally pad in extra profits to make a little more money but, during such financial crises, they will cut back on those profits to decrease their prices to encourage people to continue to buy their products and services so things will cost less. We are already seeing this with gasoline already dropping down to being only $1 per gallon. It is ye ole supply and demand thingy. When the demand drops, the prices do too.

This means that things will cost a lot less and the businesses that will be hardest hit by this crisis and are going to need the most increase in business to survive and keep providing jobs for people are the "nonessential businesses", you know, they don't make or sell things like food, clothing, and housing. People ain't going to be buying luxury items when they barely have money for food. Those nonessential businesses will drop their prices more than the essential businesses to survive so those things will cost a lot less, you know, things like yachts, 32 Ford Roadsters, hot rodding cars, and expensive restaurants.

But it gets better.

Now the most important businesses for me to buy from during this economic crisis manufactured by the left to destroy jobs and the economy to get rid of Trump will be those nonessential businesses that make luxury items in order to help save those businesses and the jobs they provide for people. I had been wondering why God had made me design those luxury things and then told me to first buy those luxury things and it was because those businesses will most need the business to survive and protect the jobs they provide.

Remember that God showed me years ago that I will be only one of many people God is going to use to rebuild the US economy when the left destroyed out economy and nation?

You see, by us buying these luxury items, it will help those businesses and the jobs they provide survive so those employees can also have money for essentials like food, clothing, and housing and that will do more to boost and rebuild the economy faster so everyone will more quickly do well. The more people who have money to spend, the more money will get spent and the faster the economy will recover.

One thing I had also been wondering about was, "With some of those businesses no longer selling the things I designed and need the way I designed them for my family, will they make an exception to sell me what I want and need?"

To survive, yes, they will sell me what I want and need without question just to get my business to help them survive and protect their jobs.

See, how God revealed so much to me with just one revelation?

But it gets better.

See why God had me go back to college to get an M.B.A. so I could more easily understand these things?

Plus, you have to understand two more things. First, when I buy those luxury things, you know, like the yacht, I won't just be supporting the one business that builds the luxury item but a number of businesses because they build those yachts with things they buy from other businesses, who are also luxury businesses and will need the extra business to survive so they will also cut their prices to get that needed business. You see, if those yacht building businesses go out of business, the businesses selling to the yacht building businesses also go out of business. I know, it gets a little complex.

Also, with prices being lower for everything, I will be able to start more businesses with the same amount of money to create more jobs faster to help more people be able to buy food, clothing, and housing and, eventually buy their own luxury things much sooner. With the investments, I will be helping a lot of people at the local to international level and more quickly help rebuild the economy so we can build a new nation, after Satan's lefties have finished destroying this nation and we have to fight a war in our cities to get our nation back.

The more businesses we can save, the more jobs we can save, and the sooner and faster we can rebuild the economy the evil lefties are destroying for their greed and lust for power.

Further proof of this are the velodrome and castle I was told to build with the $10 million God said He will give me. First, if you saw my plans for either of them, I am going to provide business for a large number of struggling businesses with each one of the two things God told me to build and I am going to be able to build better and for much less money. The price of the land I was told to buy will go down, the price of the buildings will go down, the price of everything required to build those facilities will go down, and the price of labor will go down with people being able to live well on less because everything will cost less because deflation of prices is normal in an economic crisis. You will all be able to buy more for less and we will need all of you to start buying more as quickly as possible to more quickly rebuild our economy to support our new nation. See, I told you it gets complex.

Second, this all means that I will be able to build more businesses with the same money to provide more jobs for more people more quickly AND, the money God told me to invest will be able to buy a greater investment at a lower price so I can get greater returns to start more businesses to create more jobs to help more people to create more income more quickly to create more businesses to create more jobs to help more people more quickly. (I bet you had to read that one twice.)

All of that complexity and quick development is why I will need more help, you know, like my very intelligent and well educated wife I will soon be required to marry and her very intelligent and well educated family to help run our family businesses to help me more quickly create more jobs to help more quickly rebuild our economy to support our new nation. God planned this marriage decades ago to give me the help when I need it to do what God planned for me to do in the near future. He also knew just when to cause me to marry her because He knew when I would need that extra help, you know, very soon.

Remember that God has to heal me and my finances so I can do what God wants me to do to help you survive and God knows when will be the best time for Him to heal me and my finances to get this job done. Basically, God has created me and raised me up to be an ace up His sleeve.

BTW, yesterday, God gave me a little extra money from an unexpected source, just a few hundred dollars, to help me with a problem I was having. It seems she had some extra money she didn't expect and God told her to give some of it to me. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised.

Just before that, I was working my butt off and sacrificing like crazy to save enough to pay my car insurance in a few months and buy a new pair of boots in the next few months and that extra will be just enough just in time to give me a little extra and, since I had not been able to afford going to my favorite restaurant in years, God gave me a little extra to go to that restaurant during this time, when I know that restaurant needs the extra business to survive, you know, God killing two birds with one stone. I got a little extra money to go to my favorite restaurant (a local mom and pop business) and help my favorite restaurant survive.

Gee, what a bunch of coincidences and remember that I am one of many God is using this way. God has His secret army working for Him.

Are you better seeing and understanding the many ways God works in our lives?

Maybe this will better help you see God's hand moving in all of this and in your life so you can be more appreciative of what God is doing for you.

May Jesus bless and keep you that you will live long and prosper, you know, while showing you the "Spok how do sign" so we don't have to shake hands.

Remember that I told you that the hand sign used by Spok or Leonard Nemoy in that salutation is actually the ancient sign used by Hebrew rabbis to represent the first Hebrew letter in the name Yahweh and also in the name Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus)?

When you hold up that hand sign and say, "May you live long and prosper,", most people don't know that you are really saying, "May Yahweh/Jesus bless you that you will live long and prosper." That is one Hebrew custom and tradition that would be nice for us Christians to adopt from our Hebrew brothers and sisters to help preventing sharing diseases by shaking hands. Just hold up that ancient Hebrew sign and say, "May Jesus bless you that you will live long and prosper," and you will be less likely to get something like COVID 19 or the flu, while honoring God/Jesus.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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